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Segments New Feature Announcement – Google Ads Sync


Want to retarget your customers via Google Ads? Today we’re proud to announce our Google integration for directly syncing your favorite segments as Google custom audiences. Leverage your most valuable marketing resource, 1st-party customer & order data, to run high-converting retargeting campaigns.

Customer segments like Churned one timers or Churned loyals are great for your next retargeting campaign to win back lost customers. Creating Google custom audiences from these segments is an effective way to increase your ROAS.

Action ? Connect your Google ads account with our new integration

Action ? Sync your Churned one timers and Churned loyals segments to create two new custom audiences for your next marketing campaign

Google Ads integration is available immediately for all paying customers. If you’re on a Free plan, please reply to this email directly and let us know what we can do to convince you of value.

How to integrate with Google: https://help.tresl.co/en/articles/5522116-how-to-integrate-with-google-ads


This originally appeared on Segments and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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