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Double Down On Growing Your Email List Ahead Of Black Friday/Cyber Monday


We’re heading into what’s supposed to be the busiest (and craziest) Black Friday/Cyber Monday ever.

Which means there’s a ton of opportunity.

But also more competition than ever before.

So what should you be focusing on in the weeks leading up to the holiday?

Common Thread Collective’s VP of Marketing, Aaron Orendorff, works with DTC brands every single day.

And pulled together this ridiculous swipe file of 400+ ecommerce holiday campaigns.

So we asked for his BFCM tips and lessons. Here’s what we learned.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The importance of having a black Black Friday (no, that’s not a typo)
  • Why you need to be able to share your offer in 1 line
  • 3 different segments you need to focus on
  • Why it’s worth it to spend $ to grow your email list

What to listen for:

  • [2:58] BFCM best practices.
  • [4:58] The most common offers they saw.
  • [6:44] The best way to package up your offers.
  • [10:00] Where you should focus in the weeks leading up to BFCM.
  • [14:21] A hack to help you figure out which products your customers want discounts on.
  • [15:39] Why you should be aiming to get responses with some of your emails.

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This article originally appeared by our friends at Privy.

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