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10 Brilliant Content Marketing Examples On Social Media

Amid the hustle and bustle of memes, viral videos, and ever-changing algorithms, some brands hit the ball out of the park with their content.

They catch the eye and leave a lasting impact, often turning casual viewers into loyal followers. 

Are you curious about who's setting the gold standard? And how can you translate that into your marketing strategy to drive results?

We have you covered. Take inspiration from these ten brilliant content marketing examples on social media that perfectly blend creativity, strategy, and brand identity to create digital masterpieces.

Ten Content Marketing Examples for Social Media

Whether you're a solopreneur or a Fortune 500 organization, everyone should establish a presence on social media. 

Why? The answer is simple. Creating content on social media is the best way to increase brand awareness, build trust with the audience, and improve brand reputation. And it's free to post your content. 

However, most marketers need to correct something here. They have this preconceived notion that the more followers you have, your bottom line strengthens. That's only sometimes the case. 

Impressions and followers are vanity metrics and don't necessarily reflect significant KPIs. The key to social media success is engagement. They are building a loyal following, which matters much more than going viral. 

That said, getting 1000s of followers on Instagram and other social media platforms is acceptable. More followers expand your brand awareness and grow your reach. The trick is to stay engaged with your audience with the right content.

So, to help you achieve your social media content marketing goals, here are a few examples to take inspiration from.

Create educational content 

When you share educational content on social media, you give away free knowledge to your target audience. This gesture encourages them to trust your brand, ultimately building trust in your products and services. 

Let's dive into outstanding content marketing strategies:

  • Example #1 features expert advice
  • Example #2 prioritizes topics around customer struggles
  • Example #3 tackles customer content needs

Example #1: Form Health

With a medical and personalized approach to weight loss, Form Health shares informative content and expert advice (in the form of Instagram Reels) to help people embark on a healthier lifestyle. 

Why do we like this?

  • Showcasing tips from verified health experts in their Instagram Reels builds their credibility in telehealth. And their potential customers get actionable advice about achieving weight loss goals.

Example #2: MOS

MOS, a financial aid platform for students, creates informational Instagram Reels to educate students about college student discounts, FAFSA, and scholarships. 

They talk directly to their target audience (college students). The goal? To tackle the common problem of how to pay for college (a pain point that 83.8% of first-year college students face) head-on with content.

Why do we like this?

  • MOS knows their target audience like the back of their hand. They create content around specific topics (such as federal aid), which directly hammers on the target audience's pain points.
  • Most of these Reels are repurposed blog posts. The marketing team found a resourceful way to reuse multiple pieces of content. 

Example #3: Nestasia

Nestasia, a home decor brand, shares food recipes on its Instagram page, as most of its audience is oriented towards food content.

Why do we like this?

  • The brand studies the needs of its audience and shares content on what the target audience would like to see on the brand's page.
  • It features the crockery collection while teaching the target audience new recipes. It's a great way to sell its product while educating the audience. 

Leverage user-generated content 

User-generated content is a simple way to collect ready-made content from your target audience.

It's as easy as reposting and promoting it on social media. Some common forms of user-generated content include customer testimonials, reviews, videos, hashtags, or giveaway/contest submissions.

Here are three successful content marketing strategies that showcase how to leverage user-generated content:

  • Example #4 uses branded hashtags
  • Example #5 repurposes customer reviews from other platforms
  • Example #6 conducts challenges and uses its submissions

Example #4: GoPro 

GoPro consistently shares content on its Instagram page without creating the content itself. In other words, GoPro's subscribers shoot all the photos and videos on their profiles.

If you look at their Instagram page, you'll see followers in almost every post. 

Why do we like this?

  • GoPro taps into the power of branded hashtags such as #GoProMax, #GoProHero11, and #GoProMembers. When GoPro customers use these hashtags, a library of content for the brand is created.

Example #5: Henry Meds

Henry Meds, a company that provides access to high-quality practitioners, repurposes positive reviews from Trustpilot to social media content. 

They use these customer reviews as social media posts to build trust with (and engage with) their target audience.

Why do we like this? 

  • They repurpose content from a third-party app across their ‌social media platforms. This strategy is a great way to reuse and distribute content from all sources. Your content team will thank you.
  • It's a great way to create visual content out of text. 
  • They don't rely on just the content generated by their customers on social media but also use review platforms like Trustpilot. That's what we call resourceful.

Example #6: Bodhi Journal

Bodhi Journal, a journalling and stationery shop, conducts monthly journalling challenges on different themes. They ask their followers to participate in a challenge and submit the journal spread. 

At the end of the challenge, the winner gets a gift from the brand.

Why do we like this?

  • People tag the brand in their submissions. This action creates a database of high-quality content on Bodhi Journal's Instagram profile. They can then feature these submissions on their Instagram story and website.

Test the waters with video content. 

Short-form video is one of the most engaging forms of content on social media. And it helps add a human element to your brand. 

How? It shows off your personality and your emotions. The small details matter when connecting with your ‌target audience and getting them to engage with different types of content. Plus, it's a fun way to spruce up your days as a content marketer. 

  • Installing a visual platform, Instagram initially focused on static images. Then, when TikTok blew up, it leaned into the video trend, which we know as Instagram Reels.
  • LinkedIn, another social networking platform, initially focused on text content. But now, they're also moving towards video content (and PDF posts).
  • TikTok, another video platform, took the audience by storm with its bite-sized video format.
  • Pinterest introduced the “Idea Pin” on their platform for users to share video pins (an upgrade from the traditional static pin). 

Here's a video content marketing example that sheds light on using video content on your social media platform.

Example #7: Adani Group

Branded films are the perfect types of videos that you should feature across your social media platforms. Why? They showcase the value that your brand has to offer in the most professional light. 

Here, the Adani Group features snippets from their new films celebrating their business achievements.

Why do we like this?

  • The brand is sharing with their social media audience the impact they have made through their work — which is more impactful than sharing it in a textual format.
  • It lets viewers view the entire video by displaying a small snippet. 

Collaborate with influencers

You can tap into the influencer's target audience when collaborating with influencers. Opening this door helps ‌brands improve brand awareness and increase sales conversions. 

Still not convinced? Here's a great example of how you can leverage influencer marketing (one of the various types of content marketing).

Example #8: Under Armour

Under Armour, a renowned sports apparel brand, collaborates with athletes from various sports. By doing so, the brand reaches a more comprehensive net through the athlete's following, expanding their reach (and boosting brand awareness). 

For example, one of their Instagram Reels features a female athlete playing soccer wearing shoes from Under Armour.

Why do we like this?

  • Because the Instagram Reel showcases a female athlete wearing the brand's shoes, the influencer's audience trusts the product more (as they already trust this person). 

Engage through interactive content.

Are you sick and tired of lackluster engagement on your social posts? It's time to leverage interactive content. But how? Use interactive elements such as:

  • Quizzes
  • Stories 
  • Polls

Incorporating these elements within your content helps those who typically shy away (from engaging with your valuable content) stop and interact with your brand.

Here are two examples of how you can include interactive content:

  • Example #9 adds emoji sliders
  • Example #10 uses polls and quizzes

Example #9: H&M Home

H&M Home, a home decor brand, uses emoji sliders on their Instagram stories to get followers to interact with the levels.

Why do we like this?

  • People scroll through the emoji slider to respond to the Instagram story, which is minimal effort. 
  • The brand can reach out to the people who engage with their story, helping them improve conversions and engagement.

Example #10: Paperwrld

Paperwrld, a stationery and journaling brand, leverages polls and quizzes in their Instagram stories. Here, they add an image to their account with one vote and one quiz.

Why do we like this?

  • Followers engage with the brand's story, which helps the brand improve social media engagement.
  • By asking these questions, the brand conducts customer research to generate ideas for launching its following product.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it—ten excellent examples of content marketing that outline the importance of creativity, authenticity, and strategic thinking.

But these brands didn't just get lucky. They tap into the pulse of their audience, delivering content that resonates and engages.

Now, with inspiration at your fingertips, it's your turn. Dive into the world of content marketing, harness the lessons from these examples, and kickstart your brand's unforgettable social media narrative.

What content marketing campaign will you invest in next?

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