5 Shopify Sales Tax Software Worth Checking Out In 2023

Opening a Shopify store is one of the best ways to drive online sales. But setting up an ecommerce store isn’t easy. If you want to increase sales and manage the taxes that come with them, you’ll need to boost your ecommerce shop with the best apps from the Shopify app store.

Here are five amazing apps to help you manage your Shopify store’s sales taxes.

5 Best Shopify Apps for Sales Taxes


TaxJar is one of the best ecommerce accounting software on the market. The accounting software allows you to automate your sales taxes with return-ready files, leaving you with the easy job of submitting the returns to tax authorities.

TaxJar’s user-friendly design also allows for seamless automatic filing across multiple channels, like Amazon or eBay, lessening the burden of doing taxes for your business. If you ever have trouble using the app, TaxJar has a customer support team ready to receive your calls.


As an ecommerce store owner, one of your goals is to sell beyond the border and get more sales. The problem with international sales, however, is taxes. It’s hard to keep track of multinational policies, and messing one of them up leaves you selling in one less country.

Quaderno is way ahead of you. One of the app’s key features is getting government forms ready in minutes, saving time and energy by researching an entirely different tax policy. Quaderno offers automated bookkeeping so you won’t let a single sales tax slip by.


The beginning of tax season is a massive challenge for businesses since they have to go back and check their financial data for taxable sales and purchases during the year. Hurdlr helps you better prepare for your taxes since it provides you with constant evaluations of your account.


Growing your ecommerce business doesn’t just mean expanding your market; sometimes, you have to use different channels, too. So if you sell on Shopify, you might also want to sell on Amazon, eBay, or other platforms.

TaxRex makes filing taxes for each sale in different marketplaces easier with multi-channel support. Add their simplified tax reports feature to this, and you’re looking at one of the best apps to manage your sales taxes on multiple platforms. With TaxRex, you can take your financial data and prepare filing-ready tax reports immediately.


A substantial reason consumers avoid buying from sellers abroad is the sales tax—it’s usually more than what they’re used to, and that’s on top of overseas shipping fees. If you want to reach customers abroad, Exemptify can help you ensure they only pay the sales tax applicable to them.

Exemptify specializes in EU B2B transactions and EU tax laws, making it the perfect tax tool to break into Europe, especially for retailers. You can also use it to improve customer retention since your products will come out naturally cheaper by complying with local tax laws, and customers love a good deal.

Most of these apps start with a free plan, which you can later upgrade to a paid plan if you want to access its services fully.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shopify Sales Tax

Proper sales tax remittance is the key to maintaining your business’s financial health. In addition to the stress of inconsistent bookkeeping, failure to file—or even just filing them incorrectly—can lead to serious legal repercussions.

Here are some FAQs regarding sales taxes in Shopify.

Does Shopify Take Care of Your Sales Taxes?

Tax collection is a common question in the ecommerce industry. Both Amazon and eBay are known to collect and remit taxes for their sellers. So, does Shopify do that, too?

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t collect or remit taxes for sellers. Amazon and eBay qualify as ‘marketplace facilitators,’ allowing them to represent sellers and file their sales taxes for them. Shopify is not considered a marketplace facilitator, so sellers on the platform are on their own concerning sales tax.

How Do I Manage My Sales Taxes on Shopify?

Whether your business has or doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar store, sales tax filing is similar—collect them for customers and remit them come tax time. It sounds simple, but this part can be one of the most challenging in running a business.

Try the five best Shopify apps from the Shopify app store above to make your life easier. Each has helped businesses with their tax concerns.

Will a Tax Accountant for Shopify Help Manage My Taxes?

The Shopify app store is a beautiful place to find software that can improve the customer experience for store visitors and help you manage your business’s finances and taxes.

However, simply having the best Shopify apps isn’t enough to prevent tax trouble. Taxes are complicated, with too many technicalities to keep in mind for the average store owner. If you want to stay out of tax trouble, hiring a tax accountant for Shopify is better.

Tax accountants can help you stay in the green with local tax authorities and keep your business’s financial health in check. Taxes are just the tip of the iceberg; once you hire a tax accountant for Shopify, you’ll see a vast improvement in your business finances and probably even get a tax refund.

What Will Happen if I Don’t Remit My Shopify Sales Tax?

As mentioned, Shopify does not collect and remit sales tax for its sellers, unlike Amazon and eBay. As a Shopify seller, filing your sales taxes is your legal responsibility. Failure to file your tax returns promptly can lead to grave consequences, like suspension of your business or even jail time.

Shopify tax app software helps you avoid this mistake by automating your sales tax returns and providing features that keep you from neglecting your taxes so you can file them on time. Some apps even have features that file your taxes for you, leaving you less stressed.

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Taking care of your sales tax is of the utmost importance for ecommerce business owners, and using sales tax software from the Shopify store can help you manage everything yourself. But the best option will always be to hire a tax professional. Their knowledge and the same apps can take your business to new financial heights.

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