62 Female Influencers Brands Can’t Get Enough Of


Alright then. Let’s see why brands are fussing over these female influencers.

Khaoula Majdouli

Khaoula Majdouli | Instagram Bio

Khaoula is a Moroccan influencer who enjoys sharing about beauty and fashion. She, however, enjoys international fame and is extremely popular in the Arab world with a majority of fans from Iraq, Libya, and Jordan.

Unlike most female influencers on this list, Khaoula doesn’t typically share personal stories or selfies. She mostly posts third-party photos to help brands make a point.

While this might not be the most effective strategy on paper, it appears to be doing wonders for the influencer.

Chahna Soni

Chahna Soni | Popular Female Influencer in India

With more than 230,000 followers, Chahna is one of the most popular female influencers in India. She has been featured on popular Indian news platforms including Times Of India and is followed by quite a few influential people.

Brands interested in carving a niche in the very large Indian market can join hands with Chahna. Her interests include health, fitness, makeup, and beauty. The stunning beauty has worked with a number of local and international brands and is known for being friendly and professional.

Esha J.

Esha in a white dress | Fashion and beauty female influencers

Go big with Esha, a fast-growing social media influencer with more than 20K Instagram fans and over 782K TikTok followers. The stunner mainly talks about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and is known for her unique fashion sense and stunning photos. She’s very comfortable in her skin and can rock everything from a plain t-shirt to a tux.

Her engagement rate is among the best. standing at over 12.8 percent. The diva is popular in English-speaking countries, including the US, the UK, and Canada, and appears to be loved by women. She, however, doesn’t seem to be a fan of long captions.

The multi-talented diva is also a voice artist and a pro at making unique content that is likely to go viral. She can be a great pick for brands interested in running creative campaigns. You can use her talents to create campaigns that connect with viewers. The fashionista has partnered with names like House Of CB and Mariemur and enjoys working with brands that offer something new.

Candace Sciarra

Candace Sciarra | Female Influencers Brands Can't Get Enough Of

Sciarra is “an electronic-pop artist and songwriter based in Los Angeles”. She is very selective about who she works with and likes to keep a balance between sponsored and unsponsored posts.

The songwriter is a well-recognized name and has been featured on several networks including HULU, Netflix, and Freeform. She usually works with independent labels and has built a solid fan base on Instagram and Facebook.

She attracts a large number of brands thanks to a high engagement rate of 2.5 percent.

Her Instagram profile is verified, which helps her attract big brands. She has worked with a number of names including TikTok, Zynn, Squad, Cozy Earth, and Magic Tiles 3.

Traci Livering

Traci Livering | Her Cat Relaxing on The Stairs

Set your eyes on Traci’s Instagram page if you are interested in promoting pet-related products as her page is dedicated to three cats Aarian, Tobi, and Hunter.

These cats are absolutely unique, they have personalities that are quite entertaining and heart-warming to watch. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that her page has more than 62,000 followers.

These cat models can help you promote anything from cat food to special cat outfits. In fact, they have their own merchandise page as well.

Veronika Losyuk

Veronika Losyuk | Russian-born Model

Losyuk has found great success on the web and has more than 110,000 Instagram followers.

The Russia-born model is based out of Miami and works with both local and international brands. She can be seen proudly flaunting her lifestyle on her page.

These days, she’s rocking the pregnancy look and has partnered with several fashion stores that cater to pregnant women.

It might be a good idea to join hands with the diva if you cater to mothers as she posts a lot of content directed toward women.

Allie Bennett

Allie Bennett drinking and laughing at outdoor cafe | Female influencers

With an engagement rate of 6.7% on Instagram, Allie is a fast-growing female influencer with more than 500K subscribers. Young and energetic, the star is a lot of fun and not afraid of trying new adventures. She has over 25 million likes on TikTok with the average video getting over 15K views. The star posts everything from funny skits to informational videos and is best known for her workout videos.

The CEO of The Treadmill Strut, Allie wants to promote the idea of treadmill workouts and highlight how fun and beneficial they can be.

In addition to TikTok, you will find her on Instagram where she mainly posts photos, including selfies, with interesting captions. She has a global audience and a loyal fan base that appears to be a fan of her taste in music and understanding of what people want. We feel that this quality makes her a top female influencer as she knows how to win users and can help brands form a connection with her audience through sponsored content.

Valentina Raso

Valentina Raso in a black dress outdoors

Valentina Raso is an Italian content creator who enjoys a huge following in her home country. She has more than 165K Instagram fans and over 781K TikTok followers. Moreover, you will find her on Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube.

She mainly talks about food and travel and aims to help people find the best Italy has to offer. When not managing her page, she supports other travel-related pages and works as a social media manager.

The diva doesn’t believe in posting run-of-the-mill content and wants her followers to be able to get the true feel of a destination and enjoy reaching new places. You will find detailed vlogs, long captions, and stunning photos on her pages. Furthermore, she enjoys speaking at events and regularly takes part in tourism-related events.

We believe she can be a great female influencer for brands looking to target the Italian market. Most of her content is in Italian and she’s very good at using hashtags.

Jennifer Quillen

Jennifer Quillen | Afluencer Feature of Female Influencers

Here’s what Jennifer would like you to know about her:

I love to travel. I love to eat. Love animals. I also love punk rock, Impressionism, and Stephen King. I hate cooking but love baking”.

The Miami girl believes in never stopping and loves exploring and showing her followers the beautiful world that we live in.

She mostly travels with her 19-year-old daughter who goes to college. Together they make fun videos, explore beautiful towns, and create incredible memories. They also often have their pet dog as a partner.

Jennifer usually works with travel brands and is among the most affordable female travel influencers.

Lisa Niver

Lisa Niver travel goals podcast | female influencers featured on Afluencer

Lisa Niver is an award-winning travel blogger and writer. She has been to 101 countries and six continents.

Unlike most female influencers on this list, Lisa doesn’t mainly concentrate on Instagram and is most popular on Twitter with more than 90,500 followers who keep an eye on what she posts.

The star wears several hats and is not just a blogger but also a host and contributor. She has been nominated as a finalist for the 62nd Southern California Journalism Awards including the 2020 Online Journalist of the Year.

Brands that work with her don’t only get to benefit from her wide reach but also her clout. She contributes to some major platforms like USAToday and can help you carve a niche and appear authentic.

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Brittany Noelle

Brittany Noelle | Female Fitness Influencers

Noelle is a female fitness influencer who’s very active on Instagram and has accumulated a following of more than 50,000.

While she mainly covers fitness and health-related topics, you will also find posts related to lifestyle and fashion. She has joined hands with several brands and has a strong presence on YouTube as well.

We suggest that you have a look at her website where you can download her app, which is available for both iOS and Android users.

Taylor Franklin

Taylor Franklin | Big in US, Brazil, Lebanon

Franklin is an American influencer with a strong following not just in the US but in Brazil and Lebanon as well.

Her social media accounts seem dedicated to her family. You will find a lot of posts that show her children engaged in different activities.

She enjoys a very high engagement rate of 4 percent and is quite good at coming up with ideas to promote products including goods that appear boring.

The diva loves to treat her followers with cool competitions and can be a great pick for businesses interested in giveaways.

Luciana Zogbi

Luciana Zogbi on Afluencer | Female musicians

Looking for an established female influencer? Look no further. We present to you Luciana Zogbi, a musician who enjoys more than 322K Instagram followers and the blue tick that proves her popularity and fame. The diva is equally popular on Facebook where she has nearly 1 million likes. Moreover, you will find her on YouTube with more than 2.82 million subscribers. She posts music videos and more on the platform and has over 350 million views.

A little on the expensive side, we believe Luciana is worth partnering with. She’s a world-renowned celebrity with several successful songs to her credit. Her music can be found on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and more. Moreover, she often posts exclusive music on social media and engages with her fans.

She has a very high engagement rate and a very active social media presence. The star has fans from around the world, including Indonesia, the United States, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Working with her means getting to reach an international audience and enjoying the approval of someone people know and trust.

Olya Hill

Olya Hill in a field with a dog and pack of treats

Beautiful and talented, Olya Hill is the Creative Director for Living Notes, a modern lifestyle brand. When not managing her business, she enjoys connecting with her 628K Instagram followers who enjoy her page LivingNotes where she talks about fashion, travel, food, family, and more.

A photographer by heart, Olya enjoys clicking stunning photos and posting them with relevant hashtags. We were quite impressed with her photography skills. She works as a professional photographer and often travels the world to capture interesting scenes.

Mainly popular in Russia and the US, the star has an engagement rate of 3.2 percent. We think she can be a great pick for brands looking for a female influencer with additional talents such as photography. She knows how to make boring scenes stand out and appears to be interested in safari and wildlife photography. The diva has partnered with several African brands and is open to working with international names.

Iuliia Zviagintseva

Iuliia Zviagintseva | Works with Lifestyle and Beauty Brands

Iuliia is a blogger and influencer with predominantly female followers. Around 60 percent of her followers are based in the US and are quite engaged.

The influencer enjoys creating promotional content and typically works with lifestyle and beauty brands; however, she’s also interested in photography and can be a great pick for businesses interested in giveaways.

The star uses a professional camera to click most of her photos and mainly targets women including mothers.

Shima Katouzian

Shima Katouzian on Afluencer | Beauty and makeup influencers

Shima Katouzian is a creator and storyteller with millions of followers on social media. She appears to be concentrating on almost all social media platforms and has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, where she also enjoys the wanted ‘blue tick’ that proves her influence and popularity.

Her Instagram engagement rate stands at an impressive 11.4 percent. The diva is popular among people of all ages and appears to have built a loyal fan base. She has about 100K YouTube subscribers who enjoy her detailed vlogs and tutorials.

Shima mainly concentrates on makeup and beauty and posts tutorials, reviews, tips, and more. She has partnered with the likes of TheMillionRoses, AthenixBody, and BodoMakeup and is open to working with beauty, lifestyle, and fashion brands.

A global sensation, Shima is known around the world and has followers from countries like Turkey, the United States, Germany, Canada, and Russia. However, most of her content is not in English.

Alexandra Nicole

Alexandra Nicole | Global Sensation

Nicole is a popular name with followers from around the world including the US, Mexico, Brazil, and India. She is a single mom, entrepreneur, and blogger who enjoys being her own boss. This female influencer wears several hats and is currently pursuing a doctorate.

She has contributed to a number of major platforms including Yahoo, LA Times, Hollywood Digest, and NY Times. The sought-after star has nearly 90,00 Instagram followers with an impressive engagement rate of around 4 percent.

Nicole works with several companies including fashion labels and lifestyle brands.

Kelly Mulvihill

Kelly Mulvihill | Outdoor photoshoot

Mulvihill brings authenticity to the table. She’s not only an influencer but an established actor with a dedicated IMDB page.

The NY-based influencer defines herself as an actress, model, language enthusiast, traveler, designer, and coder.

The gorgeous star has appeared in movies like The Perfect Murder (2014), Lodestar (2020), and A Crime to Remember (2013) and is popular among all kinds of brands including companies interested in professional shoots.

Manal Asad

Manal Asad on Afluencer | Beauty and makeup influencer

Manal Asad is a Muslim female influencer with over 510K Instagram fans and a decent engagement rate of 3 percent. Interested in fashion, beauty, makeup, skincare, and lifestyle, the diva appears to be a fan of selfies and posts a mix of photos and videos.

You will find detailed captions on the page, including step-by-step guides and interesting videos such as makeup tutorials and reviews. The star seems to have formed a strong connection with her fans by posting honest reviews. Her followers appear interested in what she has to say and she seems to enjoy a strong influence in countries like the US, India, and Canada.

The diva has partnered with several brands such as Casely, Fascy Lab, Solawave, and Adore Me. She knows how to use hashtags and has given birth to several branded and new hashtags. Moreover, she regularly interacts with her fans, holds giveaways, and responds to comments.


Mel in a dress outdoors | Female influencers on Afluencer

Stunning and intelligent, Mel is a ‘girl from Singapore’ making it big on social media. She has a huge following of nearly 50K on Instagram and over 685K on TikTok. The girl has collected more than 28.6 million likes on TikTok where she calls herself ‘Shrek’s wife’ and posts short skits that feature her doing fun things.

Mainly popular in the US, Mel enjoys a very high engagement rate and is famous among both men and women. She mainly focuses on videos and appears to be a huge fan of pop. The star has partnered with several South East Asian brands and is open to working with international companies.

She caters to the youth and is followed by people under the age of 24. We believe she can be a great pick for brands looking for a female influencer that has a good reach and influence over the younger generation. Her hip persona and happy-go-lucky nature make her a perfect choice for vibrant brands.

Kryss DeSandre

Kryss Desandre sitting on a stool after a workout

Kryss DeSandre is known for a lot of things, including her stunning figure, impressive fashion sense, soaring popularity, and great work ethic. The star is a certified personal trainer, influencer, budding entrepreneur, and online personality who got into the world of fitness to help herself but now uses her personal experience and social media presence to inspire others.

She enjoys more than 700K followers on social media with most located in the US. Her engagement rate is pretty decent and the diva enjoys engaging with her audiences and responding to comments.

You will find some interesting stories on her page, including some dedicated to her husband whom she calls her ‘biggest motivation’. Also a successful entrepreneur, the diva owns The Desandre Influence with her husband and offers online training to men and women around the world. We feel she can be a great pick for brands looking for a fit female influencer.

Alexandra Creteau

Alexandra Creteau | Female Influencers on Afluencer

With close to 300,000 Instagram followers, Creteau is an exciting talent who possesses the power to influence people. Her aim is to empower, inspire, and motivate everyday women “who work tirelessly in their daily lives to balance many demanding roles.”

You will find a variety of posts on her page including motivational and travel videos. She has worked with a number of brands and regularly posts sponsored content.

The US-based influencer isn’t just popular in the US but in other countries, including Russia and India. Her average Instagram post generates more than 3,000 likes.

She’s now, however, concentrating more on YouTube and regularly posts vlogs with her partner.

Samantha Erix

Samantha Erix | Instagram profile | Female influencers on Afluencer

Here’s another female social media influencer with a following worth envying. She has more than 1.2 million YouTube subscribers and over 9 million TikTok fans. The diva is popular on other platforms as well, including Instagram where she has more than 135K followers.

We were quite impressed with Samantha’s social media stats. She has a very high engagement rate of 17.3 percent on Instagram and nearly 12 percent on YouTube. This indicates authenticity and proves that the diva enjoys a good presence.

Mainly popular in the US, she also has followers from countries like the UK, India, South Africa, Australia, and Canada. The diva is mainly followed by females with the average follower under the age of 25.

She identifies as a video creator and doesn’t seem to be high on selfies. You will mostly find videos on her page with fun and crisp captions and relevant hashtags. On the plus side, she doesn’t just make funny skits but also informative videos that talk about deep and real issues women face.

Debbie Fettback

Debbie Fettback | Instagram Bio | Afluencer Feature

Debbie is among the most loved female influencers due to a high engagement rate of 3.3 percent, which is among the best in the business.

Her page, however, is dedicated to her family of six including Debbie and Darcy and their four children. They travel around the world and regularly share tips on traveling.

This family of influencers usually works with travel companies and hotels looking to carve a niche. Sign up today to approach Debbie and start a conversation.

Kavita Ram

Kavita Ram | India-born Foodie

Kavita Ram is a foodie who enjoys sharing her food journey with her 70,000 Instagram followers. The India-born star lives in the US; however, most of her followers are from India.

She doesn’t want people to miss out on good food and so regularly posts vegetarian and vegan recipes from around the world. While she mainly concentrates on Indian food, you will also find posts dedicated to international cuisines.

The food lover has joined hands with several eateries and food brands and can be a great pick for companies interested in letting others know more about their products or services.

Kelsey Yeargin

Kelsey Yeargin | Top Female Influencer on Afluencer

Kelsey is a mom who loves to talk about her kids, fashion, life, and other things. Her social media is full of stunning photos of her spouse and lovely children doing fun things.

Known for her gothic look, the diva is a social media sensation with more than 44,500 Instagram followers who actively like and comment on her posts.

She has worked with a bunch of known and upcoming brands including ABBY&FINN, The OP Games, and Entenmann’s.

Unlike some female influencers, she accepts gifts in exchange for plugs. Sign up with us today to know more about Kelsey and how you can work with her.

Eileen Rhein

Eileen Rhein | Specialist in Luxury Travel Content

Eileen is an NYC-based influencer who is also a Corporate Lawyer on Wall Street, a professional dancer, a violinist, and an acclaimed travel photographer and journalist.

She concentrates on luxury travel and can be seen posing on expensive yachts, walking around gorgeous locations, and cozying in luxurious villas.

Working with Eileen can turn out to be very beneficial for brands that cater to people looking for a luxurious experience. She has worked with some major names including Hideaway Royalton Punta Cana, Villa Punto De Vista, and Manuel Antonio National Park.

The gorgeous diva has been to more than 70 countries and has found immense success on TikTok with her clever travel videos. In addition to social media profiles, she also has her own website where she regularly writes about her experiences.

Betul Yildiz

Betul Yildiz | Business and Tech

Yildiz is the name behind a NY-based fashion, lifestyle, and technology blog called Alley Girl. She has been in the business for over 10 years and has worked with a bunch of tech startups.

She has helped several businesses find a foothold and can be a great pick for brands looking to make a mark.

The tech influencer works with travel brands, fashion stores, and cell phone companies. She heads a creative agency that helps bloggers grow their online presence and actively collaborates with other male and female influencers.

Barbora Ondrackova

Barbora Ondrackova | German influencer on Afluencer

Barbora might not be as popular as our previous pick but she’s fast gaining momentum thanks to her well-crafted social media strategy that has helped her gather more than half a million Instagram followers.

The German influencer likes to share her life with her followers and is very particular about her style. She defines herself as a fashionista; hence it shouldn’t come as a surprise that fashion labels love her.

The star travels between Germany and the Czech Republic and ranks among the Top 10 Bloggers in the Republic. Most of her followers, however, are from the US.

Anna Kostenko

Anna Kostenkov | Fashion and Beauty Influencer

Kostenko is a Beauty Contest winner – Miss Eurasia 2019 – with more than 300,000 Instagram followers. The fashion and beauty influencer is a major supporter of a healthy lifestyle and often works with health and nutrition brands.

The Florida-based star has found immense success on TikTok and regularly posts short and fun videos for her 17,000 followers. Her Insta followers are highly engaged with each post generating more than 8,500 likes on average.

The stunning beauty took part in the Miss Beauty Universe 2019 competition, which helped her garner media attention as she made it to the Top 10 list.

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Heather Storm

Heather Storm | Female Influencers on Afluencer

Few female influencers are as influential as Heather Storm, who enjoys an engagement rate of 6.7 percent. Her posts get nearly 5,000 likes and 250 comments on average.

She identifies as a fitness trainer, brand ambassador, model, luxury spirit portfolio manager, and CoFounder of Black LAB, a boutique event company.

Heather now works in the entertainment world and has appeared in more than 50 commercials including direct response commercials. She got popular among brands thanks to her show, Drive Yourself Local, which she produced and wrote to showcase her journey through the country.

Storm mainly works with travel, outdoors, and health firms and can be a great pick for brands looking for a female influencer with a wide reach.

Timorie Wilke

Timorie Wilke | Beauty, Hair, Food

Wilke is a female influencer with an interest in beauty, hair, and food. Since she’s a mother, you will also find a lot of content dedicated to new and old moms on her page.

Timorie is very active on Instagram and likes to keep her followers engaged.

While Instagram seems to be her go-to platform, she’s very popular on TikTok as well with more than 16,000 followers. The good thing is that her content is very unique and designed according to the platform she’s on.

You will find funny posts on TikTok and informative content on Twitter. Have a look at her portfolio and join Afluencer to get in touch with this talented female influencer.

Isabelle Hanssen

Isabelle Hanssen | Professional Skier and Social Media Star

Isabelle is a Dutch influencer best known for playing in the snow. The halfpipe skier has more than 130,000 Instagram followers who regularly engage with her posts.

The social media star has a passion for travel, fitness, and fashion. Visit her page to know more about the life of a professional skier.

You will find some motivational workout posts on her page, in addition to unique travel images.

Ana Snyder

Ana Snyder | Fitness and Lifestyle Female Influencer

Last on our list is Ana Snyder, a NY-based female influencer with interests in fitness and lifestyle. The ‘blondie’ works with all kinds of brands and enjoys creating travel-related content including hotel reviews.

She has developed an organic fan following due to her informative and interesting posts. The gorgeous model has been featured in a number of publications including Shape, Oxygen Magazine, and New York Health & Racquet Club.

Krisondra D.

Krisondra D | Female Fashion Influencer on Afluencer

Krisondra is a fashion model with an athletic background. The gorgeous model has more than 10 years of industry experience and around 250,000 social media followers.

She’s on almost every platform including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. She has also started to post YouTube videos but Instagram and TikTok appear to be her major handles.

She typically works with fashion brands including swimwear companies and can be a great pick for businesses looking for a fun female influencer with a good engagement rate.

Alizee Paradis

Alizee Parsdis | Successful Female Influencers

There’s a lot to like about Paradis, a US-based influencer with nearly 100,000 Instagram followers. The retired Pro & D1 Tennis Player has a Master’s in Finance and interests in health, fashion, and travel.

The diva with a perfect bikini body is an entrepreneur and owns a seasonal Italian hotel. Her good looks, wide reach, and friendly persona have attracted major brands including Louis Vuitton X Museum and LA Fashion Week.

Jana Colovic

Jana Colovic in pink leggings posing in the gym

Jana Colovic is rewriting history with her growth and influence on social media. The star has a lot going in her favor, including a highly engaged audience. She has an impressive engagement rate of 7.3 percent with followers from around the world, including the US, Mexico, Serbia, and Germany. Few female influencers today can claim to be as loved as Jana.

Take a look at her profile and you’ll understand why she’s loved by her growing fan base. The diva churns out post after post, all relevant, interesting, and entertaining. You’d see her rock everything from gym wear to swimsuits.

She has worked with a number of brands such as VellaBarnett and Dr. Dujevski. Known for her stunning figure, the diva mainly works with fashion brands and enjoys offering inspiration to her followers. Her feed looks like a daily fashion spread showcasing her outfits of the day.

Bold and not afraid of trying new things, Jana is also on TikTok. Furthermore, she gives users a chance to know her personally with a profile on Fanfix.

Jolene Goring

Jolene Goring | Sponsored Content Queen

Goring is busy “inspiring high achieving women to create vibrant balanced lives”.

The influencer typically only posts sponsored content but it is neatly created and posted in a natural manner. This is why she enjoys a high engagement rate of 4.5 percent.

Goreng works with a variety of brands including food labels, fashion stores, and lifestyle magazines. The gorgeous star often posts long and detailed reviews on her post and can help your business reach a wider audience.

Jessica Kiernan

Jessica Kiernan | Health and Fitness Influencer

Kiernan is a female influencer with special interests in health and fitness. She started her career as a personal trainer and soon got popular among brands.

She has worked as a model, public speaker, and spokesmodel. Moreover, she has authored some books on health, fitness, and motivation. She has also appeared on the cover of a number of popular magazines such as IronMan Magazine, Strong Fitness, and Muscle & Fitness.

Jessica actively takes part in fitness competitions and is a certified Phase I and II Master Personal Trainer through AAAI/ISMA. She is also a Phase I and II Master Trainer and Nutritional Consultant.

She has a strong following on Instagram and YouTube. Moreover, she also manages her site and can be a great pick for brands looking to promote health and fitness-related products.

Alex Karpovek

Alex Karpovek | Top Influencer on Instagram

Karpovek is one of the most popular female influencers on Instagram with more than 102,000 followers.

She is a foodie with an engagement rate of 4.5 percent. Her specialties include beauty, fashion, and travel. She likes to share makeup tutorials, skincare routines, and recipes with her 103,000 Instagram followers.

Alex remains authentic and encourages her followers to be true. You will also find some incredible and motivating posts on her page.

Ksenia Putintseva

Ksenia Putintseva | Influencer and Content Creator

Putintseva is a NY, CT, MA influencer and content creator. The Russian influencer now lives in the US and targets international followers. Large chunks of her fans are in the US, Russia, and Ukraine.

Mom to a 4-year-old boy model and two tiny chihuahuas, the star covers travel, lifestyle, and fashion. She enjoys writing and is good at coming up with informative content that generates curiosity.

Since she’s a physician by training, she can be a great pick for health and wellness brands. Join Afluencer to know more about Putintseva.

Jessica Gohlinghorst

Jessica Gohlinghorst | Fashion, Food, Travel

Gohlinghorst is a top female influencer with interests in fashion, food, and travel. There’s something that sets her apart from other female influencers – she has a twin sister who is also an influencer.

The two of them often join hands to create interesting campaigns with a ‘twin’ angle. All her posts are very detailed. Moreover, she has a special page dedicated to products and services she promotes to help users find what they need.

We love how creative her captions are and how colorful her photos are. Have a look at her profile and sign up with us to get in touch with her and many more top female influencers.

Lourene Gollatz

Lourene Gollatz | Fashion Blogge with Interest in Travel and Lifestyle

Gollatz identifies as a fashion blogger with an interest in travel and lifestyle. The Geran star enjoys an engagement rate of 3.4 percent with 338 comments on average.

The German blogger maintains a blog where she shares written tips and reviews. In addition to this, she also places affiliate links on her page. Consider getting in touch with Gollatz if you have an affiliate program.

The diva is a style icon and most of her posts are related to fashion. All her posts are carefully planned to highlight the product she’s trying to market. Moreover, she also often joins hands with other influencers and has collaborated with quite a few female influencers in Germany.

Charlene Adair

Charlene Adair with her daughters having fun at home

Charlene Adair is a lifestyle content creator with more than 143K Instagram fans and over 427K Facebook followers. The diva started slow and is now one of the most popular female influencers on Facebook. She enjoys a decent engagement rate and is mainly popular in the US.

Unlike some other female influencers on this list, Charlene doesn’t just talk about herself but has dedicated her page to her loving family. In fact, she even has a YouTube page called Family Flaws And All where she has more than 360K subscribers.

They have millions of views and are fast becoming the go-to family on social media for brands looking to reach a wider audience. We feel Charlene and her family (Armond, Amyah, AJ, Avah, and Acai) can be an excellent pick for all kinds of brands. They are easy to work with and can offer unique content that resonates with people of all ages.

Aahoo Pourang

Aahoo Pourang | Creative Influencer and Content Creator

Aahoo is an American influencer with an interest in makeup, travel, and fashion. She’s not only good at creating video content but is also popular for coming up with creative ideas and writing blogs thanks to her Master’s in writing and digital journalism.

She has graced a number of magazines and is interested in working with brands that allow her to show her creativity.

The internet star is very active on social media platforms, especially Instagram where she has more than 64,000 followers. Brands looking for woke female influencers should consider getting in touch with Pourang.

Wendy Zock

Wendy Zock | Instagram Bio

Wendy is a home and lifestyle blogger known for being the face behind The Curated Farmhouse.

The social media star is loved by her followers and is quite an inspiration. She’s a breast cancer survivor and regularly shares stories related to her journey to help her followers find some positivity.

Married to an army vet, the female influencer is a mom; however, she rarely posts about her family and most of her posts are about her work and the companies she works with.

Sutima Sukjit

Sutima Sukjit | Fashion and Beauty Maniac

Sutima is an influencer with an aura like no other. The fashion and beauty maniac is addicted to life and is best known for her incredible drawings.

The self-taught artist often shares her work with her followers including some neat portraits of Ganesha, a Hindu god. The Ganesha devotee can be a great pick for brands looking to tell a story in the form of sketches and art.

In addition to drawings, she enjoys fashion and has joined hands with a number of fashion labels.

Emily Durham

Emily Durham | Popular Instagram Influencer

Emily has garnered quite a buzz on Instagram with her motivating and informative posts. She has more than 165,000 followers and a reach of close to a million.

She works as a recruiter and likes to share her experiences with her followers in the form of blogs and videos. The best thing about Emily is that she sticks to the point and shares highly actionable tips on career building and confidence.

In addition to Instagram, she keeps users glued via her YouTube videos and detailed podcasts that often see her interview guests from different industries. Businesses looking to appear authentic can work with her.

Irvy Chery

Irvy Chery | Top Social Media Female Influencer

Chery is hot, successful, smart, and creative. You’ll find her on almost every social media platform including YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. The star is known for creating entertaining content including vlogs and fun videos.

She has more than a million followers combined with Instagram and TikTok each having close to 0.4 million followers.

Chery works with almost all kinds of brands and can be a good pick for companies interested in female influencers who are good at coming up with viral content.

Vanessa Spada

Vanesssa Spada | Top Female Influencers on Afluencer

Vanessa is a makeup enthusiast, artist, and beauty & fashion influencer. While she’s already popular on Instagram with more than 109,000 followers, she’s trying to expand and appears to be concentrating on TikTok where her bio says: “I just want to be TikTok famous”.

We know she’s good at making content as evident from her YouTube page with 18,000 subscribers who enjoy her creative videos. Become a member of Afluencer and start your next campaign today with Vanessa or other female influencers on our platform.

Joanna Kutkina

Joanna Kutkina | Works with Fashion, Makeup, Beauty Brands

Joanna Marie Kutkina is everywhere, from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram with a total of over a million followers.

The social media sensation seems to be quite popular on YouTube. She has more than 542,000 subscribers with the top three videos having a total of 10 million views.

She mainly works with fashion, makeup, and beauty brands and is popular around the world. Most of her followers are females based in Saudi Arabia, the United States, and Mexico.

Join Afluencer to get in touch with Joanna Marie Kutkina and start a campaign.

Abigail Brady

Abigail Brady | Hot Mess Mom Express

This is how our next pick defines herself:

Hot Mess Mom Express

  • A millennial mom trying to stay hip
  • Sharing my mental health journey
  • Body positive

Abigail’s social media profile is for parents, especially mothers, looking for tips on parenthood. Unlike some other female influencers, not all her posts are sponsored. She likes to share her life with her followers and often comes live to connect with her fans.

The star has been featured on a number of top websites including WashingtonPost and KUTV and can be a great pick for brands looking for parenting influencers.

Claire Quebodeaux

Claire Queb | Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Claire loves sharing beauty and fashion as well as lifestyle posts. She is a licensed makeup artist with more than 53,300 Instagram followers.

The gorgeous mother often poses next to her stunning daughter. She works with a variety of brands but appears most interested in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

She comes with regular giveaways and is known for being friendly, which makes her a good pick for creative collabs.

Abigail James

Abigail James | Popular With Brands

Abigail is a trained milliner who enjoys being creative. She is a well-established female influencer with more than 165,000 YouTube subscribers and over 42,000 Instagram followers.

You will find a lot of sponsored content on her social media pages including detailed written reviews. James can be a good pick for brands looking for a female influencer with a good reach. Her videos are shared by top pages as they’re highly informative and entertaining.

Some top videos by the fashionista have received more than four million views. Sign up today to know more about the star.

Karina Wheeler

Karina Wheeler | Perfect Match for Lifestyle Brands

Karina enjoys traveling, helping people, and taking pictures. She decided to be an influencer to increase her reach and make life easier for people. She can be a great pick for lifestyle brands looking for a female influencer with a good reach.

A vast majority of her followers are from Brazil; however, she’s getting increasingly popular in the US.

The bilingual star is currently attending a university in the United States and is open to working with all kinds of brands including new companies looking for affordable female influencers.

Isabel Tonelli

Isabel Tonelli | Italian Female Content Creator and Influencer

Tonelli is an Italian model, designer, and content creator with a degree in Fashion Design and Communication.

She’s very passionate about her work and enjoys working with brands that share the same passion.

Tonelli has more than 120,000 Instagram followers and over 20,500 Facebook fans. She’s not only popular in her home country but has a huge number of Brazilian and American followers as well.

Aarthi Maharaj

Aarthi Maharaj | Female Makeup Influencer

Aarthi is a makeup influencer who runs the Your Face Is My Canvas Makeup Studio. She is excellent at what she does and can help brands sell more with her great skills.

The South African influencer is popular among beauty brands for being friendly and affordable. While she doesn’t have a lot of followers, she can be a great pick for companies looking for a female micro-influencer with a good engagement rate.

She shares reviews, provides tips, covers trends, discusses routines, and offers generic makeup-related posts with her followers.

Christina Nicholson

Christina Nicholson | Family Blogger

Nicholson is a TV host who runs a family blog about her three kids while managing a software house. This multi-talented female influencer enjoys telling stories and is known for being creative.

She’s popular among businesses due to her wide reach and the fact that she still regularly appears on television as a host. You will also see her on magazine covers, and read her work on different websites including top names like Huffington Post and Fast Company.

She has worked with a number of brands and has been featured in TV commercials as well. She is active on almost all major social media platforms and manages her own podcast as well.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian | Posing at a premiere event

Kim Kardashian needs no introduction. The reality TV star has transformed into a top female influencer with more than 203 million followers. She isn’t only one of the most followed celebs on Instagram but also among the most expensive female influencers.

According to reports, Kim charges a million per post. She works with all kinds of brands but can be a little tricky as she’s not only expensive but also very demanding. Despite this, brands are in line to sign her up.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande | One of the most sought-after female influencers

The world knows Ariana Grande as a singer but for brands she’s an influencer with more than 220 million followers, making her one of the most sought-after female influencers in the world.

The best thing about Ariana is her fandom who are crazy for her. When Ariana posts, the world sees. Her posts can generate buzz and even garner the attention of media companies.

Ariana, however, is selective about the brands she works with. According to reports, she’s one of the most expensive female influencers and charges more than a million per post.

She usually requires brands to submit captions and other details and is particular about her contract.

Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna Pansino | Instagram bio

Pansino is a US-based baker, singer, author, actress, and YouTuber with more than 4.5 million Instagram followers and thousands of YouTube subscribers.

The diva started her YouTube cooking series in 2010 called Nerdy Nummies, which is now one of the most well-known baking shows on the video-sharing platform.

The Streamy Award winner has published several cookbooks and can be a great pick for brands looking to make an impression.

She was recently in the news for joining hands with Wilton to release her own baking line. While she’s a little expensive, she’s still worth it. Nonetheless, check other female influencers on this list if you’re looking for affordable influencers.

Janet aka Dollastic

Dollastic | Korean-American Artist, Gamer, Blogger

Janet, best known as her on-screen name Lastic, aka Dollastic, is a Korean-American gamer, artist, and blogger who reviews and collects dolls and toys.

The diva has carved a niche in an industry that’s mainly dominated by children and men. The wife of MicroGuardian, she’s best known for her unique Roblox gameplays and is among the most popular female gaming influencers on YouTube with more than 375,000 subscribers.

There are few influencers as creative as Janet. She caught the attention of mainstream media when she created a Minecraft Roleplay called ‘Blades of Magic’. It follows Janet as she attends a special school for knights.

Janet today is sought after by several brands due to her high engagement rate of nearly 4 percent.

These were some of the best female influencers to work with. For a complete list, sign up today and get access to thousands of more male and female influencers including some top names.

Go here to sign up and feel free to get in touch with us if you have questions. We work with both brands and influencers and can help you get featured on our site.

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