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Can Celebrity Co-Branding Drive Repeat Purchases?


Each week we talk to many of you via email, chat, and account review calls to listen to your ideas and learn about your business. We collect the top questions from these conversations and anonymize them to bring you a new series we call: Questions of the week.

❓ I launched a celebrity-branded product a few months ago and I want to Know are the customers who purchased this product coming back to buy again? If so, what else did they buy? 

💡How to use Segments to answer this question: 

a. Create a segment with all the customers who bought these products:

  1. Go to the Segments app and open the Segment builder
  2. Click on add filter and select product title + contains + your celebrity-branded product names.
  3. Add a filter containing ordered date + after + campaign start date
  4. Click on apply filters and save your segment

An example of how to apply the filters in our Segment builder

b. Review if these customers are coming back to buy again:

  1. Go to customer cohorts and click on Repeat Purchase.
  2. Click on All users at the top left of the screen and change it for the segment you created

  1. Review your repeat percentage for this segment:

In this example, out of 698 customers who bought your celebrity-branded product, 139 came back to purchase again, which represents 19.9%.

c. Check out what else this segment bought using Product Relations:

  1. Repeat the second step from part b: click on All users at the top left of the screen and change it for the segment you created
  2. Review which products were also bought by this segment and find cross-selling opportunities 

Find cross-selling opportunities for the customers who bought your celebrity-branded products using Product Relations

🤔 What can I do with this data?

  1. Email / SMS marketing – set up an automated flow to target users who purchased Product 1 (Amazing facial cream) and recommend the above products
  2. Advertising – Sync a segment of customers who purchased Product 1 and retarget them with ads featuring the cross sell recommendations
  3. Customer TagSync this segment of customers using our Shopify Tag sync back into Shopify, to unlock Shopify Flow and downstream apps to leverage this tag and further segment your customers. 

Want to learn more about Segments and how our 30+ prebuilt customer segments, lifecycle grid and product journey maps can help drive long term, sustainable growth for your Shopify store? Try it free today

This originally appeared on Segments and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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