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5 Reasons Product Packaging Is Important For E-Commerce Success

Product Packaging, E-Commerce Success

Learning that packaging can make or break a business may surprise you. The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the product, but it can also communicate your brand’s message. 

It is now more important than ever to achieve a good appearance and a great experience in the social media age. The proper packaging can sway some customers, while others want a great unboxing experience.

You can connect emotionally with your customers by providing unique packaging since many retailers sell the same products. Here are reasons why packaging is essential to your brand’s success.

Emotional Connections

Your product packaging should trigger a positive emotional reaction in your customers, like all experience suitable marketing methods. Taking the digital experience to your packaging can trigger an emotional response from online customers transitioning from the digital to the physical world.

Consumers form a brand’s impression within 7 seconds, which is tough to change. When they receive the package, you’ve got 7 seconds to create a relationship between you and your customer. Your website may have already won them, but you gain a new relationship when they open the package.

Your brand and your packaging are almost equal in importance to your customers. When your customer opens that first box or parcel, you must ensure they have a positive experience.

Unboxing Experience

A positive unboxing experience can differentiate a brand, leaving customers with a favorable impression and driving repeat business through the emotional connection it establishes.

If you sell candles online, you might use minimalist yet elegant packaging designs to pique customer curiosity. The key to creating a great unboxing experience with candle packaging is to make it exciting and memorable. 

Could you ensure you select materials that are comfortable and appealing to the eye? Simple and pretty boxes will make people curious to learn what’s inside. If you want to make the TV stand out, you can add a ribbon or a unique lid. 

Make the packaging more interesting by adding a scent that enhances the candle’s fragrance. Personalizing the box with a message or note can make people feel happy and connected. Having everything come together – how the package looks, feels, and smells – makes opening it a pleasant experience.

Retain Customers 

An attractive package encourages repeat purchases and increases buyer intent. Making the experience personal to the customer can help you win repeat business. On average, online sellers/businesses that pay attention to packaging report a 30% increase in customer interest.

Nowadays, most people are used to receiving deliveries and packages at home. Making an experience more unique can turn a curious customer into a passionate advocate. You can delight your customers with good packaging by exceeding what they expect. 

You can use this activity to increase your business’s customer loyalty and brand awareness, as happy customers share their experiences through word-of-mouth, online reviews, or social media.

You can also tell your customers about your business by sending them a small printed message. Now that you have their attention take advantage of it.

Social Media Marketing

The Instagram social network is the perfect platform for sharing things that look nice. If your customers use this social network, you can gain their followers and customers by sharing items they can share.

It is favored on Instagram to post videos of people unboxing their packages or sharing similar preview content. Every day, brands are tagged and hashtagged on Instagram because it is a consumer-driven platform. 

Influencers with many subscribers are typically those who unbox on Instagram, but everyone likes to share nice things they receive. You can use packaging to encourage engagement by adding messages like “take a picture and tag us @companyname on Instagram” on your packaging. If you want to go one step further, you can offer social content in exchange for a voucher or prize.

By using appealing packaging, you can encourage the social sharing of these images. You can boost your followers by sharing social media pictures or telling them your social profiles are active. If a brand only has a few followers or inactive profiles, customers won’t tag it.

You can use your packaging to tell a story that will naturally result in someone sharing it on social media. It would help if you always thought about the journey you can take your customers. It starts on the website, goes through delivery, then heads to social media, eventually leading to a repeat purchase. The ultimate goal of your custom packaging should be to accomplish that.

Environmental Awareness 

There is a growing demand for eco-friendly packaging among customers these days. The amount of product packaging needed has become more conscious due to growing environmental concerns.

Your branding and values should be reflected in the packaging you choose. However, not all businesses will benefit from it. Your customers will be happier if you don’t use plastic, polystyrene, and other harmful packaging if you sell organic or vegan products. You should align your values with the expectations of your consumers.

As more customers buy online, they become more conscientious of product packaging. Therefore, consumers are becoming more interested in environmentally friendly solutions. Many packaging companies like Bluebox Packaging always look for ways to improve sustainability and environmental responsibility. The use of environmentally friendly products and processes is being forced upon businesses.

In Conclusion

The packaging of products plays a crucial role in the success of e-commerce. By incorporating it into your product, you can help to differentiate them from your competitors, ensure that they are protected during shipping and delivery, reflect the quality of your brand, and increase customer satisfaction.

As an established business that provides quality customer service, online sellers can win more sales by carefully considering how each package looks and functions. Investing in your product packaging creates loyal fans who love seeing what’s inside!

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