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A Conversation With Philip Inghelbrecht From Tatari

Philip explores the shift in TV advertising due to digital technology.

TV advertising has long been considered the domain of big brands with even bigger budgets.

However, Tatari, a game-changing ad tech platform, is revolutionizing the TV ad landscape and making it as accessible and effective as Google and Facebook ads for Shopify merchants.

In a recent podcast episode, Philip Inghelbrecht, CEO and co-founder of Tatari, shares how their self-serve platform empowers brands to take TV advertising in-house, the critical role of measurement in successful campaigns, and inspiring success stories of merchants who have scaled their businesses using Tatari's technology.

TV Advertising for Small Shopify Merchants

Traditionally, TV advertising has been out of reach for small business owners due to its complexity and high costs. However, Tatari has taken the complexity out of TV advertising and made it as straightforward as placing ads on Google and Facebook. Their platform allows marketers to use data to create and test advertising plans across online and offline channels. Key metrics such as cost per view and cost per acquisition are essential in measuring return on ad spend. Tatari's technology makes TV advertising more accessible and practical for merchants of all sizes.

TV Advertising for Shopify Merchants

Tatari's self-serve platform allows brands to take TV advertising in-house without the need for an agency. Brands can access any type of TV inventory, including national, local, targeted, untargeted, linear, and streaming. The platform also includes data science and machine learning elements to help brands build intelligent advertising plans and measure their success.

TV Advertising Measurement and Shopify Certification

Great measurement is crucial for any successful TV campaign. Tatari makes it easy for brands to gather essential data using pixel technology, server-to-server tech, or installing the Tatari app on Shopify. Shopify has recognized Tatari's success, leading to its certification as a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner. This partnership means that Tatari's technology is reliable, scalable, and adheres to data privacy standards, making it a trusted solution for Shopify merchants.

TV Ad Success and Retargeting

Measuring success in TV advertising involves metrics such as cost per visitor, customer acquisition costs, and return on ad spend. Tatari's platform enables brands to analyze these metrics and adjust their advertising strategies accordingly. The platform also offers the opportunity for retargeting on the web, TV, and other channels and precision targeting on TV using organic or search traffic. The often-overlooked halo effect of TV advertising can also be harnessed for increased brand awareness and sales.

TV Advertising for Brands

Mature brands with established agencies can still benefit from Tatari's TV advertising services. Agencies can leverage Tatari's technology to create cutting-edge TV advertising campaigns, while brands can use Tatari to bring their advertising in-house. The importance of pairing excellent measurement with any good TV campaign must be balanced and essential to ensure success.


The future of TV advertising is here, and Shopify merchants of all sizes can now harness its power to scale their businesses. With Tatari's self-serve platform, brands can take control of their TV advertising campaigns and achieve measurable success. Take the opportunity to revolutionize your advertising strategy with Tatari and take your business to new heights.

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You can access the show notes with a transcript, links, resources, and an exclusive offer by clicking on this link.

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