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10+ Remarkable (And Cheap) Branded Merchandise To Hand Out At Company Events

Company events are excellent opportunities for businesses to stand out with branded merchandise.

Whether it's a trade show, conference, or corporate gathering, personalized business gifts can be a powerful tool for marketing your brand. 

However, finding the right balance between remarkable and cost-effective branded merchandise can be challenging. So, in this article, we've provided a list of 10+ remarkable yet budget-friendly branded items that will leave a lasting impression. Keep reading to explore!

About Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise are promotional items adorned with a company's logo or slogan and other branding information. At events, they are often given away to promote goodwill and recognition of the brand among customers, clients, and potential customers. Specifically, branded merchandise can:

  • Increase the brand's identity and experience: Your brand will gain more credibility and awareness as customers and employees use these items. Additionally, brand swag products strengthen your brand's identity through consistent visibility and use.
  • Provide cost-effective, continuous advertising: Branded company merchandise is a cost-effective marketing tool. Quality items can also provide constant exposure and generate many impressions over the long run.
  • Connect emotionally with your customers: Establishing a connection with your customers makes them feel important and helps you build a positive brand image. 

11 Remarkable and Affordable Ideas for Branded Merchandise

High-quality branded merchandise at events is a great way to introduce your brand to customers. Here are 5 fun (and cheap) ways to do that.

1. Branded Die Cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are an excellent and cost-effective marketing tool that will make a wonderful addition to your company's promotional events. Due to their unique and appealing design, visitors are likelier to keep them and remember where they came from. 

They can be personalized perfectly with your:

  • Branding: logo, brand colors, and tagline
  • Artwork
  • Business details: website, contact information, or social media handles.
  • A call-to-action. For example, “Explore our latest bestsellers online!” should be included as a QR code.

Besides, due to their relatively low cost of production, you can bring a decent amount of branded stickers to give away. The versatility of these branded merchandise enables recipients to display them on different surfaces, presenting your brand to various audiences. 

2. Motivational Water Bottles

People of all ages commonly use water bottles. Your business name and brand logo on drinkware make it more visible to your target audience.

Additionally, you can invest in aluminum or stainless steel water bottles to show your company's commitment to sustainability. Then, branding vinyl stickers will be applied to the bottles for a personalized touch and further enhance the promotional value of the company's branded merchandise. 

Brand the water bottles with your logos or motivational quotes and inspiring designs that align with your brand values. Consider using vibrant colors and eye-catching fonts to make the brand swag visually appealing and engaging. 

3. Branded mugs

Mugs can be a tremendous promotional product if they are customized. You can use a mug as a pen stand, a decoration item, or for hot beverages. 

Many people consume coffee regularly, and we also drink water every day. Thus, using the coffee mug at your company's events will likely make hundreds of impressions and appear in every house or office.

You can print common branding elements like company logos, taglines, brand colors, and unique designs (such as patterns, illustrations, or custom artwork) to showcase on the mugs.

4. Personalized power banks

Tech accessories can make incredible branded merchandise.

Since many rely on their phones, a portable, personalized power bank can be an excellent option. Thanks to this compact power source, keeping devices charged on the go has never been easier. 

You can use elements like logos, relevant graphics, or icons when creating prints on power banks. For example, a travel company might include images of airplanes or landmarks to convey the spirit of adventure and exploration.

5. Bluetooth speakers

In some ways, everyone uses sound. For example, they play games, watch movies, or listen to music. Therefore, gifts such as Bluetooth speakers make great corporate branded merchandise. 

Bluetooth speakers are portable wireless speakers that connect and play music using Bluetooth technology. The best thing about them is that they are light, portable, and entertaining.

If you are a music-related brand, you might use a catchy slogan like “Unleash the Beat.” Or, if you are a tech company, you can express your company’s identity (minimalism) by printing your logos in primary and modern colors like black, gray, or white.

6. Personalized pen

Using pens to spread brand awareness is convenient since consumers see the brand name or logo every time they write. Pens are simple, quick to make, and come in various colors and styles. You can also add personalization to your give-away pens with transfer stickers.

Because the pen is small, the printing area is also limited. Therefore, you need to optimize them by printing information concisely and selectively.

For perfect branding results, you can use UV DTF transfer stickers for the four above-mentioned branded merchandise (branded mugs, power banks, Bluetooth speakers, and pens). These stickers offer durability, a 3D effect, and a luxurious appearance. Transfer stickers can add a high-quality finish to the branding, creating a premium look and feel to your custom-branded merchandise. 

In contrast to traditional printing methods, transfer stickers allow for intricate designs, vibrant colors, and unique textures, elevating the overall aesthetics of the branded mugs. 

You can choose trendy designs and messages that appeal to most people. You can also use custom stickers to make each branded merchandise item unique. For example, consider personalizing designs for each recipient, such as their first letter or full name. This will boost customers' stronger emotional connection to your brand.

7. Notebooks

A notebook can be used for many purposes, such as taking notes, brainstorming ideas, or planning. As a result, branded notebooks can be used in various settings, including the office and classroom.

You'll be able to keep your brand in front of your customers every time they use your branded notebook. Moreover, if your laptop is used in public places, such as a coffee shop or conference, it can attract other people's attention, increasing your brand awareness.

8. Mousepads

In the technology era, almost everyone has a laptop or computer. As a result, a well-designed and personalized mouse pad provides your logo and message with constant exposure, potentially increasing your brand recognition widely.

9. Custom coasters

A custom coaster is a great corporate gift for events. It is possible that the next customer you reach out to will be holding one of your coasters. 

A wonderful idea would be to provide stores with coasters. The majority of customers in restaurants and bars order drinks. Every time your customers lift their drinks, they'll see your logo and branding. As a result, you can embed your brand in your customers' minds.

You can add your logo, as well as different designs and shapes. Combining all of those factors can make your drink coasters stand out.

10. Printed Tote Bags

A tote bag can be used for any occasion, which makes it a popular choice. This bag is useful for storage and carrying and can also be used for promotion. As you distribute more totes, more people will see your brand. 

Giving away totes filled with appropriate gifts or swag items is an excellent idea to market your brand.

11. Branded Keychains

The keychain is a valuable tool that anyone can use to keep keys secure. When giving them branded keychains, you provide customers with something they can use, and your brand and message on keychains will be displayed widely.

Last thoughts 

Cheap branded merchandise is a practical way to implement your company's marketing strategy without breaking the bank. In your advertising budget, you can include gifts and gadgets that are both interesting and useful to your clients for memorable interactions. Use these ideas to create incredible branded merchandise for your company events today.

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