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21 Growing Home Decor Influencers

21 Growing Home Decor Influencers

The global home decor market is fast growing and is expected to hit the $1,037 billion mark by 2025. Growing at a CAGR of 6.6 percent, it stood at $737.20 billion in 2020 and is now one of the top niches for influencers looking to make money.

Brands are always on the lookout for top home decor influencers. They want to work with people with good reach, impressive engagement rates, high levels of professionalism, and affordability.

At Afluencer, we have influencers, creators, and ambassadors who offer all this and more. In this article, we’ll have a look at the top home decor influencers who you can Collab with today!

Let’s start:

Melissa Zaki

Melissa Zaki on IG | Bedroom decor, fitness, shopping posts

We saved the best for the last, we present to you Melissa Zaki, an influencer who hits the ball out of the park with an impressive engagement rate of 6.2 percent. This makes her one of the most reliable home decor influencers out there. The diva enjoys nearly 30K Instagram followers, most belonging to the US.

She enjoys the much sought-after blue tick and is interested in a variety of things, including fashion, food, and travel. She has worked with a number of brands, including big and small names like Acenity and Ameliora. You will find a mix of videos and photos on her page with crisp captions and relevant hashtags.

Register with Afluencer today to get access to Melissa and several other home decor influencers.

Sherina Jay

Sherina Jay on Instagram | Home decor influencers

Pakistani-Canadian star, Sherina, has more than 10K Instagram fans and an impressive engagement rate of about 6 percent. The diva loves taking care of her crib and keeping it nice and decorated. She regularly shares tips with her followers and is quick to respond to queries.

Her followers love her skills and enjoy being a part of her journey. Sherina identifies as a beauty influencer but also has an interest in home decor. She is mainly followed by women who regularly comment on her posts and look forward to her opinions.

The diva seems to be popular among Indians and Pakistanis in Canada and can help your brand reach this valuable demographic through her posts.

Michele Galea

Michele Galea and daughter | Home decor posts on IG

Michele Galea is a lifestyle, home, and children’s clothing influencer and blogger with nearly 60K Instagram followers and a decent engagement rate. She is very active on social media and enjoys interacting with her followers.

Mainly popular in the US and Canada, Michele has given a unique look to her page @diysquad. She defines it as “the home of lifestyle, love, and a little DIY”.

As the name suggests, the page contains DIY tips, including detailed step-by-step guides to help people create something new. Her timeline is filled with incredible photos of ideas related to home decor, children’s adventures, etc.

Since Michele is a mom, she often looks at things from the perspective of children. You will find several posts about children, including how you can decorate the kid’s room and make it stand out. This makes her a good pick for brands looking to target parents.


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Kirsten Wiggins

Kirsten Wiggins on a resort balcony by the seaside | Home decor influencers

Gorgeous, intelligent, and professional are some adjectives that suit this home decor influencer. A lover of women’s clothing, fashion, and lifestyle, Kirsten is a well-known social media personality with over 31.4K Instagram fans and a decent engagement rate.

She identifies as a content creator and is very active on social media. Mainly popular in the US, the diva has worked with a variety of brands such as Seint Make Up, Mint Julep, Caraway Home, Liam & Co., and Macy’s Wine Shop.

An IT analyst by profession, she balances her online career, family, and work well and is an inspiration to many. On her social media, you will find pictures and videos of her having fun with her children, enjoying with her dog, donning different makeup styles, and styling her house. This nice mix makes her the perfect addition to our list of home decor influencers.

Tiffany Sylvester

Tiffany Sylvester at home sharing decor ideas on Instagram

A wearer of several hats, Tiffany is not just a lifestylepreneur with an interest in home decor, but also a writer, marketer, and fashion enthusiast. She has more than 58K followers on social media and a decent engagement rate.

Her followers appear very interested in what she has to post and regularly comment on her posts. Moreover, she is highly active on social media and interacts with her fans from time to time. In fact, she even hosts giveaways on her page and is quick to respond to queries.

Her page, Haus Deco Chic, features a variety of things from the diva talking about her beauty routine to sharing ways to make your home look better. In addition, she manages a blog called HDCCloset Confidential Blog, which, in her words, “allows her to express herself creatively while providing her thoughts & opinions on various topics”.

Alina Dumitru

Alina Dumitru on IG | Fitness and beauty posts

Here’s another home decor influencer with a huge following. Mainly popular in Brazil, Aline enjoys more than 117K Instagram fans and has a decent engagement score of about 3 percent.

Her feed is colorful and full of incredible photos of the diva showing off her gorgeous look, incredible fashion sense, and cozy home. Her aim is to help people “become the best version of themselves”. She believes that good-looking imagery helps attract people and maintains a solid profile.

Her followers are very loyal and interested in what she has to offer. The diva believes that she has “cultivated a very personal relationship with her audience, and has gained their trust by always being authentic with everything that she recommends to them”.

Alina’s authenticity can be a great reason to partner with her. Join Afluencer today to get access to Alina and several other home decor influencers. We have thousands of influencers on the platform interested in collaborating with brands.

Jessica Hopkins

Jessica Hopkins sitting on the floor with legs crossed | Home decor influencers

Fit and gorgeous, Jessica is a fitness, skincare, and home influencer who describes herself as a “wife, mom, retired personal trainer, and athlete”.

The diva enjoys more than 40K Instagram fans and is mainly popular in the US. Her page contains a variety of things, including posts related to home decor and ways to make your space stand out. She has worked with a variety of brands, such as McGee & Co. and Cluci Fashion, and is known for offering special discount codes to her followers.

This is one of the main reasons why she’s so popular on the web. The star regularly interacts with her followers and aims to solve all their problems, whether they’re related to upgrading the home on a budget or finding new ideas to give their office a unique look.

Blanca Lucini

Blanca Lucini | Interior decor and luxury travel posts on IG

Blanca Lucini impresses in several departments, including content, audience, and engagement rate. She has more than 270K Instagram fans and an engagement rate of about 6 percent. This makes her one of the best home decor influencers out there. Mainly popular in the US, the diva enjoys a global following and has followers from Europe as well.

A fan of interior décor and luxury travel, Blanca is unlike other influencers as her page doesn’t contain her selfies but her experiences. It displays breathtaking homes and destinations with Mediterranean décor and can be a great option for people looking for design inspiration.

Her page serves as a digital magazine and is followed by people with a genuine interest in home decor and interior design. Since it mainly showcases expensive and luxury designs, we feel she can be a good pick for brands that target high-end consumers. Also, since her audience is all around the globe, we think she can be a suitable option for brands looking to target an international audience.

Amy Sidner

Amy Sidner | Home and lifestyle influencer

Amy Sidner is a micro-influencer with nearly 4K Instagram fans and a growing YouTube audience. The diva has a decent engagement rate of nearly 4 percent on Instagram and a loyal fanbase.

She runs Sidner Renovations, a page dedicated to home decor, renovation, and DIY. You will find original posts on her page, including some interesting and unique ideas that are suitable for all kinds of homeowners. We love how she caters to everyone, from luxury lovers to budget buyers.

She posts a mix of videos and photos with detailed captions designed to answer all questions a reader may have about the product or service included in the post. Followers seem to admire her different and doable ideas, which is one of the main reasons why her followers are rapidly growing.

Rachael Jess

Rachael Jess on TikTok | Home decor influencers

Rachel is a parenting, lifestyle, and craft influencer with over 1.2K TikTok fans. Her page is dedicated to parenting, lifestyle, and craft. The diva is a qualified interior designer and likes to share her skills and expertise with her followers in the form of reviews, tips, and ideas.

The star isn’t afraid of opening up and sharing her life history. Her journey is highly motivational; the diva has battled toxic relationships, debt, and poor financial issues and has turned her life around. She now tells people how to live within their means while keeping their homes looking good and comfortable.

A lot of her content is related to parenting, including living with young children and keeping your home safe and secure. We feel this makes her a good choice for brands looking to target homeowners with children.

Fat Cap

Fatima aka Fat Cap with travel suitcase | AirAsia banners

Fatima, more popularly known as Fat Cap, is a growing name. She caters to a variety of niches, including home decor, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and travel.

Mainly popular in the US, she has nearly 22K social media followers. The star enjoys working with all kinds of brands and is known for being easy to work with.

She doesn’t seem to be a fan of writing long captions and typically keeps it short. However, she often uses hashtags and appears to be interested in filters as well.

Hannah Franks

Hannah Franks | Home designs on Instagram

Hannah is a “self taught DIYer with a passion for home decor”. She enjoys making homes look good while remaining functional. The diva is one of the most followed home decor influencers on Instagram with over 100K followers. Mainly popular in the US, she is very active on the platform and regularly interacts with her fans.

The star enjoys the blue tick and is known for her constructive tips and incredible sense of humor, which is one of the major reasons why her followers are interested in her posts.

She has worked with a huge number of big and small companies such as Lowe’s Home Improvement, HART Tools, and Dewalt Power Tools. In addition, she likes to post personal recommendations and help people solve small issues that can make their homes more comfortable and attractive. In fact, she has her own Walmart store where users can find some of her favorite finds.

Her feed looks very attractive due to the creative use of interesting and light colors that give it a very posh look.

Lisa Marinkovich

Lisa Marinkovich aka Gal Pal | Sat on sofa wearing ripped jeans

Lisa Marinkovich is the name behind GalPal, a fast-growing social media page that enjoys over 17K Instagram followers and a decent engagement rate. In addition to social media, she manages her blog where you will find home decor and design ideas, lifestyle pieces, and a shop section from where you can buy what she buys.

The star is available on almost all major platforms and is mainly popular in the US. She enjoys the blue tick on Instagram and has been featured on the likes of Fox 13.

She defines her blog as “an authentic source for fresh ideas and inspiration for what matters most to women”. Her target audience is women between the ages of 25 and 54. This is also the group that most home decor companies wish to target, which makes Lisa one of those most sought-after influencers.

The star enjoys a loyal following. Plus, her website doesn’t just feature content created by her but also articles and tips written by other women with the aim to help readers.

The star has experience handling marketing and communication and understands what brands look for in an influencer. She only works with companies that she likes and enjoys putting her best foot forward to make Collabs successful.

Maria De Jesus Berry

Maria De Jesus Berry making tea | Home decor influencers

Maria De Jesus Berry is a micro-influencer with over 2.2K Instagram fans and nearly 7.3K Twitter followers. The stunner is known for her incredible fashion sense and ability to make anything stand out. However, this isn’t all she stands for as she also identifies as a home decor influencer and believes in taking good care of the home.

You will find a variety of home-related content on her page, including tips to decorate your space, furniture ideas, kitchen inspiration, and more. She likes to focus on individual aspects, such as the bathroom and bedroom, and highlight seasonal discounts. Furthermore, she even posts reviews to help homeowners get the best product for their cribs.

She is available on all major platforms such as TikTok, Twitter (X), and Instagram. We suggest you have a look at her feed as it’s very unique. You will find AI-generated art, including home decor inspiration, on the page with some great options. We feel this makes her a cool pick for brands that want to push AI and how it can be used to improve homes.

Sarah Ballard

Sarah Ballard wearing sunglasses and holding her hat in a field

Sarah is a lifestyle blogger with a special interest in home decor. The Diva is available on almost all major platforms and enjoys a combined audience of about 26K. Influencing is very close to her heart and she likes the idea of motivating and guiding others.

Mom of 5, Sarah identifies as a fashionable wife and mostly talks about living with family in a nice and comfortable home. You will find a variety of posts on her profile, including home decor tips, reviews, and fashion guides.

She enjoys a modest engagement rate and is mainly popular in the US. In addition to social media, she manages her blog where she maintains a detailed home decor section that includes makeover tips, reviews, and more.

The diva is known for being professional and easy to work with. The fact that she is mainly followed by mothers makes her a good pick for brands looking to target moms interested in keeping their homes looking neat and chic while managing children.

Andrea Pardine

Andrea Pardine showcasing vintage furniture

Andrea Pardine enjoys more than 45K Instagram followers and a decent engagement rate. Her page @tysoncurates contains “recovered goods that tell a story”. The diva believes in living sustainably and targets individuals that care for the environment.

She defines herself as a thrifter who is “committed to sustainable pieces and practices with an emphasis on home decor”. The star believes in trying everything she can to save the environment, including recycling, visiting estate sales, and giving DIY ideas a try. She’s big on saving the environment and regularly talks about such causes.

Mainly popular in the US, the diva is followed by women interested in helping the environment. This puts her in a great position because this demographic is highly in demand and very few home decor influencers offer brands access to this audience.

The page has managed to carve a niche and is growing at a good pace. Interestingly, it doesn’t only feature original posts but also curated posts that help people get answers to their questions.

Alexandra Kazmierczak

Alexandra Kazmierczak on TikTok | Home decor influencers

Alex Kazmierczak is a 32-year-old assistant principal in Houston, Texas, with various interests. The micro-influencer has a small community of loyal followers who enjoy her posts related to thrifting, home decor, fashion, and more.

Her Instagram feed is full of neat photos of her home. The diva seems to believe that less is more and enjoys sharing her purchases, from wall hangings to kitchen utensils, to gift boxes. Furthermore, she encourages users to recycle old items and give them a new look. You will find some inspiration on her page with detailed captions and relevant hashtags.

The best thing about the diva is how she has kept her accounts separate. On one hand, she’s making fun posts for her TikTok family, and on the other, she’s inspiring her small audience on Instagram.

Haley Fox

Haley Fox in Las Vegas | Retro filter IG posts

Haley Fox is serious about business. Available on all major platforms, she has a following of over 324K and a very high engagement rate of 4.1 percent on Instagram.

The diva wears several hats – she’s a content creator, interior designer, photographer, and more. The star has an interest in home decor, cooking, travel, gadgets, and several more.

She identifies as an Amazon influencer and mainly talks about products available on the platform. She ranks 11th for #amazoninfluencer and #amazonreviewer for Amazon Home & Kitchen Division and Live Shopping Host.

This makes her a good pick for sellers that sell through Amazon and are looking to boost sales. A look at her profile is enough to understand why she’s so popular and makes our list of top home decor influencers. You will find very high-quality photos that make products stand out. Plus, the diva writes short and impressive captions with relevant hashtags.

Tracy Bennett

Tracy Bennett laying on cushions smiling

Tracy is a social media influencer with nearly 4K Instagram fans and a decent engagement rate. She moved to her dream house at the end of 2019 and has been posting about home decor since.

A graphic designer by profession, she understands the art of colors and enjoys the DIY approach. You will find some great do-it-yourself ideas on her page, from basic painting techniques to more complicated scraping ideas. The diva charms her followers with her genuineness and laughter and is very active on social media.

Her ‘upgrading’ videos are extremely popular on the web. They revolve around giving a new look to old items, such as damaged furniture. The girl does this on a budget and enjoys writing detailed descriptions with clever hashtags. In addition to social media, she has a website called 4009Decorates where she posts detailed articles and step-by-step guides for her followers.

Mainly popular in the US, Tracy has been featured in a number of well-known publications, including Apartment Therapy & HGTV Magazine. Moreover, she has worked with several big and small brands in the US and is open to collaborating.

​​Jeniffer Diaz

Jeniffer Diaz and her son sitting on the grass with pink roses in foreground

With nearly 27K Instagram fans, Jen is a reliable social media influencer who mainly talks about home decor. She enjoys the idea of upgrading the house and keeping it looking attractive and inviting. You will find great DIY ideas and reviews on her page, including posts related to both big and small brands.

Whether it’s remodeling a house or adding a seasonal theme to it at any special time of year, Jeniffer’s panache is worth every dime. Mainly popular in the US, she enjoys posting a mix of photos and videos and even shares her life with her followers.

The star has worked with a number of brands such as Pennington Ironite, Amdro Ant Block, and Emtek Hardware. The diva is known for showing practical solutions and working with brands that are effective and consumer-oriented.

In addition to Instagram, she is also available on TikTok where she has more than 33K followers. We feel that Jennifer can be a good pick for brands interested in reaching a wide audience and showing what their products are capable of.

Kaily Sieck

Kaily Sieck on IG | Home decor and lifestyle influencer

A Texas State University graduate, Kaily enjoys more than 21K Instagram followers and a decent engagement rate. Mainly popular in the US, she “loves fashion, fuzzy blankets, singing, photography, chai lattes and chocolate chip cookies!” In addition, she enjoys taking care of her home and lives with her partner, Blake, whom you may often see in her posts.

With a major in advertising, she started her career working at her parents’ insurance agency where she handled social media. She enjoyed it so much, she decided to make it her career and now focuses on creating content for her page and managing her online business, IT Girl Agency, which also has over 23K followers.

The diva knows how to use social media and can help both big and small brands reach a wider audience. In addition to Instagram, she is also available on other platforms such as TikTok and Facebook. In fact, she’s quite popular on TikTok with over 53.5K followers and millions of likes. The best thing about the diva is her ability to create content according to her audiences, and this, we think, is a good reason to partner with her.

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