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4 Valentine’s Day Referral Marketing Ideas We Adore

4 Valentine’s Day Referral Marketing Ideas We Adore

Whether you’re single, taken, or just a DTC marketer trying to hit your revenue goals for this quarter, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share the love.

That’s why we’re sharing four examples of referral marketing campaigns that we love with you. We’re sharing these ideas, customers are sharing their favorite brands, and you’re sharing your time by reading this article – it’s a circle of love!

Idea 1: For Love and Lemons Valentine’s Day Referral Contest 

The well-known and well-loved women’s clothing brand, For Love & Lemons, is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with a referral program contest. 

They sent two dedicated email and SMS messages to promote their limited-time referral offer, as seen below. Each referral provided a chance to win one of two $500 For Love & Lemons gift cards, in addition to their standard Give 20% Get 20% referral incentive. 

for love and lemons email

Idea 2: Vegamour’s Valentine’s Referral Giveaway 

Who doesn’t love healthy hair? Vegamour launched a referral giveaway for Valentine’s Day, where each referral enters you for a chance to win a year's supply of their GRO hair serum, in addition to their Give $15 Get $15 referral incentive. 

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 12.57.15 PM

Idea 3: MeUndies Limited Time Referral Boost for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and underwear go together like Valentine’s Day and underwear. MeUndies launched a limited time referral boost to help increase referrals before Valentine’s Day, offering Give 40% Get $25 instead of their typical Give 20% Get $20 incentive.  

meundies referral

Idea 4: Melin Incorporating Valentine’s Day into Their Referral Program Strategy

Fancy doesn’t always equal better (unless we’re talking about chocolate, then it absolutely does). Melin took the approach of updating their dedicated referral landing page to call out Valentine’s Day, while keeping their standard referral incentive. They also promoted their referral program with a Valentine’s Day focused call-to-action, “Share the love”, in an email blast. 

melin referral

This article originally appeared on Friendbuy and is available here for further discovery.
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