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Yotpo SMSBump: Bringing The Power Of Yotpo’s Platform To SMS


It’s been two years since Yotpo first acquired SMSBump, and in that time our products have evolved alongside each other. Now, we are happy to share that our brands are coming together to drive SMS innovation even further as one, unified leader in SMS marketing. From exciting new features to enhanced integrations, here’s why we are so excited about our SMS platform’s future as Yotpo SMSBump.
How did we get here?
Serving more than 30,000 active brands, SMSBump established themselves as a leader in text marketing early on, with best-in-class features designed for Shopify and Shopify Plus that allowed them to become the most downloaded SMS marketing app. The SMSBump team learned from the very first adopters of SMS to develop a product that was expertly attuned to their needs — and we, in turn, learned from SMSBump to perfect that product, expand its effectiveness, and increase ROI exponentially.

But as we’ve grown together, the eCommerce landscape has shifted around us. Mobi …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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