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BUBS Naturals Saves 20 Hours/Month with Shopify Blog Sync


BUBS Naturals is a dietary supplement company that offers shoppers extremely high quality and sustainably sourced collagen and MCT oil powder. The brand’s messaging inspires people to live a healthier, fuller life — to “do good, feel good.” Storytelling as a means to connect with people, reveal the humans behind the brand, and convert prospects into loyal customers is extremely important to BUBS Naturals. The team lives by the mantra, content is king, and invests heavily in original content and copy creation.

Copy & Paste Newsletters

BUBS Naturals’ weekly newsletter plays an important role in distributing the brand’s high-value content. Each week, it features an article from the BUBS Naturals blog, where the team writes about a variety of topics ranging from lifestyle and fitness to product uses and tips. For years, Partner and Principal Creative Director, Ryan Hayes, has wanted a solution for populating content into newsletters more efficiently. The manual copying and pasting of blog content is a tedious task Ryan has been striving to leave in the past. After becoming a Zaius customer in 2019, Ryan brought this idea to the Zaius team and, after a period of brainstorming and iterating, Zaius identified a method for syncing BUBS Naturals’ Shopify-hosted blog articles into their Zaius account.

Curating Content Faster with Shopify Blog Sync

Understanding the need for a less hands-on and more user-friendly way to populate content into emails, Zaius developed Shopify Blog Sync, a one-click integration that allows users to pull all blog posts and pageview events from their Shopify-hosted blogs into Zaius. With Liquid elements inside a Dynamic Grid, the team at BUBS Naturals can now sync their blogs’ featured images, titles, post previews, and URL links into their newsletters, without even having to open the campaign in Zaius. After updating the newsletter’s layout with the Liquid for Shopify Blog Sync, the team doesn’t have to worry about curating its featured content every week. “We can build the template, set it, and forget it,” shares Ryan, excited for the result of his collaboration with the Zaius team and the time he won back to experiment with new campaigns.

Special thanks to our friends at Zaius for their insights on this topic.

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