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Do More than Backup with Copy for QuickBooks Online

A hand is pointing to a page with a dollar sign on it, emphasizing the functionality of Copy for QuickBooks Online.

Rewind has uncovered new opportunities to advance its Backup technology by tackling various challenges in the accounting space.

While you’ve been working hard helping your clients, we’ve been busy creating Copy for QBO, a new feature that will help you step up your backup game.

Let’s talk about backups

As accountants know, clients’ files are sacred. Data protection and recovery services are paramount when handling one of your client’s most sensitive assets. Data management can make or break a practice and embedding backup software into your tech stack can become a competitive advantage for your business.

So many things within the cloud can cause mistakes and mishaps. Manual errors, ransomware attacks, and borked app integrations can all lead to lost data. These events can cost your practice dearly and you need to have a backup strategy if you’re serious about data security.

You might be wondering: “How do I backup my QuickBooks Online files?

QuickBooks Online has super helpful tools and time-saving features that improve efficiency when handling a client’s books. Intuit’s cloud storage service saves each file on the company’s servers, but should a data disaster occur; you will not be able to access that data. To be clear, without a separate backup method, even a minor error can result in hours of manual file changes. And those mistakes can quickly eat into the profitability and respectability of your practice; hence it is recommended for large businesses to use QuickBooks Enterprise with hosting from QuickBooks Hosting Service Providers to avoid data loss in case of disaster.

This is why we built Rewind Backups for QuickBooks Online – a cloud backup service that supports QBO users with easy, on-demand disaster recovery software. We launched this product in 2017 and quite a few accountants and bookkeepers have been happy to have us in their corner on days when disaster strikes.

Mistakes in a client’s file no longer mean hours of wasted time sleuthing through the books line by line. Rewind gives you the power to restore an individual aspect of a file, down to the transactional level in just a few clicks. It’s the backup speed you need to get the job done quickly and move on to the next task.

Backups for QuickBooks Online are just the beginning of Rewind’s features for accounting professionals. Based on your feedback, we’ve built something new and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.

Rewind introduces Copy for QuickBooks Online

Available now in all Rewind Backups for QuickBooks Online accounts is the latest feature in data protection – Copy for QuickBooks Online. Gone are the old ways of manually duplicating files. Thanks to the new Copy feature you have the fastest and easiest tool to copy all essential information from one QBO file to another.

Getting Started with Copy for QuickBooks Online

Here’s how it works. Simply create a new file in your QuickBooks Online account; this will be the new destination for all the copied data. Once set up, you simply select the source file, connect it to your destination file, and presto you’ve successfully completed a copy. You’ll know your copy is ready when you receive an email summary of the results.

I used Chronobooks in the past and was sad to see them get acquired by Intuit and discontinued. I am happy that you guys have brought an equal, if not superior, replacement back to the scene. Copy was intuitive to use and most importantly, accurate!

Don’t have an account with Rewind Backups for QuickBooks Online yet? Go ahead, and sign up to start your free 7-day trial!

4 ways to use Copy

Copy gives you the risk-free ability to flex data without impacting the integrity or the quality of your client’s file. Here are a few ways you can use Copy for QBO in your practice today.

Cloud Audits just got easier

Working on a cloud audit in a live file has its challenges. As your client’s business and services continue to operate, it makes it tricky to reference the data in the file you need to complete the audit. Everyone knows having this type of accessibility to online data is an essential benefit to using QuickBooks Online, but the struggle is that the live data can be compromised through continued transaction interruptions.

Pro Tip: Use Copy to freeze a file in time by copying the data you need to audit into a separate QBO file for speedy and accurate audits.

Risk-free test runs

There are many amazing apps that can help you automate and improve most aspects of your business. You can read all the ebooks and attend all the webinars you can find, but you won’t really understand how an app can impact your business until you give it a try – using live data. A test file with real-world data is the perfect environment to do rigorous testing. In the end, you’ll either fall in love with the app or discover that it can’t do what you need.

Pro Tip: Avoid common software testing problems by using Copy to duplicate a file’s contents and run your app against the test file.

Speed up file setup

It can take hours to set up a QBO file to get it right where you need it to be and you know best from managing previous files what the ideal setup should be. Creating templates is a useful way to ensure quality and consistency across your client files and drive process requirements for your data backups.

Pro Tip: Create a template in an empty QBO file and use Copy to get new subscriptions up and running quickly.

I was switching from one QB online account to another, and could not have transferred all our data without this feature, it was invaluable.

Hands-on training for staff

There is no substitute when it comes to training your staff for real-life scenarios, especially when they are handling your firm’s most important files. Putting together an immersive learning environment is time-consuming and can be difficult to manage across different technologies. Take the heavy lifting out of training and give your staff the most relevant, up-to-date training environment for the most beneficial learning experience.

Pro Tip: Give employees a deep dive learning environment by using the Copy feature to replicate the important data from a client’s file

The benefits of using Copy

When we think about making a copy we usually are planning to recover from an unplanned event or keep a duplicate handy for safekeeping. The new Copy for QuickBooks Online feature gives you the power to do that and more. Stay ahead of the curve and add Rewind into your tech stack as a way to differentiate yourself and your firm’s offerings. By providing your client’s data a deep level of security while simultaneously giving your firm the flexibility needed to handle sensitive data, you will stand out as a trusted advisor.

I had spent hours trying to convert our QBO file to a new subscription. The copy feature was a life-saver!

You are aware of the increased need for data security now more than ever but your client might not know it’s important to them, until they learn the hard way. Hold your client’s financial data to a higher standard. Rewind can help you bring data protection into the conversation between you and your client.

No matter the size of your practice, it’s important to remember that your firm is handling one of your client’s biggest assets: their financial data.

Rewind is building & bringing the tools you need to protect their asset while delivering unbeatable value, dependable services, and securing client loyalty.

Want to see the software in action? Learn more about Rewind and how we are helping transform the digital accounting practice at the 2020 Digital CPA Conference or sign up here to see a demo.


Special thanks to our friends at Rewind for their insights on this topic.
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