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5 Ways SMS Marketing Helps The Tech Industry

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There are more than 5.2 billion unique internet users via mobile globally, with a growth of 2% annually, so it's only logical that your brand starts to address potential customers through a bulk SMS platform to sell your tech products and services.

SMS Marketing for Technological Sector: 5 Ways to Integrate SMS Marketing to Improve Business Results

  1. Create Awareness: Utilize SMS to create awareness about your products and services. By sending out targeted messages to potential customers, you can help them understand the value of your offerings and increase your brand recognition.
  2. Increase Customer Engagement: Use SMS to build customer relationships by sending helpful messages via 2-way SMS marketing. This will help you stay top-of-mind with your customers, and they’ll be more likely to purchase your products and services.
  3. Promote Events: Let customers know about upcoming events, such as webinars, conferences, and seminars, by sending out SMS messages. This will help you reach a larger audience and increase attendance. In 2009, HBO used SMS to promote the Mayweather v Marquez fight by encouraging customers to text “PELEA” to a designated shortcode to win autographed boxing gloves.
  4. Offer Special Deals: Offer special deals, such as discounts and coupons, to customers who opt-in to receive SMS messages. This will encourage customers to make purchases and help you increase sales.
  5. Collect Feedback: Use SMS to collect customer feedback about your products and services. This will help you understand what customers like and don’t like, and you can use the Feedback to make improvements.

What are the Benefits of SMS Marketing for the Tech industry?

  1. Improved customer engagement: The tech industry is highly competitive, and SMS marketing enables organizations to build stronger relationships with their customers by providing personalized messages.
  2. Increased sales: SMS marketing allows you to send promotional messages and offers to customers, which can lead to increased sales.
  3. Improved customer service: SMS marketing can help tech companies improve their customer service by allowing them to respond quickly to customer inquiries and complaints
  4. Improved brand loyalty: By sending personalized messages to customers, tech companies can build loyalty and trust with their customers, which can lead to repeat business.
  5. Cost efficiency: SMS marketing is a cost-effective way to reach customers and promote products and services.
  6. Reach a wider audience: SMS marketing enables tech companies to reach a wider audience, as it is accessible to people with different mobile phones and networks.

What tech companies can use SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is a highly effective tool that tech companies can use to reach their target market. SMS messages are read almost immediately after receiving them, so they can quickly inform customers of new products and services or remind them of upcoming events. Additionally, SMS messages are delivered directly to the customer’s mobile phone, bypassing the need for a website or app to reach them.

Tech companies can use SMS marketing to promote their products and services and update customers on new releases and developments. They can also send reminders to customers about upcoming events or promotions or alert them of new deals and discounts. SMS messages are an effective way for tech companies to stay in touch with their customers and build relationships.

Examples of Tech Companies That Use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an excellent tool for a variety of tech companies, and some well know tech brands include

  1. Airbnb can use SMS marketing to remind customers about upcoming reservations and send post-stay follow-up messages and surveys to gain customer feedback.
  2. Uber: Uber can use SMS marketing to remind customers of upcoming rides and quickly communicate any changes in their rides' location.
  3. Amazon can use SMS marketing to communicate new product offers, discounts, and shipping updates. 
  4. Lyft can use SMS marketing to inform customers of new offers and discounts and remind them to take advantage of rewards programs.
  5. Grubhub can use SMS marketing to send notifications when orders are ready and remind customers of upcoming charges and delivery times.
  6. Apple can use SMS marketing to remind customers of upcoming product releases and new features and notify them of any changes to their Apple ID account.
  7. Microsoft can use SMS marketing to notify customers of upcoming software updates and to remind them about upcoming events.

What to Look Out For in a Bulk SMS Marketing Platform for a Tech Company?

  1. Bulk messaging capabilities: Ensure that your preferred omnichannel communication platform can send bulk messages quickly and easily with options for segmentation and personalization.
  2. Integration with existing systems: Ensure the platform can integrate with techniques such as CRM, ERP, and other tech company systems.
  3. Automation capabilities: Look for a platform that can automate specific tasks, such as scheduling messages, so you don’t have to send out messages manually.
  4. Advanced analytics and reporting: Ensure that the platform can provide detailed analytics and reporting on messaging campaigns so that you can measure the success of your campaigns. 
  5. Security and compliance: Ensure the platform complies with all relevant data protection laws, such as GDPR and CCPA.
  6. Support: Ensure the platform has a dedicated support team to help you with any technical issues.

5 Ways How SaaS and Tech Companies Can Use SMS Marketing to Their Advantage 

1. Use SMS to Connect with Customers 

SMS is a great way to connect with customers, create relationships, and build loyalty. Companies can use it to send discounts, special offers, and other exclusive content to their customers to keep them engaged.

2. Send Out Appointment Reminders 

Many businesses have an appointment-based system, such as doctors and lawyers. Sending out reminders via SMS can help ensure that customers don’t miss their appointments.

3. Send Out Updates and News

Companies can use SMS to send customers important updates and news about their services and products. This helps to keep customers informed and up-to-date about the latest offerings from the company.

4. Conduct Surveys and Gather Feedback 

Companies can use SMS to conduct surveys and gather customer feedback about their experience with the company or its products. This can help the company to make informed decisions based on customer feedback.

5. Promote Events and Special Offers

Companies can use SMS to promote events and special offers. This helps get the word out about the company’s offerings and can lead to more customers and sales.

How Can BSG Help?

SMS is now a significant communication driving force; with BSG, you get a full suite of SMS features to help your business reach more customers. You can reach out to us and get started today.

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