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Zaius Is a Certified App in the Shopify Plus Marketplace

A certified Shopify Plus Marketplace logo featuring the word "zaius".
Zaius is excited to be the only CDP certified in Shopify Plus app marketplace

Shopify announced their Shopify Plus Certified App Program earlier today and Zaius is honored to be the only CDP certified in the app marketplace.  Zaius continues to invest heavily in the Shopify ecosystem, including one of the most comprehensive integrations in the industry, and being named a certified app ensures that the 7,000 Shopify Plus merchants can trust Zaius as the industry-leading Activated CDP for all of their relevance needs.

Zaius has been a Shopify partner for years. Over this time, we’ve processed billions of GMV and tracked billions of activities. This new certification reflects our commitment and investment in supporting Shopify merchants, and certifies that our app meets the stringent requirements for performance, security, and support.

What does this mean for you?

For those of you who are existing Shopify Plus customers and use Zaius, you can continue to use Zaius just as you do today.  You won’t need to upgrade or update anything, Zaius has taken care of that for you. Sit back, relax, and continue to enjoy using all the great Activated CDP features you do today. And, stay tuned for some very exciting releases soon to come, building on the recent releases of SMS and On-Site Personalization.

If you are a Shopify Plus merchant today, but you’re not currently using Zaius, now is a great time to get started.  Zaius seamlessly and quickly integrates data from Shopify and any other platforms your brand replies on to create a single view of the customer to generate actionable insights and launch omnichannel campaigns such as SMS, email, and on-site personalization.

Zaius is thrilled to be part of the Shopify Plus ecosystem, assisting brands to deliver relevance into every interaction.  Our priority is building and maintaining trust and relationships with all of the ecommerce brands we support, so our inclusion in this program gives all brands confidence that they are using industry-leading apps.  

This article originally appeared in the Zaius blog and has been published here with permission.

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