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6 Instagram Influencer Outreach Templates That Won’t Get Rejected


Let’s face it: Reaching out to someone new can be intimidating. Whether meeting a new coworker in person or contacting an influencer online, you want to get the words right. 

It’s natural to feel this way, and that’s why templated outreach messages are essential. They can give you a starting point so you’re not staring at a blank screen. And once you find a few that work, you can feel more confident in your creator outreach efforts.

Check out some of our top Instagram influencer outreach messages that we’re sure your creators will love.

How influencer outreach templates can help you save time

Think about all of the messages you write in a day at work. These can take up a bit of time. And the person you’re writing to can also impact the time it takes to craft. After all, emailing a note to a long-time coworker shouldn’t take too long, but crafting the perfect introductory message for a creator you’re interested in working with will require more time.

While you should personalize all creator outreach messages, some level of template can save you time, especially if you’re reaching out with the same offer each time (free products, X% commission, set flat rate, etc.).

Templatize most of your outreach and leave spots where you can add personal details like their name, what you love about their content, and why you think they’d be a great partner for your brand.

What to do before sending an outreach message to a creator

You can take certain steps before sending an outreach message so it feels less like a “cold” DM.

Using your brand account, follow the creator on the desired platform and any other social media platforms they use.

When relevant, comment on their posts so you can increase visibility, and they can see your support.

1. “Let’s Begin a Relationship” influencer collaboration proposal template

This is one of the best Instagram influencer outreach templates. Its goal is to help you develop a relationship with creators. This DM template ideally compliments them on some of their content and encourages them to set up a time to discuss a partnership. Additionally, it gives the influencer some scope to consider where they wish to take their relationship with the brand.


My name’s [YOUR NAME], and I work at [BRAND]. I’ve recently discovered your content, and I think it’s fantastic because[THING YOU LOVE ABOUT THEIR CONTENT]. 

You could be a great partner for [BRAND] because you match our [AESTHETIC, TONE, VALUES, ETC.]. If you’re interested, let’s schedule some time to talk this week. 

I look forward to hearing from you, 


2. “The Introduction” influencer collaboration proposal template

Name-dropping can be a powerful tool in gaining trust and credibility, so if a mutual acquaintance recommended this creator to you, let them know.

Introduction Instagram influencer outreach templates introduce your brand, share the name of the mutual acquaintance, and then directly get to the point of collaboration.

Not only does this pique the interest of the influencers, but it also allows you to establish a working relationship with them almost instantly. Here’s one template that can help you do that:


My name’s [YOUR NAME], and I work at [BRAND]. 

[MUTUAL ACQUAINTANCE’S NAME] told me they think you’d be a fantastic fit for [BRAND]’s influencer marketing program because [REASON]. 

I love your content about [TOPIC] and think it could be an excellent opportunity to work together. 

If you’re interested in a partnership, let’s schedule some time to talk this week. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,


This template works fabulously if you have a current roster of influencers and ask them to recommend other creators for your team. Include why you like their content so they know you want to partner with them.

3. “We Featured You” influencer outreach template

These types of Instagram influencer outreach templates help a lot when it comes to getting the attention of influencers.

You can grab their attention by mentioning that you featured them in one of your posts. Not only does this make them feel special, but it even piques their interest in your brand.

They may even share your post without you asking for it. The feature makes them feel closer to your brand, and this is a great way to introduce yourself to them.

Here’s a great outreach template that was used to reach out to Tim from Ahrefs

Snapshot of an email
Image via Ahrefs

Not only did the email get Tim’s attention, but it even prompted him to tweet about it via the Ahrefs handle. This gave leverage to Jasmin’s website with just a kind email that mentioned the feature.

The same can be replicated for a feature on Instagram. Doing so may prompt the influencer to write about your brand. They may even open up to doing projects with you in the future.

4. “Free Product Sample” influencer outreach template

Loads of brands give away free samples of their products to the influencers. This is an excellent way for brands to see if creators who haven’t tried their products will genuinely love them, which can lead to more authentic content.

Man smiling at his phone after a brand reaches out with an Instagram influencer outreach email

Additionally, such Instagram influencer outreach templates can make the offer sweeter for the influencer. This may prompt them to reply to your email or even thank you.

When influencers receive your free sample, they may post about it on their Instagram profile without requiring payment. This, in turn, can increase your reach. But don’t go in expecting this—think of it as a pleasant little surprise when they do.

If they don’t automatically post about you, no worries! Follow up with them after they receive the product to see how they like it and if they have any questions. If they tell you they enjoy it, broach the topic of a potential partnership and offer to set up a phone call to discuss it further.


My name’s [YOUR NAME], and I work at [BRAND]. I’ve recently discovered your content, and I think it’s fantastic because[THING YOU LOVE ABOUT THEIR CONTENT]. 

You could be a fantastic partner for [BRAND] because you match our [AESTHETIC, TONE, VALUES, ETC.]. However, we want to ensure our products will provide value to your life, so we wanted to send you some to try out.

If you’re interested, send us a quick message! 

I look forward to hearing from you, 


5. “Event Invite” influencer outreach template

If you’re hosting an event, inviting creators to come and post about it is a great way to build hype. Using an invitation maker to create stunning invites can set the tone for your event and make it easier for creators to share your event details.

Whether working with a makeup creator to showcase their look for the event in advance or a creator telling people why they’re so excited to go, these collaborations can encourage more people to attend.

An invite can also be a great way of getting the attention of your influencers. After all, posting content from exclusive events would be great for their Instagram feed.

These events or parties can attract influencers, so these Instagram influencer outreach templates work well.

Here’s a template for you to tweak:


My name’s [YOUR NAME], and I work at [BRAND]. I’ve recently discovered your content, and I think it’s fantastic because [THING YOU LOVE ABOUT THEIR CONTENT]. 

[BRAND] is hosting an exclusive event on [DATE], and it’s [DESCRIPTION OF EVENT]. 

We would love for you to attend and post about it to share the details with your followers. 

If you’re interested, let’s chat sometime this week. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, 


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How to adjust these outreach templates for a niche business

If you represent a niche business, you will probably need to add additional explanation to your outreach. Depending on the template you want to use, add a section where you explain what your brand is or what your products do. Include your brand account’s handle and website so they can research you further.

Otherwise, most of these templates will work wonders for your brand and help you save time.

How to turn these into influencer outreach email templates 

Turning these outreach templates into emails is remarkably easy. Most of the content can stay the same, and you need to think of a compelling subject line that will make them want to click.

Be sure you have a professional signature line set up in your email so they can tell you’re the real deal, and be sure to use your work email address rather than your own.

The ultimate guide to contacting influencers on Instagram

Once you find a creator you want to contact, check the bio in their Instagram profile. If they have an email listed in their bio, use that to contact them since it’s typically their preferred form of messaging.

However, if they don’t list an email, direct messaging (DMing) is the best way to reach out.

What to do if an influencer doesn’t respond to your outreach message

We’re all busy, and it’s easy to miss a notification in your inbox accidentally, so don’t interpret a lack of response to the first message as a lack of interest. Instead, wait a few days and send another note. Here’s a template you can tweak:


I hope you’re doing well. I reached out a few days ago about [A PARTNERSHIP, SENDING PRODUCTS, AN EVENT INVITE, ETC.], and I just wanted to follow up. 

If you’re interested, I’d love to schedule a phone call. Let me know when you’re free. 



It’s a safe bet to send up to two follow-up outreach emails to the same creator, but if they don’t respond by the third message, there’s a good chance they’re not interested. But don’t let this get you down! There are still millions of creators out there who would love to partner with your brand; you need to find them.

Key takeaway: Reaching out to influencers doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Creators: They’re just like us. One of the best ways to be sure you’re crafting an excellent outreach message is to read it back to yourself. Does it sound like an acquaintance or a friend is writing it? Or does it sound too dry and professional?

Be sure to give your outreach messages personality and keep them authentic. Those are some of the qualities of the best partnership requests.

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