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A Conversation With Henrik Müller-Hansen From Gelato

In an increasingly globalized world, local production is becoming essential for businesses to scale effectively, reduce environmental impact, and meet consumer demands.

This is where Gelato, a software company founded by Henrik Müller-Hansen, comes into play. Providing a link to over 130 production hubs across 32 countries, Gelato empowers entrepreneurs, artists, merchants, and creators to produce locally, on-demand customized items such as art, books, and clothing.

In a recent episode of the eCommerceFastlane Podcast, Müller-Hansen shared how Gelato is transforming global ecommerce. According to him, the company's unique model speeds up delivery times and reduces costs, waste, and carbon emissions. By producing orders in the recipient's country, Gelato manages to cut down on the transportation distances that usually plague ecommerce.

Empowering Creators

Gelato's global network serves as a powerful tool for the creator economy. By connecting ecommerce stores to local production facilities, it is providing a unique access to billions of potential consumers. This results in small ideas growing and making an impact, both on people and the planet.

In 2022 alone, 87% of Gelato's orders were produced in the same country as the end customer, and more than 25,000 new ecommerce stores joined the network. This level of local engagement is pivotal in breaking down barriers to global ecommerce, enabling creators to compete as if they were local merchants, regardless of where their consumers are located.

The Importance of Quality and Sustainability

In today's market, quality and sustainability are more than just buzzwords. Müller-Hansen emphasized their importance in the global marketplace, sharing how Gelato's on-demand production model helps brands meet these demands. The company ensures quality considerations such as delivery time, materials, sustainability, and packaging are addressed.

The focus on sustainability is particularly noteworthy. With global trade contributing significantly to carbon emissions, the move towards local production is not just about cost and efficiency, but also about environmental responsibility. By reducing transportation distances and the environmental impact of mass-produced products, Gelato is leading the way in sustainable ecommerce.

Expanding Brands and Addressing Challenges

Gelato is not just for new, small-scale creators. Established brands can also leverage the platform to expand into new verticals and explore the benefits of local production. Furthermore, the company takes on the challenges of print-on-demand production, such as quality control and partnerships, allowing brands to focus more on their core business.

The Gelato Success Story

Born out of a commitment to democratize the global marketplace, Gelato has come a long way. The company's journey began with a simple idea – to give arms and legs for global reach to a single individual. Today, Gelato has become a global platform that allows creators and brands to commercialize their ideas, with even 3D printing becoming a part of the conversation.

Gelato's success stories are a testament to its impact. The company's onboarding process, ease of use, and various products have earned it praise from various corners of the ecommerce world, including Steve Hutt, Senior Success Manager at Shopify.

Looking to the Future

Gelato is continuing to unlock new opportunities. With a focus on local production and its impact on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) factors, the company is well-positioned to lead the next generation of global ecommerce. It's clear that the future of ecommerce lies in the fusion of global reach and local production, and Gelato is at the forefront of this revolution.

Whether you're a creator looking to reach a wider audience, an established brand seeking to scale efficiently, or a consumer aiming to support sustainable businesses, Gelato provides a solution. By bridging the gap between local production and global distribution, Gelato is revolutionizing ecommerce, creating a more sustainable, efficient, and inclusive industry.

As Henrik Müller-Hansen aptly puts it, once you provide global reach to a single individual, you enable the realization of ideas that can impact the world. In a world where everyone is a potential creator, Gelato's mission aligns perfectly with the future of ecommerce: a global marketplace that is local at heart.

The eCommerceFastlane Podcast episode featuring Henrik Müller-Hansen offers valuable insights into the world of Gelato and its role in transforming the ecommerce industry. Whether you're a novice to the ecommerce world or an industry veteran, tuning in will offer insights on expanding your product mix, reaching a global audience, and contributing positively to our planet.

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