Friends Don’t Let Friends Have Unsecured Data


“You can barely tell you cut your bangs yourself”

“This homemade spelt bread is delicious”

“You can totally pull off that velour sweatsuit”

These are all nice things to tell your friends, even if they’re not strictly true.

“I’m sure your data is secure on the cloud”

Not a nice thing to tell your friend, especially as that isn’t necessarily true.

Introducing the Rewind Referral Program

Data security is a team sport. That’s why we’re launching the Rewind Referral Program!

Refer a friend to Rewind, and you’ll both be eligible for a 50$ USD prize once they become a customer. Share the joy of automated data backups with your friends and family – it pays to be a data security expert.

How does the referral program work?

  1. Share your unique referral code with friends, family, and colleagues.
  2. If someone uses your referral link to install Rewind, you’ll both earn 50$. No catch.
  3. There are no limits! More referrals = more cash. Cha-ching!

Don’t let those you love get burned by data disasters. Let them know there’s a better way to backup and secure their data with Rewind. They might just be glad you did.

Be kind, refer Rewind.


Where do I find my referral link?

You’ll receive your unique referral link in your email (the address you used to sign up for Rewind).

My friend signed up. Where’s my money?

As soon as they complete their free trial and become a paid Rewind user, you’ll both receive an email money transfer from PayPal. Rewind will not pay any rewards for customers using a free trial.

How will I get my reward?

After someone uses your referral link to sign up for Rewind, you’ll receive an email letting you know a payment is on its way. An email money transfer will be sent to the email address connected to your Rewind account via PayPal.

Where can I use my reward?

Your email money transfer can be deposited into a bank account or an online PayPal account. Once you’ve received and accepted your email money transfer, it’s your money in the bank- to spend wherever and however you like.

How many people can I refer?

There are no limits! The more the merrier, so share that link – there’s no limits to the amount of rewards you can collect.

Special thanks to our friends at Rewind for their insights on this topic.
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