Your Super’s loyalty program increases repeat purchase by 79%: A case study with Scoutside and ReCharge

Case study, loyalty program

A loyalty program is far more than points and rewards. It stands in the centre of marketing to build longer-lasting relationships both with your existing and new customers.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to Your Super and show you how Your Super’s team created a loyalty program that increases customer lifetime value by driving repeat purchase and spend.

Let’s dive in!

After a cancer diagnosis changed the lives of two professional level athletes, Your Super was founded to provide 100% organic plant-protein mixes to enhance people’s health.

The global plant-based protein supplements market size is predicted to grow by 8% every year. As a fast-growing brand, Your Super was looking to develop a marketing approach that would strengthen relationships with their existing customer base, and prospect shoppers, for guaranteed, continued growth in a competitive industry.

To differentiate themselves, Your Super’s team created a loyalty program that would increase customer lifetime value by driving repeat purchase and spend.

1️⃣ Increase repeat purchase by creating aspirational tiers

Your Super’s first challenge was to build a stronger relationship with their customers, encouraging them to return and shop more regularly. To achieve this, Your Super implemented a tiered program structure that unlocks rewards and benefits by engaging and repeat purchases.


By earning more points, members can progress across three levels respectively: “Your Super Foodie, “Your Super Lover” and “Your Super Member” that helps them to unlock more rewards and feel valued. For example, if you move up to “Your Super Lover”, you get a  new product on a monthly basis.

By creating aspirational tiers that give members additional reasons to remain loyal to their brand, Your Super increased the likelihood of customers repeats purchasing by up to 79%.

2️⃣ Increasing customer spend with advocacy

To enhance engagement still further, Your Super’s team began to award customers with extra points for completing on and off-site activities. In particular, activities that would help to drive new visitors to the site. For example, members could earn 200 points for writing a review or 150 points for sharing an image with Instagram that includes the #YourSuper hashtag.


Your Super also designed a referral strategy that would benefit both customers and their own business. Their loyalty program members are able to easily refer the brand to their friends and family in exchange for 200 points. Your Super also offers those who have been referred 200 points for creating an account – converting guest visitors into members.

As a result, Your Super increased the customer spend by 60% and won more than 21k new program members.

3️⃣ Enhancing the subscription model

The team at Your Super knew that subscribed customers have a higher customer lifetime value compared to non-subscribers, and worked with agency Scoutside to optimise and enhance the user experience of their existing subscription model.

Using LoyaltyLion’s integration with ReCharge, Your Super’s team created a unique Subscriber tier, called “Your Super Member”, which allowed subscribers to unlock a 20% discount on every order. These members could also claim subscription rewards on multiple orders.

Your Super Case Study Social Tiles (1)

Scoutside implemented a simple and user-friendly customer portal that enables customers to easily claim and apply subscription discounts on the same page. In other words, members can see their subscriptions, points, rewards, next order and voucher code on a single page. This allows customers to increase their average order value by purchasing new products without going through checkout again.

By giving subscribers exclusive reasons to remain loyal, Your Super increased the customer spend of loyalty program members by 38% and subscriber growth by 60%.

Hannah, Your Super’s Ecommerce Specialist says, “Since launching our loyalty program as part of a larger retention plan across both the US and EU, we have seen a significant increase in customer retention, customer engagement with our on-site and off-site presence and an increase in the time spent on the website.”

🚀 Results

Working together with LoyaltyLion, ReCharge, and Scoutside, Your Super’s team achieved:

  • 38% increase in member spend
  • 79% increase repeat purchase
  • 60% increase in the number of subscribers
  • More than 21k new program members


This article was originally published by our friends at LoyaltyLion.

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