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10 Benefits Of Social Selling For Your Startup

A woman organizing marketing plans on a desk calendar for her ecommerce DTC business.

Social selling could be the key if you're looking for a proven way to increase your brand visibility, widen your market, and boost sales. With almost half the world's population glued to their social media accounts daily, your opportunities for success on these digital platforms are immense. 

Social selling has made a big difference to small businesses and will do the same for you. Not convinced yet? Look at our ten benefits of social selling for your startup and discover precisely what this powerful sales phenomenon can do for you.

Target A Wider Audience

Your sales reps may be good at what they do, but what do they know about social selling? One of the most important factors when trying to attract a wider audience for your product or service is to use the right spokesperson. 

Get in touch with social media influencers and affiliate marketers that appeal to the audience you're trying to engage with. They already have the social selling techniques that users on social platforms respond to. 

As you'll learn from this Social Sale Rep review, the first step is connecting with individuals interested in your products or services. This partnership can be beneficial to all parties. 

And your sales teams can also learn a lot from these new partnerships. Social selling may be the springboard to launch your startup from relative obscurity to being a household name. And when that happens, your sales team needs to be ready to handle it.

Better Leads

Promote and sell your products or services on social media for the best lead generation. Leads are the people who show an interest in your product and take action. This does not necessarily have to include a sale on the first go. Getting them interested enough to give you their contact details is a start. 

Consumers regularly and readily give their contact information in exchange for a perceived benefit. This could be the offer of special promotions and discounts. Or the promise of early access to new product launches. Even a newsletter can garner enough leads for you to follow up.

Quality leads can make all the difference to sales. Unlike cold calling, where potential consumers are unexpectedly solicited to buy a product, social selling meets consumers where they are most at ease. This is why social media marketing and selling will result in more and better quality leads. 

People are already comfortable engaging on social media. They happily share their data on these platforms. It won't take much persuasion to get them to take action on your social media sales page. Social selling leaders know this and use it to their best advantage.

Improved Brand Recognition

Brand visibility increases exponentially through social selling. And one of the best ways to achieve this is through live selling. Constant exposure to your brand, logo, and slogan throughout a live sales event will make them more memorable. 

And by engaging with consumers in a live sales event, you strengthen your brand's visibility and engage with potential customers in a whole new way. Live events are more exciting than just clicking on a website's e-commerce page. This will make your startup seem more personal and relatable. 

Partnering with a thought leader or social influencer in your industry will go a long way to solidifying this positive brand image. Your brand reputation can succeed or suffer, depending on the influencers or personal reputation.

The best way to know what they're all about is to check their social media profiles. What do they stand for, and who do they support? Avoid those with political rants or religious ideologies on their posts. You may not have an issue with their stance, but it could be divisive amongst the consumer group you want to reach. 

While the benefit of brand recognition is excellent, reputation management is vital. Partner up wisely, as a negative association will be your brand's downfall. Maintaining relationships with the right influencer will build relationships with new customers and promote your social channels.

More Web Traffic

Social selling will increase web traffic to all your online platforms. More web traffic means more business, any way you look at it. By introducing social selling for your startup, you multiply your traffic. Here's why. 

Visitors to your social media pages will be alerted to various things. They will discover live sales events and product launch videos on video streaming platforms and sell on your regular e-commerce site. Each of these platforms will direct traffic to the other.

Regardless of the type of consumer, they're sure to find something that speaks to them irrespective of the demographic. All this increased traffic will ensure your position at the top of the leaderboard. And there you'll stay if you keep the web traffic flowing.

You are responsible for your credibility in your online communication. Ensure continuous interest in your sales pitch through valuable content but also relevant content. Stay true to your brand, and your customers will come to know you as a company they can trust.

Repeat Business

Social media profiles will help your startup become recognizable. And there are many benefits of social selling, significantly higher conversions and sales. But one of the top benefits of this type of selling is the repeat business it offers.

With social buying made so easy on various social networks, it's just as easy to come back and buy from you again. This can be in part due to customer loyalty. They liked your product, identified with your brand, and want to keep supporting you. But there's another reason for this repeat business.

Most consumers don't want the bother of searching for a new provider of the service or product they need. Once they've found a supplier they like, it's easier to keep buying from them. And what could be easier than buying through social media accounts where they are active daily, anyway? 

Appealing to this need for simplicity and convenience will bring you more success.  

Reach A Younger Audience

Before implementing social selling, you'll have to consider who your target market is. Your marketing strategy will take their demographics into account. And you'll then decide on a social platform to use. Of course, you don't have to use only one.

There are several top social media platforms you could use, but each has demographics. An example of this is the Gen Z market. The Gen Z audience prefers TikTok to other platforms. Nearly 40% of these users are more likely to use TikTok or Instagram over a traditional Google search.

If you're interested in building relationships with the Gen Z (up to age 25) market, choose influencers whose social accounts appeal to the youth. This online marketing will be more successful as the child will identify with their peers. 

And any social selling program will be more successful when the target audience identifies with your brand. So if you've decided to prioritize social selling to a particular age group or niche market, do your homework first and find out who and what they respond to. The benefit will be an active interest in your brand.

Encourage Consumer Feedback 

Physical stores and even ordinary e-commerce sites don't do much in the way of customer feedback. Sure, customers of a physical store return or call and say what they think of your brand. But do they? And consumers can leave a review of your e-commerce site praising your product or service. But do they?

Chances are, they don't. But it's a whole different ballgame on social media platforms. This is where users are encouraged to interact and offer feedback. The whole ‘like,' ‘share,' and ‘subscribe' culture is deeply ingrained from constant social media interaction.

Make a good impression there, and your startup will benefit from positive customer feedback. The feedback that is shared. And shared again and again. You can't buy great marketing like this. But you can encourage it with a positive social media sales experience.

Social media also allows social interactions, like answering potential buyers' questions or asking for suggestions your customers have for your product line. Although you are the ultimate decision-maker regarding product specs, your customers can contribute valuable insights into what people want.

In this way, social selling attracts critical information you need to deliver better service, offer real value, and ensure customer loyalty in the future.

Make Do With Less

You don't have to blow your budget on an expensive course learning how to implement social selling. Free online tutorials help you master the art of social selling with less. There's always more to know about sales techniques, so don't be afraid to try new things.

And with the reduced expenses for marketing and sales, you will have more money available to put back into your product development. Now that's a benefit that any startup will love. 

Selling on social media platforms costs much less than in brick-and-mortar stores or even pop-up stores. Social media selling is one of the best ways to boost sales with a small sales team and minimal cash outlay. 

That said, investing in the services of a social media and sales consultant will help you to up your game. They will help you to optimize your posts, engage with potential buyers, and tailor your social selling strategies to fit your target market. The huge benefits will outweigh the small cost of such help.

Stay Relevant And On-Trend

Your social media strategy is the guideline for your interactions with potential customers. Including social selling will engage them even further. But there's a benefit that goes even further than increased awareness and higher sales. Social selling will help you stay relevant and on-trend. 

This is far more important than you might think. You must be relevant for consumers to identify with your brand and feel that your product line speaks to them. Does your brand resonate with the audience you're trying to connect with? Are your offerings fresh and new, or generic and outdated?

You can create a new perception of your company with a fresh image. Many companies have successfully rebranded themselves through social media, and you can too. Don't just focus on sales. Post new content regularly. Stay up to date with the latest trends and viral topics. 

Examples of exciting content to pique consumers' interest are product launch videos. These how-to tutorials explain how to use your products, industry news reports, or a picture gallery of satisfied users. Make the buying process informative, easy, and fun. 

Do the necessary market research and get to know what customers want. What's the benefit? Consumers who see your company and your products or services as relatable. You'll take your image up a notch and be seen as fresh, innovative, and trendy. 

Increased Sales

Are you looking for ways to meet your sales goals with minimal effort and big rewards? Social selling fits the bill. With such a large audience on social media platforms, you're guaranteed a boost in sales when you implement social selling. 

Best of all, many of these platforms have additional social selling tools you can use as part of your social selling process. And it's been proven that social sellers outsell peers who don't use social media. But remember to keep track of your social media sales

Analyzing this data will allow you to identify your top-performing platform. You can allocate resources to make your social selling efforts more successful and discover where you need to put in more effort. But if your sales figures don't blow you away at first, don't despair. 

It takes time to build a reputation and establish a brand. As a startup, you are still in your initial stages, and it takes time to become known. Social media, and social selling, are not a cure-all. But establishing and building a social media presence will go a long way to making your voice heard.

Start with a simple business website that is user-friendly, optimized for mobile devices, and SEO-optimized. Start implementing more interactive user experiences, like chatbots or insights pages. And when you take the plunge, advertise your social media accounts on your existing site. 

Social selling can be very profitable if used to its fullest potential. Make use of tools like LinkedIn sales navigator to connect with potential buyers. Soon, you'll see the results of your efforts. Social selling will maximize your sales rep's potential and boost your sales. 

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