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Amaze Announces Travis Eiland As Vice President Of Growth


SAN FRANCISCO, July 5, 2022 Amaze, a no-code design software that enables merchants to sell anything, anywhere, today announced Travis Eiland as its Vice President of Growth. He will lead the acquisition, retention and revenue growth strategies for Amaze’s rapidly-expanding customer base. Travis brings over 15 years’ experience in strategic alliances, sales and market development, with a deep emphasis in retail and digital commerce, which will help to accelerate Amaze’s vision to bring the power of ecommerce to entrepreneurs, brands, and creators.

“The pace of innovation in commerce technology is evolving at an incredible pace.  New innovations are democratizing the ability for anyone to sell anything, anywhere.” said Travis Eiland VP of Growth.  “As technology enables no-code, shoppable experiences to live anywhere, we are seeing the beginnings of a creative renaissance.  Amaze’s platform impressed me, headless technology is now available to anyone, not just the largest retailers, but entrepreneurs and influencers.  Creators are finding new ways of captivating customers, and brands and retailers want to work closely with this new, underpriced media.  We will continue to see market share move to experiential driven brands.”

Prior to joining Amaze, Eiland has held leading roles at top companies, including VTEX, Adobe, and Magento. He served VTEX as the Vice President of Strategy and Growth, helping retailers and brands develop headless commerce architectures, and ran Adobe’s content and commerce strategy, embedding key partner functionality into the platform, as well as launching Magento Cloud prior to its acquisition.  

“Travis’ wealth of experience is exactly the right fit for Amaze as we continue our hypergrowth,” said Aaron Day, CEO of Amaze. “Following our recent partnerships with Ozone Metaverse for virtual shopping and EverX for NFT integration, we’re continuing to take the lead in driving the future of ecommerce, and I’m looking forward to working closely with Travis to continue our growth and mission.”

About Amaze

Amaze is a no-code ecommerce platform that enables merchants, creatives, and business owners to captivate their customers through beautiful, engaging, and immersive designs, leading to lower bounce rates, higher conversion rates, and increased customer loyalty. Amaze makes it easy to create and customize, with little to no technical expertise required. We believe that the future of ecommerce lives in mobile-first experiences and we give brands the ability to convey their unique stories and cultivate a deeper connection with customers to sell their products in the best way possible. For more information, visit www.amaze.co.

This originally appeared on Famous.co and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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