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Brewing Up A Natural Fix With Jibby Coffee


Finding the perfect mix of feeling energized and not anxious can be a delicate balance when it comes to caffeine. This is why Alvaro Ortega and James Reina, owners of Jibby Coffee, teamed up to offer CBD coffee to a wider community.

After spending years of trial and error trying to find a natural stress and focus supplement, Alvaro found great success in the medical combo of CBD coffee. Recognizing that many first time customers are somewhat skeptical, Jibby aims to create a simple, convenient, and stress-free way for others to enjoy the benefits of CBD coffee. And with that, Jibby Coffee was born.

Doing good for people and the planet

Along with providing a natural productivity fuel through CBD coffee, Jibby is committed to reducing their environmental impact.

“Our products are made with commodities like coffee, cacao, and hemp that will be harder to grow if climate change continues to progress at its current rate. We donate 1% to the Planet to help keep our Earth fertile, green, and to raise awareness of climate change’s negative effects on farming communities,” explains Jibby.

Jibby Coffee Smile ABC—This image shows a hand pouring a can of Jibby CBD cold brew coffee into a clear glass. The table has a checkered blue and white pattern with a tiny blue vintage radio, coffee beans, and 2 more cans of Jibby CBD cold brew in the background.
Jibby Coffee donates 1% of profits to the planet.

Jibby Coffee also ensures that everyone is able to enjoy their products no matter what their dietary restrictions are. Chocolate lovers need to try their Oat Mocha Latte. “Unlike most ready-to-drink mocha lattes, this one’s dairy free, 100 calories, and made with the finest, Fair Trade Certified cocoa that gives it a subtle richness that makes it hard to put down. If you’re a purist, I say get the cold brew, also made with Fair Trade coffee and only 15 calories,” recommends Jibby experts.

The Jibby Coffeehouse

With a product as new to the market as CBD coffee, the power of a loyalty program is undeniable. Through their loyalty program, The Jibby Coffeehouse, customers can earn “beans” for a variety of things like social media follows, celebrating a birthday, or even just signing up in the first place. By encouraging social media following, Jibby Coffee is able to overcome the trust hurdle through educational content about CBD coffee. Customers can then redeem their points for money off their next purchase.

Jibby Coffee also heavily relies on their referral program to leverage trust and advocacy from their brand community to drive trial within their network. Referring customers get $10 off their next purchase and new customers get $10 off their first purchase—everybody wins!

Jibby Coffee Smile ABC—An image of a breakfast table full of plates of waffles, blueberries, and several glasses of Jibby CBD coffees and cans.
Jibby Coffee offers both a points program and referral program to reward loyal customers.

“The majority of our customers have come from positive word-of-mouth. We’ve used our loyalty program to continually provide value to our most loyal customers so that they can spread the word and attract more customers.”

Advice on understanding your customers from Jibby Coffee’s founders

Alvaro and James have some advice for other DTC business owners who are also just starting out. As a brand aiming to make customers feel like the best version of themselves, Jibby recognizes that understanding your customers is key.

“We don’t have to inundate them with features and bullet points, we have to help them feel at home.”

“Brands often think of their competition as products in the same category but sometimes customers are much more personal about their purchasing decisions. A customer might buy a skincare product to feel better about themselves or a chicken noodle soup to feel at home in a new city,” explains Jibby’s founders.

Jibby Coffee Smile ABC—An image of Jibby Coffee founders, James Reina and Alvaro Ortega sitting next to each other with several cans of their CBD Cold Brew Coffee on the table in front of them.
Jibby Coffee founders, James Reina and Alvaro Ortega with their CBD Cold Brew Coffee.

As long as you know your customers and what entertains them, pains them, and matters most to them, you can build a brand community just as strong as Jibby Coffee’s Coffeehouse.

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This originally appeared on Smile.io and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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