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Amaze Announces New Vice President & Plans To Triple Its Team In 2022


A former senior marketing executive at Walmart, Shepard is the third key hire at Amaze since October – leading the company’s evolution from a mobile-first design tool to head of ecommerce stack

SAN FRANCISCO, MARCH 22, 2022 – Amaze, a no-code design software that offers simple tools to enable anyone to sell anything, anywhere, today announced Amelia Shepard as Vice President of Marketing. With over 15 years of experience in marketing and brand development, Shepard will drive strategic initiatives across the company’s product, customer success, and marketing teams to scale the Amaze brand with its various design tools and build its user community of creators, merchants, and brands of all sizes.

After the appointments of Aaron Day as CEO and Laura Haines as CPO in October – both previous executives at the leading graphic design platform Canva – Shepard is the third strategic hire coming to Amaze from a top global company. With the goal of further accelerating its business growth, Amaze plans to triple its team size by the end of the year.

“With the massive – and continued – growth of social commerce, it has become crucial for brands to prioritize the social shopping experience. In fact, the vast majority of consumers would recommend a brand if they’ve had a positive social media experience with it,” said Amelia Shepard, Vice President of Marketing at Amaze. “However, while there’s such high demand, there are no simple yet effective and integrated solutions for brands and entrepreneurs to easily create high-quality, immersive, and customized experiences on par with those of top ecommerce players. Amaze’s tools do just that and are a true game-changer when it comes to democratizing the shopping experience.”

Before joining Amaze, Shepard led marketing for Walmart’s toys and seasonal businesses. She previously consulted a number of leading companies on their ecommerce and marketing strategies, including CitiGroup Inc. and the Clorox Corporation.

“Amelia is a creative and dynamic leader with a proven track record of implementing successful marketing campaigns and driving impressive results. As we look to bring the power of social and mobile commerce to anyone – regardless of their resources and skill level – Amelia will be able to effectively elevate our brand awareness among a wider ecommerce and creator audience,” said Aaron Day, CEO of Amaze. “We’re quickly expanding our team and are excited to have her on board to help accelerate Amaze’s next stage of hyper growth.”

Amaze is hiring for a variety of roles – with more to come in the next months – including digital designers, content project managers, performance marketers, and software engineers. You can view all current open roles here.

About Amaze

Amaze is a no-code ecommerce design platform that enables merchants, creatives, and business owners to captivate their customers through beautiful, engaging, and immersive designs, leading to lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and increased customer loyalty. Amaze makes it easy to create and customize, with little to no technical expertise required. We believe that the future of ecommerce lives in mobile-first experiences and we give brands the ability to convey their unique stories and cultivate a deeper connection with customers to sell their products in the best way possible. For more information, visit www.amaze.co.

Media contact:

Gordon Hahn

Gravitate PR for Amaze


This originally appeared on Famous.co and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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