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42 Top Dog Influencers To Collaborate With

42 Top Dog Influencers To Collaborate With

Top Dog Influencers: Profiles to Follow

Before we start, let’s be clear that we have covered a mix of profiles. You will find TikTok pet influencers, dog influencers on Instagram, and more here. Also, while some accounts are solely dedicated to dogs, some are more about the owner.

Now, let’s start with our lovely dog influencers:

Amadeus Nunez

Amadeus Nunez wearing bandana and standing on outdoor bench

Amadeus, the adorable Peekapoo rescue pup, is a true artist at heart. With a passion for creativity, he’s often spotted exploring the vibrant gallery scene of South Florida, where he effortlessly blends in with the captivating artwork, striking the most charming poses. This four-legged dog influencer exudes boundless joy and positivity, with a perpetually cheerful demeanor that shines through in every photograph. His Instagram is a treasure trove of delightful pictures and Reels that are guaranteed to uplift anyone’s spirits.

Beyond his knack for lounging in style, Amadeus is anything but idle. He’s a diligent worker, partnering with brands that resonate with his lively spirit. If you’re seeking a Collab opportunity that brings a breath of fresh air to your brand, look no further. Join forces with Amadeus, and let his contagious enthusiasm and zest for life infuse a unique charm into your products. Get in touch today and embark on a Collab that promises to be as unforgettable as Amadeus himself!

Meagan R.

Pet influencer Meagan Mooney and her dog Theodore

This New York-based dog influencer will melt your heart with the cutest photos of her pup, Teddy.

Meagan is a dedicated and talented photographer who has successfully built a community of 44.6K fans on Instagram. She is one of the top Instagram dog influencers and doesn’t appear to be concentrating on other platforms for now.

People love to see Teddy bundled up in blankets, enjoying a walk, and talking about different brands. Posts on Instagram by Meagan get an average of 1.2k+ likes and her reach is constantly growing. She seems to be popular around the world and enjoys good engagement.

With such an impressive community and attractive photos, it is no shock that Teddy has been sponsored by various brands including Pet Cube, DreamBone Chews, and PetCo.

Winston, Rutledge, and Reggie

Winston, Rutledge, and Reggie | Instagram post

Meet Winston, Rutledge, and Reggie – the dynamic trio of mischievous Labrador Retrievers that’s taking the world of social media by storm! These three lovable dog influencers are here to brighten your feed with their hilarious antics and adorable charm.

Sir Winston, the master of comedic timing, brings a regal touch to every scene. Rutledge, the goofy explorer, never fails to bring a smile to your face. And then there’s Reggie – the derpy, sneaky, and endlessly silly boy who keeps everyone guessing.

Their collective chemistry makes for unbeatable entertainment, evident by their skyrocketing double-digit engagement rates. Follow their adventures on both Facebook and Instagram to witness the true essence of Lab life – an absolute hoot!

Whether you’re a fan or a brand seeking a Collab, Winston, Rutledge, and Reggie are the one-of-a-kind trio you’ve been searching for. Join forces with them and watch your brand reach new heights as their infectious energy spreads far and wide.

Don’t miss out on this unique partnership opportunity that promises laughter, engagement, and a Lab-loving community like no other.

Hailey Hutton

French Bulldogs Daphne and Vinnie outdoors wearing sunglasses

Daphne and Vinnie, the dynamic French Bulldog duo, reside blissfully in Michigan under the loving care of their owner, Hailey Hutton. For a daily infusion of adorable antics, hearty chuckles, and fashion-forward flair, look no further than @daphneandvinnie. Prepare to have your fashion sensibilities challenged as these pooches redefine style standards – their wardrobe game is nothing short of impeccable! You might just start wondering if your closet needs a major upgrade.

Ever pondered about an animal-oriented Vogue magazine? Imagine Daphne and Vinnie gracing its cover with their trendsetting elegance. They’re more than just influencers – they’re trendsetters in their own right. With a keen eye for brands that resonate with their unique vibe, they’re on a mission to foster meaningful connections. Are you ready to align your brand with this adorable pair? Reach out to Hailey and her furry companions today for a Collab and be a part of their stylish journey!

Simone the Griff

Simone the Griff sending pawsitive vibes on IG post

@simonethegriff is the adorable little smooth coat black and tan Griffon who is about to steal your heart! With over 40k Instagram followers and counting, this charismatic dog influencer is taking the online world by storm. Despite her grumpy appearance, Simone is all about spreading “pawsitive” vibes and bringing joy to your feed.

In a sea of #dogsofinstagram, Simone stands out with her one-of-a-kind personality and endearing quirks. Her epic side-eye and hilarious grumpy expressions will have you bursting into laughter. She’s the four-legged friend you never knew you needed in your life.

Simone’s Instagram is a delightful mix of adorable snapshots and heartwarming moments, reminding us that even the grumpiest faces can hide the most lovable hearts. So, if you’re ready to add a dose of laughter and cuteness to your daily scroll, give @simonethegriff a follow and join her growing community of fans. Get ready for a daily dose of Simone’s unique charm and contagious positivity!

That Pup Stanley

French Bulldog Stanley and his daddy in the snow

Stanley is a French bulldog from the USA. He is popular on Instagram as the dog that lives a great life wearing cute costumes and experiencing fun adventures.

These adventures are documented via funny videos and even funnier captions that add to Stanley’s goofy and quirky personality.

With 38K followers, Stanley is a fast-growing name and manages to get about 700 likes per post. Hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that brands are eager to work with this gorgeous pet. Stanley has modeled for a number of businesses including Meaningful Tree and Lucy & Co.

You will find reviews and informative posts on the page. Fans seem to trust Stanley and enjoy the content on their page. Personally, we loved how interactive Stanley’s profile is.

Buddy Smartz

Buddy Smartz on TikTok | Dog influencers featured on Afluencer

Meet Buddy Smartz, your new favorite furry dog influencer! Hailing from the picturesque city of Vancouver, Canada, Buddy is no ordinary golden retriever – he’s a sensation across TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. With his charming antics and heart-melting grin, Buddy has pawed his way into the hearts of pet lovers worldwide.

Behind the camera is his talented owner, Michael, who’s a master at capturing Buddy’s hilarious and endearing moments. Whether it’s Buddy sharing his cherished toys, offering “dear diary” insights, or playfully complaining about his human companions, every post is a delight. Oh, and don’t miss out on Buddy’s impressive “singing” skills as he harmonizes with popular tunes!

Expect an overload of cuteness as Buddy’s daily adventures brighten up your feed. From heartwarming chats about his favorite treats to relatable tales of navigating human antics, Buddy’s content is a guaranteed mood-lifter.

Calling all brands seeking a Collab with a dog influencer – Buddy Smartz is the name you need to know. Prepare for a tail-wagging good time!

Marta S.

Marta with her wolf dogs, Anubis and Ikaris | Outdoor adventures

Meet Marta, the creative spirit behind the captivating Instagram account @wildsoulwolves. Step into a world where adventure, fur, and friendship blend seamlessly. Marta, hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Northern Spain, takes us on a journey with her two wolf dogs, Anubis and Ikaris.

@wildsoulwolves isn’t just an Instagram page; it’s a portal to a life filled with mountain escapades and outdoor escapism. As the proud owner of these adventure-seeking companions, Marta has crafted an enchanting space where the rugged beauty of nature meets the undeniable charm of her four-legged friends.

But Marta doesn’t just rely on the stunning landscapes to capture our hearts. She’s also a gifted photographer, skillfully framing moments that evoke awe and wonder. Beyond the breathtaking views and heartwarming antics, what truly shines through is the unbreakable bond Marta shares with her wolf dogs. It’s a genuine and beautiful testament to the extraordinary connection between humans and their animal companions. So, if you’re in need of a dose of cuteness, adventure, and heartfelt connections, @wildsoulwolves is your go-to destination.

Albert and Olly

Olly chilling in the grass in Norfolk | Dog influencers

Meet Olly, your newest source of pure canine joy on Instagram! This charismatic Bernese Mountain Dog is here to brighten up your day and bring a grin to your face. With his infectious enthusiasm, Olly embodies the essence of living life to the fullest. Every moment with him is a snapshot of unbridled happiness, and his playful antics are sure to leave you in stitches.

Olly’s feed is a window into his world of boundless fun and adventure. Whether he’s exploring the great outdoors, showcasing his artistic talents, or revealing the secrets of his unique gardening techniques, there’s never a dull moment with this furry dog influencer. You’ll also get a peek into the dynamic between Olly and his humans, as they navigate his charming shenanigans.

If your Instagram needs a dose of happiness, Olly is your go-to follow. His zest for life is contagious, and his genuine expressions of joy will remind you to appreciate the little things. Get ready for a daily dose of laughter, inspiration, and the heartwarming companionship only a Bernese Mountain Dog like Olly can provide.


Armani in the back of a truck about to snack on bison liver treats

At a glance, Armani may seem like a fierce Shepsky, but a look at her Instagram will tell you that she is just like any other dog, with a few unique hobbies.

Other than being an absolute athlete when it comes to swimming, hiking, and hunting, Armani is also the proud mom of her own litter of adorable pups.

Her following of 3.8K who love seeing her cute pups on their feed, with most pictures getting 50-100 likes. This is a pretty good number, which shows how highly engaged her fans are.

After making it big on Instagram, Armani is now working to win TikTok. The photogenic star loves to try snacks and collars sent to her by sponsors such as Ageless Paws and Wanderlust Creatures.

Maui The Mini Golden Dood

Close up of Maui The Mini Golden Dood

Meet Maui the Mini Golden Dood, a service dog and dog influencer who’s melting hearts everywhere! This adorable, cat-obsessed canine isn’t just about spreading cuteness; he’s also a champion for raising awareness about people with disabilities. With his endearing looks and heart of gold, Maui combines his charm with a noble purpose.

Maui and his owner make an incredible team, highlighting his service dog skills and shedding light on the vital role service dogs play in their owners’ lives. Their educational efforts go beyond showcasing Maui’s cuteness, emphasizing the importance of these furry companions in enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities.

But Maui’s talents don’t stop there. This dynamic duo has mastered the art of Collabs, having already established partnerships with a range of brands in the pet and fashion industries. From trendy pet products to stylish accessories, Maui’s endorsements are as diverse as his talents. And they’re not slowing down! With an ever-growing presence, Maui is on the lookout for exciting new brand partnerships to continue his mission of spreading joy and awareness. This dog influencer is a busy bee with a heart full of compassion.

Jennifer Costello

Influencer Jennifer Costello with her pet dog in the park

Jennifer Costello, a seasoned veterinary technician with over 15 years of experience, has built her life around the love of Newfoundland dogs, affectionately known as Newfies. As the dedicated dog slobber wiper, she shares her home with a heartwarming pack of five: Sherman, Leroy, Odin, Finn, and Lou.

Get ready for a delightful journey into the world of Jen’s Newfies as they go about their daily adventures. With an expert touch, Jennifer not only captures their charming moments but also offers in-depth insights into caring for this unique breed. Her captions are a treasure trove of knowledge, perfect for both seasoned owners and those new to the Newfie scene.

Jennifer’s warm sense of humor adds a special touch to her content, making her page a source of both education and entertainment. From wet noses to wagging tails, her Newfies showcase their irresistible charm, leaving you smiling with every scroll. Whether you’re seeking guidance on Newfie care or simply want to bask in the joy of these lovable giants, Jennifer’s page is a must-visit for dog enthusiasts of all kinds.

Katlin Longfield

Katlin Longfield and her pet huskies on top of a mountain

Katlin Longfield runs the Instagram page for her two huskies: Nika and Kira.

Based in Wisconsin, the two dogs and their mom go on adventures and share their story with the world. You’ll mostly see them roaming around and enjoying the beauty of nature, however, they also appear to enjoy getting lazy and enjoying some cozy moments in bed.

Whatever the setting may be, Kira and Nika are always ready for the camera. Thanks to their extremely professional pictures, the two dogs have a whooping 222K followers on Instagram. Most of their posts get more than 1,000+ likes, with an average of 96 comments per post. This is what makes them top dog influencers on Instagram.

They have collaborated with names like Stella and Chewy, Restropet, and Area for Home. Sign up with us today to contact them and discuss a potential collaboration.

Anna U.

Loki the Pembroke Welsh Corgi on Instagram

Anna, proud owner of the adorable dog influencer, Loki, a lively Pembroke Welsh Corgi, has a heartwarming mission: spreading joy among fellow dog enthusiasts through Loki’s mischievous adventures. Partnered with Loki, they joyfully engage with fellow dog aficionados, all from Loki’s unique canine perspective. With an irresistible face that holds both mischievousness and training prowess, Loki has an innate talent for leaving you smitten.

Loki’s charming presence isn’t just for personal cuddles; it’s a perfect addition to your Instagram feed, brightening your day with every scroll. Anna’s vision extends beyond Loki’s cuteness, as she and Loki look to Collab with brands seeking an instant dose of charisma.

If you’re in search of a dog influencer who effortlessly embodies the enchantment, Anna and Loki are the ultimate duo to team up with. Together, they create heartwarming connections with fellow dog enthusiasts, sharing Loki’s irresistible charm and playful antics. Prepare for heartwarming moments, training escapades, and a furry friend whose charisma can light up any frame on social media.

Mariniecer L.

Mariniecer's pet dogs chilling in the garden

What makes this dog influencer unique is her special talent. She prepares home-cooked meals for her dogs and shares her secret recipes with the world. Sounds too good to be true? Have a look at her social media profile and you’ll be surprised. Fans appear to love her recipes as they’re not just safe and healthy but also easy to prepare and affordable.

The page started off by highlighting random pictures of cute dogs but is now dedicated to one pet and is fast growing on Instagram. Despite being new to the dog influencer game, Mariniecer seems to have mastered the art of creating content. Pair this with her unique recipes for dog food, and you have a hit recipe right in front of you.

These days, Harley and Puddin are gaining popularity on TikTok as well. Their adorable videos have attracted a total of 1.8k+ followers and over 3.6k likes.

Amanda Sieger

Amanda Sieger with Riley and Nala unboxing Dog Mom Box

Amanda Sieger is the person running the Instagram profile for her two diva dogs: Riley and Nala. If you are from Ohio then you might have heard of these adorable pets as they appear to be quite popular in the region and have modeled for a variety of local and national brands including Posh Puppy and Rainbow and Co.

These two dogs seem to have hit the bull’s eye and enjoy more than 15.5K followers. We must also mention that they are a part of the Amazon Influencer Program, which shows their reliability.

It would not be wrong to call these stunning dogs ‘models’ as they’re not merely influencers. They look great in front of the camera and know how to rock anything from cute accessories to dog outfits.

Their Instagram is a sight for sore eyes, filled with pastel pictures of Riley and Nala showing off their costumes.

Users absolutely adore the adorable pups and often leave supportive comments under their posts. Posts by Riley and Nala get around 400 likes each, and 20+ comments.

Because of their mom’s great taste in dog fashion, and Riley and Nala’s photogenic faces, the two pups have been featured on some of Instagram’s most popular dog feature pages such as Doodle Daily Posts. This means that working with them could help you get viral.

Ashli Ferguson

Ashli Ferguson and her pet dog Benny chilling on the sofa

Ashli Ferguson loves two things: her two dogs, Cash and Benny, and photography. Combining her love for the two, Ashli decided to create an Instagram page to portray the life of her two dogs through a lens.

Currently, the duo enjoys around 1.2K followers, with an engagement rate of about 17 percent. This is among the highest in the business.

Ashli now seems to be concentrating on TikTok and is using the platform to highlight what her dog is capable of. They have 4.4K followers on the platform and more than 31.5K likes.

Brands looking for cute and energetic dogs can consider this pair as Benny and Cash are very active and loving. They spend most of their days pushing the ball, relaxing on the couch, and playing with their favorite toys.

Their mom does a very good job of subtly including sponsored content without making it look salesy. This is why they have been sponsored by the likes of BarkBox.

Caroline K.

Caroline and her pet dog sitting on a gravel road

Caroline’s dog, Doc, is a hound with more than 4.1K followers. This big dog looks good, is funny, and enjoys being clicked. But, that’s not what makes this profile worth following as it offers you a lot more.

Caroline is focusing on informative content including topics that are rarely discussed. You will find posts dedicated to animal health, including mental health.

The page can be a great pick for people who want to know more about animals and their behavior. Plus, it could help you train your dog as Caroline regularly shares training videos and is active on the platform.

She even engages with her followers and responds to queries. She is an advocate of positive reinforcement but does not call herself a professional trainer. Instead, she likes being called a dog influencer.

Doc’s adventures and adorable antics have attracted brands like The Arlo Method, Copilot Collections, and Knawty Dog Treats. The duo are easy to work with and can be suitable for both big and small brands.

Cricket the Gremlin

Cricket the Gremlin wearing a cardigan in the woods

Say hello to Cricket, living proof that dynamite comes in small packages, especially in the form of a hairless Chihuahua. Despite her petite size, Cricket’s magnetic charm and unique appearance instantly capture hearts. Her tiny frame is eclipsed only by her larger-than-life personality, ensuring you’ll keep coming back for more of her antics.

Cricket’s love for pup treats is both adorable and mischievous, as she’s not above using a little trickery to indulge her taste buds – a truly hilarious quirk that keeps everyone entertained. But what truly sets her apart is her fashion-forward flair. With an enviable wardrobe, Cricket could easily grace the pages of a doggy fashion magazine or even join the ranks of human fashion influencers.

Considering her charisma and undeniable style, Cricket could effortlessly steal the spotlight on any pet-loving platform. If you’re seeking a four-legged Collab to captivate an audience, Cricket is the furry partner that’ll pique the interest of dog enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. Get ready for a dose of Cricket’s charm – the tiniest influencer with the mightiest impact!

Viper and Ninja

Viper and Ninja celebrating St Patrick's Day with leprechaun outfit

Introducing Viper and Ninja, the dynamic duo of adorable miniature dachshunds that have Instagrammers everywhere wrapped around their paws! With faces that radiate charm, one glance is all it takes to fall head over heels for them. Their impeccable style shines as they gleefully embrace every opportunity to don playful costumes, reigning as the ultimate royalty of dog accessories.

But these charismatic canines are more than just fashion-forward furballs. They’re the life of the party and know what’s the best part? You’re invited to join in on the fun! Their Instagram comments section is a buzzing hub of excitement, filled with expressions like “This is the cutest thing I’ve seen…” and “Looking so cute…”

Viper and Ninja aren’t just cute faces; they’re dog influencers with a knack for persuasion. Their irresistible charm has the power to make you want to buy anything they showcase. Can you think of better collaborators? These two charming pups are here to steal hearts, throw epic dog parties, and make your day a whole lot brighter!

Brandi Carlisle

Brandi Carlisle cradling her pet dog Chuck

Brandi Carlisle calls herself a ‘dog mom’, and for all the right reasons. What started as a fun way to document the life of her pup on Instagram has turned into a movement. She has built a community of over 21.6K followers who like to keep up with the life of her pup, Lego.

Brandi had originally created the Instagram page to honor the memory of her late puppy, Chuck Taylor. However, it has now become a safe space for Brandi to share more of Lego, while also reminiscing her old memories with Chuck.

Posts by the dog influencer garner an average of 1100 likes and 5,000 views. Her followers are loyal and often interact with pictures or videos of Lego.

The dog influencer has been sponsored by popular brands such as PupBox, a monthly box subscription box curated specifically for dogs, and even Ruggable. The company sponsored Brandi to show that their washable rugs are not just human-friendly, but also dog-friendly.

Brittini Grubaugh

Brittini Grubaugh and her pet dogs Zeppelin and Lydia

Brittini is the proud dog mom of two dogs, Zeppelin and Lydia. She is also the manager and owner behind the Instagram page with over 24.1k followers.

As the name suggests, Brittini initially created the Instagram page to share the life of her three-legged rescue dog, Zepp in the form of adorable videos and pictures. Now, the page is co-owned by Zepp’s sister Lydia. Together, they post all sorts of adorable content for dog lovers to enjoy on Instagram.

Videos posted by the dynamic dog duo get over 500 likes per post, while pictures get anywhere between 200 and 300 likes. To increase her reach, Brittini has created a TikTok account for her dogs. These TikTok dog influencers have already gained 5000+ followers, and a total of 120.1k likes on their videos.

They have worked with popular brands such as Packleashes, a company that designs creative leashes for dogs, and ThePawramp, Rockwell Pets Pro, and Pawssible Official. Their excellent engagement makes them a good choice for brands looking for dog influencers to promote their products and services.

Ellen Ross

Ellen Ross cuddling her pet chihuahua

While Ellen Ross is a lifestyle blogger, she is also a mom to 4 chihuahuas and posts about them regularly. Although her Instagram blog is fairly small, with 5.7k followers, Ellen is well on her way to being included amongst some of the top dog influencers.

The thing that sets Ellen apart from other dog influencers is the aesthetic of her Instagram feed. The layout is hard to look away from. She seems to have put a good effort into designing her page.

Her posts get an average of 20-50 likes and she seems to enjoy the idea of showing her pet in different situations.

She has been sponsored by brands such as Natural Dog Company, Heirloom Pet Products, and Dogos Treats, and loves supporting brands that care for animals.

Karina Valencia

Scottie the Golden Retriever unboxing a Bark Box

Karina floods her account with photos and videos of Scottie, a cute golden retriever. The doggo is popular amongst brands because of the eye-catching and creative captions under his posts.

He is slowly gaining followers on Instagram, with most of his posts getting 500+ likes. Scottie famously started his career as a full-time TikTok dog influencer, where he quickly gained 90.9k followers. Now, with a total of 2.6m likes on his videos, Scottie is also part of the TikTok creator fund.

Karina aims to help pet owners and posts honest and fun product reviews on both Instagram and TikTok. Her posts are informative and very helpful and the star has worked with brands such as Bark Bistro Company, Laws and Oaks.

Nina Cole

Nina and Ellie chilling in the sun | Dog influencers

If you’re from around the UK, then you’ve probably heard of Nina’s Nannies for Pets. Our star takes care of pets and is now one of the most popular pet influencers. Nina has been a part of the pet care industry for the past 23 years and is also a full-time mom to her adorable pup, Ellie.

The duo lives like best friends, and their Instagram page documents their journey together. They regularly visit pet-friendly cafes, go on long walks, and take aesthetic pictures while doing so.

Their daily adventures have become a must-see for all of their 8.3K followers who appear to be quite engaged. Their posts get an average of 100-200 likes. They’re a perfect match for brands as their page isn’t only about entertaining people but also about educating them.

Nina seems to be a fan of aesthetics and pays special attention to every post. Her profile follows a special theme – a consistent coral peach – that is a true depiction of the princess-like treatment that Ellie gets from her mom.

They have collaborated with renowned brands such as JWPETS, Furbo, Kong, and Pets Paradise and are open to offers.

Ada Cario

Ada Cario with her full bred Alaskan Malamutes

If you love a trio of huge and huggable Alaskan Malamutes, then you need to follow Apollo, Aria, and Axel on Instagram.

The three dogs were named by their dog mom, Ada Cario with the intention of giving each dog a unique identity. Once you scroll through the trio’s Instagram, you’ll find that their names aren’t the only thing that is unique about them.

They have more than 6.6K followers on Instagram and a solid presence. The Malamutes share bits of their lives, including long walks with their humans. You will see them go camping and play dress-up on various occasions.

Ada loves her friends and treats them like family. She has made lifestyle changes to accommodate these dogs in her life. These include getting a bigger car to take her dogs out on camping trips.

She can be a great dog influencer for brands that want to collaborate with Instagram dog influencers who are considered a good example. Brands absolutely love Apollo, Aria, and Axel because of their informative product reviews.

They have been sponsored by several names including Bailey’s CBD for Pets, and Yucky Puppy.

Alissa F.

Dog influencer Alissa sitting outside with her pets

Explore the most scenic spots around New England with lifestyle photographer Alissa and her three pups: Jax, Jasper, and Ali.

Their main goal is to spread smiles and joy and they appear to have succeeded in achieving it.

Alissa started her journey as a lifestyle blogger, sharing her photographs. Soon enough, she started to include her three adorable dogs in her daily Instagram posts and the rest is history.

The blogger currently has more than 32.6K followers on Instagram who enjoy her creative content. She shares her heartwarming pictures of her dogs with her newborn baby. We believe that Alissa can be a great influencer to work with as she isn’t just professional but she also has a massive reach.

Unlike some other dog influencers, she doesn’t just talk about animals but about other topics as well. We must, however, mention that her most popular posts are ones that include Jax, Jasper, and Ali.

Have a look at her profile and we’re sure you will not only love the photos but also her funny captions. These posts get an average of 500 likes, which is pretty good for the industry.

Renowned brand, Tide ran a very successful campaign with the dogs. Some of their other popular collabs include Fi Dogs and Pet Curean.

Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown and her dog Rosie all in white lying on the bed

When Brittany started her journey as a first-time dog mom to her retriever, Rosie, she decided to document it in the form of posts on Instagram. What started as a hobby has turned into a career.

You will see all sides of the cute animal on the page. The blog is followed by 38.7K followers, making her one of the most popular dog influencers on Instagram.

What we liked the most about this page is that it isn’t just about cute dogs and fun things. Brittany makes sure to add value to her followers by sharing informative content such as tips on dog training, finding the most dog-friendly traveling adventures, and more.

The star calls herself a professional dog mom blogger and has worked with a number of brands including Dogtra Company, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, and Derpy Danas.

Caroline Billinson

Caroline Billinson kissing Penny | Dog influencers

Caroline Billinson calls herself a ‘dog momager’ and not a dog influencer. She is both a mom to her dog, Penny, and the brains behind Penny’s Instagram.

Thanks to her mom’s creativity, Penny has 4.4K followers on the ‘Gram and gets 100-200 likes per post.

Penny’s Instagram is full of colorful pictures of her modeling in the most fashionable outfits. Penny also regularly posts about her favorite dog products to let her friends know about them.

There isn’t a single post on Penny’s Instagram that can be ignored, which is why she has been sponsored by brands such as Grandma Lucy’s, Ripley and Rue, and Pink Cloth and Co. The dog mom works with both big and small brands and regularly communicates with her followers.

Caroline and Penny are an inspiration and appear to be doing a good job of motivating first-time dog owners.

Cindy T.

Cindy and pet dog tasting new breakfast food | Influencers on Afluencer

Looking for a fun, energetic, and adorable Sheepadoodle on Instagram? Baymax is your answer.

Baymax’s mom, Cindy has only one purpose behind creating an Instagram for Baymax – to spread smiles through videos. She has so far gained 8.5K followers, who are highly engaged and loyal.

They generate great buzz and many of their posts have gone viral in the past. They manage about 300 likes on average, which is pretty good.

The likes of Fi Dogs, Vessi, Blueberry Pet, and PetnShape have sponsored Baymax.

Aco Mirkovic

Pacco on the beach with a cocktail | Dog influencers

Aco is working to show Don Pacco, his pet dog, to the world. This Swiss duo loves sharing their adventures with their 500+ followers on Instagram.

Pacco might not have a lot of followers, but if you pay a visit to his profile, you’ll find yourself scrolling endlessly through all the videos about Pacco being his charming self. Moreover, they appear to be growing in number.

They live in one of the most beautiful countries and have a lot to show to their followers. You will not just see Pacco in nature but also wearing fashionable dog clothes, so he’s the perfect dog influencer to consider if you’re a brand centered around dog fashion.

Brian Dragoo

Dogs sleeping on their bed with stuffed toys | Influencers on Afluencer

Brian calls his family of 4 dogs and 1 cat, ‘the furbulous five’. Their Instagram is a treat for pet lovers as you will see the adventures of these five animals. We found the profile very interesting as the dynamics between these animals are quite electric and it’s a lot of fun to watch the cat interact with the bros.

You’ll come across adorable pictures and videos that are both fun and informative. The creator appears to be focused on informing people and has made some brilliant how-to videos including tips on recreating space for dogs.

Another good thing about Brian’s Instagram is that it highlights the good and the bad dog brands for people to choose from. He gives honest opinions on what his dogs liked or did not like. Users have a lot of faith in Brian’s recommendation, which makes them a good pick for companies looking for top dog influencers to promote their products.

They have already worked with a number of brands including many dog food makers such as The Farmer’s Dog and Nom Nom.

Amy Plummer

Amy Plummer training dogs in the snowng

Amy is the CEO and owner of the dog training center called AmyZ Style Dog Training & Behavioral modification company in Canada. She started her business back in 2015, and then later introduced herself to the world of Instagram.

For Amy, work isn’t just business; it’s something she truly feels for. The star is working to bridge the gap between dogs and humans. She loves animals and wants others to care for them as well.

If you visit her Instagram, you’ll find various pictures of Amy with all kinds of dogs. She doesn’t only train them but also helps dogs get better and find a home. We think her profile is not only cute and informative but also highly motivational.

Amy has 10.5K followers on Instagram who enjoy her content and regularly engage with her posts. The aim of this dog influencer is to help abandoned dogs find homes and she seems to be doing an excellent job.

This is why she can be a great pick for shelter houses and dog brands looking for a dog influencer on Instagram.

Jessamyn D.

Jessamyn and her pet dog Mishka eating ice cream

If you’re a regular viewer of dogs on Instagram, then you probably have come across Mishka, better known as mishkathetiny. Mishka is an LA-based dog who was rescued and given a new life. The adorable pet has since been gaining popularity on Instagram because of her tiny size.

The Instagram dog model has 12.6k followers, with an average count of 200-350 likes per post. Because of her loving personality, Mishka is also the ‘chief executive dog’ at Posh Pets Media.

Additionally, Mishka has her own TikTok account with 19.7k followers and a total of 16.8k videos. Almost all of her fun videos on TikTok make it to the For You page. It will not be wrong to call her a social media star.

Mishka has been sponsored by numerous brands such as Primal Pet Foods, DOGTV, HappyTails Canine Wellness, and Oxyfresh. Fans appear to love her profile as it provides honest reviews and regular content.

Anais F.

Jayda in the forest wearing a Happy Birthday headband

When Anais created an Instagram for her dog, Jayda, she had only one goal in mind: to let people know that Belgian Malinois are just as friendly and lovable as any other dog breed.

Now, almost a year later, Anais has successfully attracted an audience of 1.3K followers who adore Jayda’s antics.

Anais, a first-time dog mom, often shares funny videos of Jayda doing dog things. Her videos are both educational and entertaining. She focuses on educating people about different dog breeds. Also, she regularly interacts with her followers and is always available to answer questions they may have.

Despite not being as popular as some other dog influencers on this list, Anais deserves a mention as she seems to be doing a great job. She has been sponsored by names like Vetster Inc. and enjoys working with brands she trusts.

Videos of Kayla get 50-100 likes. This may seem small, but what matters is the loyal fanbase that Kayla has managed to build over the years.


Claudia lying in pet with her dog | Pet influencers

As the name represents, Claudia is a proud foster mom to more than 20 rescue dogs. She has over 4,000 followers and some very engaged users. This might not be a very high number but we think it deserves a mention given how high her engagement rate is.

Also, she isn’t just on Instagram as Houston Foster Dogs has also been making rounds on TikTok with over 58.1k followers keeping up with the lives of all the dogs up for adoption. This is why many call her a good TikTok dog influencer.

Her videos are heartfelt and warm, attracting a total of 2.7n likes and an average of 150+ comments under each video. Claudia’s work towards providing a warm home to rescue dogs has been noticed by the international news website, TAG 24.

Maya the Samoyed

Maya playing between pink flowers | Dog influencers

Maya’s Instagram was started by her human, Karen, almost three years ago. Karen knew the world deserved to see Karen and used social media to reach more people. The dog’s adorable face and mannerisms quickly made her win followers and she is now one of Instagram’s most-followed dogs with nearly 2 million followers. Yes, a dog can be this popular.

Maya’s soft and cloud-like fur has earned her the title, ‘Maya the Polar Bear’. Her profile is very chic with many posts containing pop culture references. She manages to get about 60k+ likes per post and is friends with many other dog influencers as well.

After winning hearts on Instagram, Maya is now working on spreading love on TikTok where she already has 5.5m followers. She is one of the most expensive pet influencers and has worked with a number of top names like Pug Life Harness, Furbo, and Smart Dog Camera.

Maxine the Fluffy Corgi

Maxine taking selfie with parents | Dog influencers

Here’s a dog with a blue tick. Yes, Maxine is legit. Most animal lovers are already aware of Maxine, who can often be seen traveling the subways of New York City in a backpack carried by her human, Bryan.

Bryan carries Maxine around in a special backpack made for dogs. You can also buy a similar backpack and carry your pet around. The man has inspired many pet owners to invest in dog backpacks and is now managing his own line of dog backpacks. But, he’s open to working with other brands and regularly posts sponsored content.

What started as a small group has now turned into a large audience of over 800k followers, all waiting for daily updates on Maxine dozing off in her backpack.

Maxine’s dad comes up with the wittiest and funniest captions for videos and photos, helping them gain about 24K likes per post on average. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Maxine was recently invited to VidCon US and was also featured by The Dogist on Instagram.

Tika the Iggy

Tika wearing colorful woolly jumper and knitted hat

Tika is an Italian greyhound from Montreal who is a fashionista with a wardrobe of luxurious dog clothing and a considerable following of 1.1 million. Her videos are one of a kind because of the voiceover in them. She is one of the most popular Instagram dog influencers and is very selective about who she works with.

Even though Tika is small, she is an actual style icon who went from having only a few hundred followers to getting 200k likes per post. All thanks to her human and dog manager, Thomas Shapiro, who managed her to get deals with the likes of Vogue.

With her following and fame, Tika now has a dedicated website where she regularly updates her own merch. Fans of Tika also create art of the fashionista and appear very engaged.

The gorgeous dog is now working to win over TikTok where she gained momentum when popular singer Lizzo noticed the dog’s video showing off some of her outfits.

Popeye the Foodie Dog

Popeye the Foodie in his chef's hat | Dog influencers

Popeye’s story is very interesting. He was a stray dog who got adopted and is now a social media star with more than 400K followers.

He’s called Popeye the Foodie for a reason. Most of his posts feature the dog calmly posing in front of luxurious and dog-friendly feasts laid out before him. He seems to be living a better life than most of us.

In addition, the page also keeps people informed. You can count on Popeye and his mom, Ivy, to know about the best dog-friendly restaurants in LA.

Popeye isn’t just popular for his food, though. You’ll also find Popeye doing very casual, dog-like things. The star has collaborated with renowned dog brands such as BarkBox and is on his way to being a top star.

Remix the Dog

Remiz the Dog plays ball indoors on the carpet

Remix the Dog is as cool as his name sounds. You’ll see him do things very few dogs can pull off – from showing off a new pair of sunglasses to casually posing in front of a camera. This dog can do it all.

With 147k followers, Remix is one of the top dog influencers and has even made it to Elle Magazine and BuzzFeed. Working with him means there’s a high chance of your brand going viral.

In addition, he is one of the most well-known TikTok pet influencers and has more than 34.3K likes on the platform.


Jiffpom in a onesie with stuffed unicorn | Dog influencers

Jiffpom needs no introduction as he’s the most followed dog on Instagram with more than 9.8m followers. While it’s a great number, we must mention that Jiffpom can be very expensive to work with, which is why we suggest that you look at other top dog influencers on this list as they’re more affordable.

Jiffpom’s presence is a great example of how to manage a dog’s profile on Instagram. He started like any other dog with only a few thousand followers and, in no time, gained millions of followers by posting unique videos such as videos of him running on only either his hind legs or forelegs. These videos caught on fire and even helped the dog star in a Katy Perry music video.

The Instagram star also has a TikTok account where you’ll find Jiffpom doing cute things. Brands like Just Right Pet Food and Ulta Beauty have joined hands with the social media star and while he’s open to offers, he’s on the expensive side.

Best Dog Influencers: Conclusion

These were some of the top dog influencers on Instagram and other profiles. Most pet influencers cater to Instagram and TikTok but you will also find some on other platforms.

Sign up with Afluencer today to get access to these and many more dog influencers. You’ll be able to check their stats, get in touch with them, and even start a conversation through our platform. Influencers who wish to be a part of this and other such lists can also sign up. We’d love to have you featured.

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