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22 Masterful Photographer Influencers From Across The World

So let’s go ahead and put the focus on these awesome photographer influencers!

Kama Kaczmarczyk

Meet Kama Kaczmarczyk, a self-taught photographer and storyteller extraordinaire!

Kama Kaczmarczyk on Instagram | Wanderlust photography

Passionate about travel and fueled by a relentless pursuit of adventure, Kama’s Instagram is a visual journey through uncharted territories. Her goal? To offer followers a fresh perspective, steering away from the beaten path and igniting a sense of wanderlust that’ll have you impulsively booking your next flight. We hope you have your passports ready and a suitcase ready to go!

Kama’s photography skills are more than just next level—they’re a portal to another world. From sandy beaches to majestic mountaintops, she captures the essence of every location, infusing her images with soul and personality. It’s not just about picturesque landscapes; it’s about the connection she establishes between herself and the observer.

If you’re in search of photographer influencers to Collab with, Kama Kaczmarczyk is the one you NEED. Her engagement rate is well into the double digits! Join her on this visual escapade and let the magic unfold! #KamaCapturesAdventure

Makenna Mackey

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Colorado, Makenna Mackey emerges as a devoted cat mom, specializing in the care of special needs feline companions. Beyond the serene mountain backdrop, Makenna dons the hat of a Gothic professional cat photographer, distinguishing herself in a league of her own. She’s not merely a cat lady; she embodies the title of a cat goddess.

Makenna Mackey with her cat photography on Instagram

Expect nothing less than excellence when you delve into Makenna’s world of feline portraiture. Through her lens, cats transform into majestic, regal beings, captivating viewers with their undeniable grace. Yet, Makenna goes beyond the polished images, offering a sneak peek into the enchanting behind-the-scenes moments that make her journey truly remarkable.

Her love for her feline family radiates through every frame, creating a tapestry of emotions that resonates with fellow cat enthusiasts. Makenna injects her unique personality into her work, making the experience not just about photography but a genuine celebration of the feline spirit.

For a daily dose of enchantment, follow Makenna and her charming cats on Instagram and TikTok, where each post is a testament to the magic they share.

Alina Zubanova

Alina, the wanderlust-infused soul behind the lens, transports you to captivating corners of the globe through her travel blog and Instagram.

Alina Zubanova on IG | Outdoor scenery shots

Specializing in outdoor escapades and offbeat destinations, her content is a visual feast. This is one Instagram page you won’t be able to take your eyes off of. From breathtaking sunsets to awe-inspiring landscapes and serene plains, Alina’s camera captures the essence of every moment.

Beyond the lens, she dives into the world of adventure gear, meticulously reviewing products to elevate your explorations. Alina doesn’t just stop at stunning images; her Reels add a dynamic flair, ensuring every perspective is explored.

Her Instagram isn’t just a collection of photos; it’s a journey, an exploration, and an invitation to embark on unforgettable adventures. Join Alina’s community, where every post is a testament to the beauty that exists, waiting to be discovered. Her followers certainly love her content, she’s another of our talented photographer influencers with a sky-high engagement rate.

Brands, listen up! We have unearthed an influencer you must have on your team.

Jamie Pelfrey

Discover Jamie Pelfrey, the dynamic photographer reshaping perceptions in the world of commercial and product photography. At over 40, this mom is rewriting the script on age stereotypes, proving that vitality knows no age limit.

Jamie Pelfrey | Beauty products photography

Jamie’s vibrant Instagram page is a testament to her fresh approach, mixing color and fun into a tapestry of fantastic product photography. It’s not just a visual feast; it’s a celebration of breaking barriers.

With an undeniable eye for products, Jamie has seamlessly Collab’d with various brands, generously sharing discount codes in her captions. Her journey goes beyond capturing products; it’s a narrative of empowerment and creativity. Jamie Pelfrey is a seasoned player in the collab game, and your brand could be next in line for her magic touch. Dive into a world where age is just a number, and creativity knows no bounds. Sign up today to Collab with Jamie and other photographer influencers who transcends expectations.

Shaina Haskoor

Shaina Haskoor, a travel enthusiast and East Coast resident finds joy in capturing life’s moments through her lens. Beyond her passion for photography, Shaina is a fashion and fitness enthusiast, with her loyal canine companion by her side.

Shaina Haskoor on Afluencer | photography influencers

Dive into @shainahaskoorphotography for a visual feast of diverse photoshoots – from outdoor adventures to studio elegance and graduation milestones. Shaina doesn’t just unveil the polished images; she shares the magic behind the scenes, offering a glimpse into the reality of photoshoots. Versatility defines her, ensuring each frame reflects your best self, whether it’s a casual outdoor moment or a formal graduation portrait.

Explore her multifaceted world through @shaina_haskoor, where authenticity shines in glimpses of her day-to-day life. With a perfect blend of professional finesse and personal authenticity, Shaina Haskoor is more than a photographer influencer; she’s a captivating storyteller, inviting you to share the beauty of her journey. Dare to come for the ride?

Sacred Thomas

Sacred Thomas, the multifaceted creative, seamlessly blends the roles of photographer, traveler, videographer, and influencer. In the early days of 2023, he boldly embraced a full-time venture into photography content creation, a decision we’re happy he made.

Sacred Thomas on IG | Photographer influencers

Witnessing Sacred Thomas’s photographic prowess is an absolute delight; each image is a testament to his exceptional skills. Beyond captivating visuals, he extends his influence by sharing motivational posts, guiding us on our unique life journeys. The overall impression is of a deeply passionate individual committed not only to personal growth but also to uplifting those around him.

When seeking a Collab partner, you crave someone genuinely enthusiastic about their craft. Sacred Thomas embodies that passion with little effort, making him the ideal partner to propel your brand into the realm of superstardom. Don’t think twice. Reach out and join forces with this dynamic creative force. We’ve got a great feeling about this one.

Hannah Edie

Meet Hannah Edie, the talented lifestyle and wedding photographer hailing from Ontario, Canada. Beyond her undeniable skill with a camera, she’s a devoted pet parent to Enzo, a connoisseur of interior decor, and an avid adventurer who knows the importance of a good happy hour. Dive into her world and you’ll discover more than a photographer; you’ll find a soulful storyteller.

Hannah Edie | Wedding IG posts

Hannah’s lens is a love letter to genuine connections. If you’re in search of photographer influencers who effortlessly capture the essence of true love, Hannah is your go-to gal. Journey through her Instagram @hannahfrancis.photo, where each image tells a heartfelt tale of the couples she photographs. Her unique style brings a fresh perspective to wedding photography, and her portfolio extends beyond, showcasing captivating travel moments and emotion-filled candid shots.

Let Hannah Edie capture the heart of your brand. Reach out today for a Collab that will elevate your story through her lens.

Savannah Keyser

Meet Savannah, a talented food photographer and nano influencer whose love for food is as deep as her passion for capturing it through her lens. Since a tender age, she’s been cooking and baking alongside her mom, and that early connection with food shines through her work today. Savannah’s journey into food photography began just before college, and it’s been a constant companion ever since.

Savannah Keyser food photography | Influencers on Afluencer

Her content is a delightful blend of photography skills and hands-on experience in the food industry, thanks to formal training. Grateful for her photography prowess, we can’t help but marvel at the visual feast she creates. If you weren’t hungry before landing on her Instagram page, you will be! Savannah is the perfect Collab partner, bringing a unique combination of formal training, a genuine passion for food, and the photography skills to capture it all.

Reach out to Savannah today for a Collab that will leave your audience craving more. And if you’re looking to partner with multiple influencers, I’m sure you’ll find another photographer from our list that you’ll be happy with.

Jason Colley

In the picturesque landscapes of England, Jason Colley thrives on adventure, fusing his love for outdoor pursuits with a keen eye for photography.

Jason Colley on IG | Outdoor adventures

Hailing from England, this enthusiastic influencer is more than just another shutterbug. Jason is your go-to guy for an infusion of creativity and a dash of adrenaline. With his trusty camper always on standby, he embarks on journeys, ready to capture the essence of the UK’s breathtaking beauty. Jason’s photography is nothing short of awe-inspiring – his drone shots offer a fresh perspective that will leave you in wonder. Check out his Instagram page for a visual feast showcasing the majestic allure of castles, winding scenic routes, and more.

If you’re searching for photographer influencers to elevate your brand’s X factor, Jason is your ticket to a captivating visual narrative that stands out from the crowd. What are you waiting for? Invite Jason for a Collab ASAP!

Hannah Jacklyn

Hannah Jacklyn is the adventurous single mother of a beautiful one-year-old girl. Hannah’s use of lighting, color, and composition to create a beautiful feed that shares her story is undeniably brilliant.

Hannah Jacklyn Insta Profile | Photographer Influencer

Hannah captures what it’s like living in the gorgeous PNW as a nature-loving mother sharing the world with her beautiful baby Lucci. From the joyous lake trips to the cozy mornings in bed, each moment looks just as charming as the last through Hannah’s lens.

She really documents just how special it all is; after all, raising a daughter is no small task. Each and every minute matters and you can tell how much care goes into her job as a Mother and giving Lucci the best life she can by taking just one glance at her feed.

The thought that goes into the photos like the one of Hannah and Lucci together in a sunflower field and the cohesive editing that glues her entire feed together. Hannah is no doubt talented behind the camera but both of them are extremely gifted in front of the camera too! Their smiles are infectious, and Hannah makes sure to capture an abundance of them.

They are always exploring new places together and Hannah is there to record it all. Follow along as she takes you on the ride-sharing art, laughs, and memories.

So if you like the idea of content created by mother and baby photographer influencers, then you can’t miss these two out.

Ragen D.

Hailing from the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska, Ragen has carved her path as a self-taught photographer, capturing the essence of her wild adventures with an undeniable passion.

Ragen D | Snow-capped mountain posts

Alaska isn’t just her home; it’s her vast playground of exploration. Whether she’s freezing the beauty of snow-topped mountains or chasing the elusive northern lights, Ragen’s lens paints a captivating picture of the Last Frontier.

Her Instagram handle, @thefrozennuggett, is a visual journey through her Alaskan escapades—each photo, is a testament to her love for the untamed outdoors. Beyond the lens, Ragen is a perpetual adventurer, always planning the next thrilling chapter. The freezing cold becomes a canvas under her skillful eye, turning icy landscapes into a cool spectacle. It’s not your typical beach-and-palm-tree imagery, but Ragen’s authenticity and enthusiasm invite you to join her unconventional escapades. Explore mountain-side tents, endless snowscapes, and the enchanting dance of the northern lights—@thefrozennuggett is a visual diary you don’t want to miss.

Justin Vicencio

Meet Justin Vicencio, another of our talented photographer influencers. Justin is fueled by an unwavering passion for luxury cars, sports, streetwear, and high fashion.

Justin Vicencio | Shoes and cars on IG

His Instagram page, @jusshoot, is a vibrant showcase of the dynamic fusion of these interests, resulting in captivating and lively photography content. Justin’s lens captures the essence of each niche, creating a visual symphony that stands out in the world of photography. His unique combination of luxury, athleticism, style, and cultural flair gives his work an unmistakable cool factor.

If you’re searching for a Collab that propels your brand beyond the ordinary, Justin is the photography influencer to elevate your presence. His ability to seamlessly integrate diverse elements into his photography ensures that your brand not only stands out but thrives in the ever-evolving landscape of visual storytelling. Justin Vicencio’s work is more than just imagery; it’s a testament to the art of making a statement through the lens of passion and creativity.

The KD

Meet KD, the talented photographer hailing from Hyderabad, India, whose lens captures the essence of products, fashion, people, and food. That’s one pretty diverse portfolio, way to go KD!

The KD | Photographer influencers featured on Afluencer

@onlykdphotography, his Instagram haven, showcases a stunning array of photos— from captivating shots with models to delightful glimpses behind the scenes and vibrant snapshots of festivals. KD’s versatility shines as he seamlessly adapts his skills to align with each brand’s unique vision.

What sets KD apart is his intuitive understanding of a brand’s goals. As a photographer influencer, he goes beyond snapping pictures; he interprets and executes the brand’s essence with precision. Despite being in the nano-influencer realm, KD’s content exudes the potential to yield significant results. In a world craving authenticity and creativity, KD emerges as the photographer influencer who not only sees but captures the bigger picture. Follow him for a visual journey where every frame tells a story.

Emily Schindler

Meet Emily Schindler, the vibrant food photographer influencer capturing the heart of New York City’s culinary scene.

Emily Schindler | Food posts on Instagram

Her Instagram is a visual feast, showcasing not only her undeniable talent for snapping magazine-quality shots of delicious dishes but also her sheer joy for savoring each bite. Emily is not just a photographer; she’s a dedicated food enthusiast determined to experience the flavors she beautifully captures.

As you scroll through her page, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world where every dish tells a story. From the vibrant hues of fresh salads to the rich textures of decadent desserts, Emily’s lens brings food to life. What sets her apart is not just her artistic eye but the genuine delight she takes in tasting the creations she photographs.

And Emily’s followers can’t get enough. Comments like “Lovee!!! Everything looks so much fun and delicious, of course,” and “Omg this last photo of Napoleon is amazing!!!!” echo the sentiments of a community enamored with both her photography skills and her infectious love for food. Head to Emily’s Instagram for a mouthwatering journey through the city’s culinary wonders.

Kalyan Panja

Kalyan Panja is a photographer, travel writer, and influencer who is spreading happiness among an internet-savvy generation. Kaylan’s use of vibrant visuals and compelling stories on Instagram is an excellent example of a creative way for a photographer to use media to showcase their work.

Travtasy Instagram Account | Kalyan Panja

There’s never a moment that seems dull with Kalyan’s ability to make color pop in even the smallest moment. From vibrant yellow sunflowers to the close-up of a mint green succulent. Kalyan really has a knack for finding the perfect composition and capturing the perfect hue.

Moving away from the close-ups we get the bigger picture moments when Kalyan travels the world. Like the beautiful architecture of Agra or the candid moments of the Monks of Tawang.

Although each photo can stand alone and provoke a thought or inspire an idea you wouldn’t want to miss Kalyan’s captions he is just as talented as a writer as he is a photographer. Reading his thoughts along with seeing his view of the world through photos is a really special experience.

Kalyan has a gift for spotting special moments, capturing them, and letting us peek into his mind as he experiences them. He has captured the cloudy rainbow skies to the beautiful blue Mediterranean seas and so much in between his adventures throughout the land.

It’s clear he has his camera by his side ready because he never misses the remarkable moments. Make sure to give him a follow so you don’t miss them either.

He has collaborated with brands that would make other photographer influencers jealous. Such as the likes of Google, Lonely Planet, and Nat Geo.

David Christopher Lee

David Christopher Lee is a celebrity photographer who is based in Los Angeles. Since he is a celebrity photographer, his primary niche is the entertainment industry.

David Lee Photography Instagram Profile | Influencers Ready to Collab

His Instagram is a display of his photography skills, which is a craft he has clearly mastered. David has photos of celebrities such as Grammy-nominated Jon Batiste and Triller CEO Mike Lu to name a couple. He is a wizard at portrait photography, photos of Jaden Smith and Bella Thorne speak for themselves in that department.

You’ll also find David’s camera in hand ready to capture the moment at actual entertainment events like the red carpet or Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

Lately, with the state of the world and the entertainment business on hold, David shares beautiful images of his own adventures out in nature. Along with well-thought-out captions sharing his journey of inner peace and his physical fitness and health accomplishments.

As his Instagram best puts it, David is also a “Biohacker who drinks from the fountain of youth”. His recent health journey brought us a side-by-side photo of him from 37 in 2019 to 38 in 2020 shows, he really may be drinking from the fountain of youth considering the photo evidence proof of him aging backward.

David is living his best life! Lucky for us he is skilled at capturing it all as well! From the prominent events to working on his own life and health, to the many adventures he goes on all with camera in hand getting to further pursue his favorite art medium.

Like many successful photographer influencers, David has worked with some great brands. His most recent collaboration was with Belcampo FARMS.

Jason Lee McCall

Jason Lee McCall is a very active 35-year-old adventure-seeking influencer with a passion for all things outdoors. It is clear from looking at his Instagram that he has a passion for colors, brands, content, and creativity.

Jason Lee McCall Instagram Page | Photography Influencers

His Instagram is a mix of photos of adventures and all that comes from that. Picture perfect moments of wildlife, boat trips spent fishing, fitness, and health that come along with an active life. When he’s not out exploring, he captures moments of gardening, flower finds, and beautiful pictures of the moon.

In between that, we get tidbits of his life, like him proposing to his fiance in a series of adorable picnic photos that make you feel like you are there. His interests are wide but one thing that is the same about them all is he is there with his camera to capture it all with his talented eye.

His most recent collaborations have been with top brands that often seek out talented photographer influencers. They include TymeBank, Domestos, Burger King, Cipla, and many more.

Make sure you check out Jason’s Instagram to follow along his journey and see all of his findings.

Jack Harries

Jack Harries is your passionate documentary filmmaker and environmental activist. An influencer who is making quite an impact.

Jack Harries - Film-Maker and Environmental Activist | Instagram Page

He is a young storytelling traveler with enough bravery to confront current environmental issues. His message inspires millions. He educates anyone who will listen on matters as important as climate change and the well-being of our planet. He is using his voice to help spread the Black Lives Matter Movement.

In all that he does, he makes sure to give some solutions to the problems he is pointing out, along with opening up the conversation to spark new ideas and hopefully new solutions. Whether he’s out at a nature reserve, promoting gift purchases for refugees, or in Shanghai reflecting on the future of city living – Jack is all about raising awareness on environmental issues.

It just takes visiting his website to see the extent of Jack’s passion through a showcase of his work. He uses his talents in photography to further bring awareness to the topics that matter most.

Jack creates with a purpose. Each post has a message to share or a question to provoke. His captions are just as thought out as the accompanying photography. Jack has a gift and he isn’t wasting it he’s using it to its highest potential to accomplish good for all of humanity.

Jack has a truly collaborative spirit

Makes sense, considering saving the planet is something that is going to take mass collaboration. His message to care for our home and those living within it has spread all the way to top publications like The Guardian.

Jack’s influence began with his YouTube channel, now sitting at over 3.9 million followers. Some of the current big projects that he involves himself in include the Netflix WWF documentary “Our Planet”. His recent interview on CNN with Christiane Amanpour about his activist activities is evidence of just how much attention is on him.

A pretty big deal, right?

Speaking of attention, as far as environmental awareness is concerned, Jack’s influence has seen him work on campaigns such as the launch of the all-electric Mini. Of course with the environment at heart. Documentary projects such as “The Kingdom”, a story about a forest caretaker in the Kingdom of Bhutan, are the kind of work that he’s actively involved in. Jack is certainly your guy for environmentally conscious projects and if you’re looking for a great photographer or videographer influencer.

Stephen Bellrichard

Adventurous ski-loving photographer, meet the influential Stephen Bellrichard.

Stephen Bellrichard - Adventurer with a camera

Where there are snow and mountains, that’s where you’ll find Stephen – with his skis on and of course taking those heart-capturing picturesque photos. From snowy cliffs and glaciers, Stephen makes cold places look “so rad” in the eyes of his followers.

He charms his followers with his trips to amazing places – from Snowbird, Mount Rainier National Park to Everett, Mount Tamalpais, and more. “Off to Minneapolis to re-enter the polar vortex” is pretty much how he rolls on his Instagram.

And you can’t help but be captured by some of his incredible landscape photos, such as one he captioned so beautifully, “When the sun is ready for bed, tuck it under a blanket of clouds”. Stephen does share a bit of his fun and humorous side by entertaining his followers with posts like the potato cannon shooting star.

Oh, and he’ll grip you with his fascinating videos like an active volcano or his breathtaking animation of the northern lights at Peyto Lake. He is equally as talented at catching the exciting moments of the day like in his moment skiing on a glacier as he is at capturing the whimsical quiet moments of the night sky as he highlights the beauty of our galaxy.

Its no doubt our world is breathtaking and Stephen is there to remind us through his photography.

Stephen is currently a brand ambassador of WESTCOMB. An innovative outdoor clothing brand for men and women that often works with photographer influencers.

Linda Lomelino

Enchanting sweet food photographer, Linda Lomelino. If ever in need of an extremely talented food photographer then Linda is your girl.

Linda Lomelino - Author and Photographer

Linda goes above and beyond your average food-loving influencer. Her photos are just magical. One in particular that captured the sweetness in my heart was her vintage gingerbread village with powdered sugar snowing down on the entire display.

She is a food wizard just as much as she’s a photography artist. Linda is incredibly creative. “What beautiful shots” is one commenter’s thought. And trust me this is no doubt exactly how you’ll feel as you scroll through her content.

Each picture of her sweet treats is turned into an enchanting story – from her captivating rustic props to the gorgeous colors in her display. She makes you feel as if you have been placed right into a fairy tale storybook with the scenery being a whimsical forest and the scent being a freshly baked pie. You can’t help but be drawn to the well-crafted content that she produces with the utmost skill.

It’s no surprise that Linda is a cookbook author considering all of her photos look like they jumped out of a top food magazine.

Visit her website to learn more about her and to find her recipes.

Some of her latest paid Collabs include brands that love working with photographer influencers, Wasabrod, and Sjostrand Coffee Concept.

Simone Bramante

From Italy, influencer Simone Bramante is a creative director and photographer.

Simone Bramante's Instagram | Creative Director

Quoted on Forbes, Simone is a “visual storyteller for whom nature is a constant inspiration”. There was no exaggeration there his Instagram is threaded together like one cohesive tale each picture revealing the next chapter. It constantly makes you wonder what he will come up with next while confidently knowing whatever it is it will be breathtaking and captivating.

His creative diversity is splashed throughout his feed from beautiful countryside landscapes, and charming Italian city architecture to amazing holiday retreats, and romantic moments. Simone is a charming narrator with captions like, “On a fall day, I meet a beautiful dreamy face to care for. Her name is Rome”.

Nothing deserves more double taps and heart eyes than this.

“Unbelievably beautiful” is how his followers are wowed away. And if you have an eye for photography, then you’ll appreciate the execution of his compositions that create his unique shots. Every picture is a masterpiece on its own but together his entire feed is a museum displaying his craft.

Find out more about our Italian photographer influencer and his work on his website.

His latest paid Collab is with OPPO Mobile Italia. Simone has also promoted the electric Nissan Leaf in Amsterdam as well as Play Station Italy.

Johan Lolos

Johan Lolos is your documentary-focused photographer from Belgium with a passion for the outdoors and wildlife.

Johan Lolos | lebackpacker instagram

From the beauty of dunes in Namibia, and thrilling volcanoes in Iceland to lions in South Africa Johan is there, camera ready to document the beauty of our world. Following Johan on Instagram feels like you’re tagging along with him through his adventures.

At the same time, some of his shots are so breathtaking it makes you wonder how it’s possible that it’s real. How is this the world we live in?

He really amplifies the perfection of nature and the creators that inhabit it. From the baby cubs to the giant elephants Johan does a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of these animals in their natural habitat. Along with the beauty of their home as well.

Dessert, mountains, ocean, and every corner of the earth that falls in between. Johan has likely been there and caught that picture-perfect moment and shared it on IG.

The effort that goes into his exquisite feed is impossible to miss. With the cohesiveness of it all and the long thought-out captions, Johan is providing a plentiful amount of value, not following would be missing out.

“Great Milky Way shot…”

“I like your edit. It’s not too “fake” like most Milky Way shots on Instagram. Good job” – is one commenter’s thought and you’ll certainly agree, too.

Johan’s authenticity is so likable, the way he lets you into his thoughts in each caption. We get a peak at his outer and inner lens when enjoying his content. Not something that can be said for all content creators.

Find out more about Johan, and his travels, and also shop for his prints on his website.

Johan is an ambassador for Toyota 4×4. He is also the author of the book “Peaks of Europe” – a 5-month photography journey through Europe.

If you’re a brand looking for photographer influencers with a love for the outdoors, then Johan is your man.

This originally appeared on afluencer and is available here for wider discovery.
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