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8 YouTube Analytics Tools To Improve Your Marketing 2023

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Great videos don’t just happen. Maybe they did in the past, back in the days before YouTube and Vine when candid photos went viral. 

Since then, things have evolved, and your YouTube content needs to be more carefully considered. YouTube analytics can help with that. It identifies precisely what works and is not, allowing you to create notable films constantly.

Several YouTube analytics tools available may provide you with thorough information about your performance. 

The techniques you use for creating and promoting your content can be informed by these insights. They will, therefore, ultimately aid in the expansion of your channel. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top YouTube analytics tools so you can see how you’re doing from the inside out.

YouTube Analytics

You can monitor how your channel is doing regarding watch time, views, and subscriber growth thanks to the in-depth research offered by YouTube’s native analytics. 

You may examine a graph showing the evolution of your channel performance in the overview section.

You can use this tool to see how viewers found you and how their impressions lead to viewing time. 

This helps you evaluate the visibility of your video and determine whether it needs to be improved.

You may better understand your viewers with the aid of YouTube Analytics. 

You can also research the search terms your viewers use from the research tab to find out what they are interested in.

Unbox Social          

You can get a detailed analysis of your YouTube performance with Unbox Social. 

You can obtain post-level performance insights to find out which ones resonate with your audience and which don’t.

You can keep track of the number of subscribers you have and don’t have to understand the development of your channel better. 

It also provides you with a thorough analysis of the demographics of your target audience, allowing you to adjust your plan as necessary.

You can track the evolution of your video views using this YouTube analytics tool. In this manner, you can determine whether a particular video was responsible for a rise in your view count.


A strong video analytics tool for gauging the effectiveness of your videos is Vidooly.

Its analytics feature is compatible with YouTube and other significant social networks. 

The audience insights can show you what your audience watches on various platforms. You can then alter your marketing campaigns and promotional tactics to reach them more effectively.

Discovering famous YouTube creators to collaborate with is made easier with the aid of this YouTube analytics tool. 

So if you’re going to start a YouTuber-focused influencer marketing campaign, this is a terrific tool.

If you wish to learn more about these tools, enroll in specialized digital marketing courses via online or offline mode. 


One of the most effective YouTube analytics tools available is Quintly. 

You may track hundreds of metrics with it to thoroughly understand your performance. This includes the traffic source and subscribed channel status. 

Additionally, it displays the channel’s card metrics and playback location.

The tool breaks down views from premium members and private films and allows you to delve deeper into surface-level information. 

Furthermore, it aids in your comprehension of the success of your channel over the duration of its existence. You may check the historical subscriber count and lifespan metrics for this.


You can monitor all the fundamental performance parameters using ChannelMeter. Views, audience size, and anticipated viewing time are all included. 

However, the platform’s primary focus is on managing and monitoring the success of YouTube creators.

You may see a breakdown of the contributions made by each creator, along with a list of your top performers. 

This includes view totals, monetized playbacks, engagements, subscribers, and top videos.


You can monitor the success of your videos on the main social networks with ViralStat. 

You can track all the crucial performance parameters from one dashboard. This makes it easier to measure your marketing campaigns.

By looking at what your audience interacts with on various social media platforms, the tool helps you better grasp who they are. 

This will assist you in finding concepts for YouTube videos and producing material that appeals to them. 

Even better, you can identify which authors they trust and follow, which can help you with your influencer marketing plan.


You are provided a thorough dashboard by TubeBuddy, where you can monitor your channel analytics insights. 

It includes a comparison graph so you can see how your views over the previous 30 days compared to those of your rivals.

Using the Competitor Scorecard, you may compare other metrics in great depth, including subscriptions, views, and uploads. 

Additionally, you can use “Videolytics” to research your rivals and find out what works and doesn’t for them.

Tubular Intelligence

A video analytics platform using AI at its core is called Tubular Intelligence.

It offers recommendations for content categories and popular hashtags. This might inspire you to produce videos that viewers will enjoy. You’ll have a greater chance of making videos that YouTube’s algorithm will enjoy and promote to more users if you do this.

The platform gives you in-depth knowledge of the demographics of your audience. 

You may even add metrics for e-commerce interaction and purchases. You can better comprehend the effect on audience behavior by doing this. 

The best feature is that you can utilize your competitors’ channels similarly.


One of the most potent tools for YouTube competition analytics is provided by Unmetric. 

It provides a thorough list to assess how your channel stacks up against the opposition. 

Metrics like views, view growth, and average views can be compared. This tool can compare data like subscriber growth, average duration, and uploads.

To determine what’s working, you may swiftly assess viewer reactions to your competitors’ films. 

Analyzing your most popular video tags will also reveal what resonates with your audience.

Final Words

If you want to expand your channel, it is imperative that you analyze your current strategy.

Additionally, you must stay current with changes in viewer preferences. This will enable you to modify your approach appropriately for a more significant impact.

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