Case Study: Personal Care Brand Scales their Influencer Program with Software

A woman scales her personal care influencer program with software.

Who is Tao Clean?

TAO Clean creates personal care devices that use technology to help their customers live with the highest cleanliness standards every day. Standing for “The Art of Clean,” TAO’s philosophy is that life should be clean and simple—literally. Based in southern California, TAO’s mission is to help people create life-enhancing daily routines through their products. Their items have a sleek, futuristic look that matches their unique and innovative personality while celebrating the beauty of minimalism and simplicity. Since its founding in 2014, the brand has steadily gained popularity due to its elegant line of products.

influencer marketing case study for personal care brand

About Tao Clean’s influencer marketing program

Prior to having a dedicated person managing their influencer program, the TAO Clean influencer program consisted of testing into YouTube with few success stories. While the value of influencer marketing was understood there was only a minimal amount of attention and funding being allocated to achieve their goals.

With a strong focus on ROI, they invested in growing the program and hired Jessika O’Neal, to manage influencer strategy and manage partnerships. Working with the existing base that was created from YouTube, they invested $10K and she expanded the program to Instagram with much success.

The program was focused on growing ROI and boosting brand awareness, leveraging influencers to share their brand story. With efforts on paid/sponsored posts and affiliate links and a growing roster of influencer talent, the challenge of running the program from a spreadsheets left them looking for a solution to get organized and scale their program.

And because they were revenue-focused; management wanted to know how many conversions were coming directly from any particular marketing source. But there were no regular, monthly brand-talent collaborations–only one-off deals and projects.

The Challenge

Jessika managed over 20 influencers on spreadsheets working long hours, leaving her short on time to vet out more talent partnerships so that the program could reach its full potential. Spreadsheets often left her lost in a sea of open tabs. Making it tough to stay organized using different documents to track things like talent outreach and product fulfillment.

And with outsourcing talent scouting to outside agencies, it was difficult to keep track of influencer outreach. Sometimes an agency would ask if TAO Clean had yet approached an influencer, but finding the answer was time-consuming. There was no way for one person to keep track of all of the different emails that went out.

The brand needed a better tool to scale the program that included:

influencer marketing case study personal care brand tao clean

Tao Clean knew they desperately needed a better workflow to stay organized and scale the program, so they started looking for the perfect solution.

influencer marketing case study personal care brand tao clean

The Solution

“GRIN is just really an all-in-one system. You’re able to have it as a CRM, which is really “ a key component after you realize how much craziness happens with Google sheets.” – Jessika O’Neal, Influencer Marketing Strategist at TAO Clean

TAO Clean knew they needed an all-in-one system to scale their influencer program to new heights. Fortunately, they found the perfect solution with GRIN. The GRIN software offered all of the capabilities TAO Clean needed to scale the influencer marketing program and drive a more significant ROI.

GRIN’s CRM capabilities made it easy to keep all of the outreach information organized for Jessika and the outside talent sourcing agencies. And because all email outreach is managed from inside the GRIN platform, it allowed Jessika to boost her outreach without burning out from long hours of work.

In GRIN they found a powerful software that:

influencer marketing case study personal care brand tao clean

GRIN helped TAO Clean’s influencer marketing by solving all of these problems, and the results were stellar.

The Results

“There are a lot of workflow issues that happen, and you can get lost trying to find your data, even after the campaign goes live…And now we have a system to be able to vet “ people quicker than just asking for screenshots of some of their audience demographics.” – Jessika O’Neal, Influencer Marketing Strategist at TAO Clean

Using GRIN’s powerful influencer management software for their program, the results were easy to see. After starting with GRIN, Jessica sent out over 11,000 emails to potential brand talent partners. Helping her scale the program to 75+ influencers while earning over 22K code conversions.

Attributing influencer revenue became easier with the reporting features in GRIN, while also providing a quick view of the program’s wins. In addition, the influencer-level metrics helps to quickly identify the talent that is performing allowing them to test additional influencer talent.

Because GRIN has streamlined their process, they’ve been able to branch out to approach and vet different types of influencers like podcasters. Next year, TAO Clean expects to see the program grow even more, reaching 100+ influencers.

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