G2 2023 Best Software Awards: Emarsys Named One Of The Best Marketing And Commerce Products


“We always innovate.” “We never settle.” “We embrace tomorrow.” 

Those are just a few of the core values that guide us at Emarsys. And while it’s easy to talk about values, we know that in today’s crowded martech space, when dollars and cents are on the line for our customers, talk isn’t enough — it’s important to prove our values and live by them everyday. 

That’s why we’re honored to announce our recent recognition as a G2 2023 Best Software Awards winner. 

We hold this acknowledgement in especially high regard because we know that it is a confirmation that we’re delivering on our values. How do we know that? Well, as with all G2 Best Software awards, these awards are based on the authentic reviews and feedback of those whose opinion we care about the most: our customers. 

Here are a some of the key areas where our customers say Emarsys really stands out:

G2bestsoftware2023 Badge Marketing

Being a marketer in today’s world is a balancing act. 

On one hand, marketers are responsible for building relationships with customers and meeting them on whatever channel they choose with the personalized engagement they demand. On the other hand, marketers are tasked with driving continuous, predictable growth and revenue for the business, even when economic uncertainty looms. Both customers and business must be satisfied without compromising on service to either audience. 

Considering our clients are marketers, we understand this persistent challenge they face. That’s why we strive to deliver a solution that truly serves the needs of the marketer. Emarsys enables marketers to easily create, automate, and deliver personalized omnichannel experiences to their customers. The platform also provides the analytics and reporting capabilities that allow marketers to measure, optimize, and prove to the business how they impact revenue. 

We believe our placement on G2’s 2023 list of Best Marketing Products is confirmation that we’re delivering on our goal of providing our clients with the most powerful omnichannel marketing solution available.

Here’s what our customers told G2 Peer Reviews about partnering with Emarsys:

“A powerful platform for omnichannel marketing needs.”

G2 Reviews

— Emarsys Customer (Read the full review at G2.com)

“Emarsys is the best tool I know for our email marketing strategies.”

G2 Reviews

— Emarsys Customer (Read the full review at G2.com)

“The best part of Emarsys is their user experience design and automation marketing tools to personalize journeys and automation data to improve the right email in the right time to the right person.”

G2 Reviews

— Emarsys Customer (Read the full review at G2.com)

“The customer lifecycle piece was one of the most beneficial pieces for me to use within this process in terms of decision making and how to properly plan marketing tactics towards our users.”

G2 Reviews

— Emarsys Customer (Read the full review at G2.com)

“The Emarsys tool was originally launched with just [our] email team, but it’s now being used more widely across the rest of the retention and acquisition teams. And since launch, we’ve been able to bring together those additional teams and talk through the segmentation and how we can more widely use learnings in one area to benefit another area.


Rosemary Prescott

Email Marketing Manager, Columbia Sportswear Company

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See how Emarsys’s powerful 1:1 omnichannel marketing capabilities help marketers reach more customers and drive revenue

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Best Commerce Products 

G2bestsoftware2023 Badge Commerce

The commerce experience has become exceedingly more complex in today’s world of digital-first retail, always-on shopping, and increasingly in-control consumers. McKinsey tells us roughly three-quarters of US consumers use a mix of online and in-person retail channels. With customer expectations continuing to rise, and with new channels emerging every day, brands must find ways to navigate and embrace these changes to survive. 

Emarsys works with brands across a wide range of verticals, and none are impervious to these rising challenges. That’s why we believe it’s critical to provide an omnichannel marketing platform to handle the new and ever-changing complexities of modern-day commerce. Whether it’s…

…Emarsys is built with a commerce marketer in mind.

We’re honored by our placement on G2’s 2023 list of Best Commerce Products, because it serves as validation that we are providing our clients with the tools they need to grow their omnichannel commerce business

Here’s what our customers told G2 Peer Reviews about partnering with Emarsys:

“Excellent powerful marketing platform for e-commerce.”

G2 Reviews

— Emarsys Customer (Read the full review at G2.com)

“Emarsys brings great 360° integration to your customer data.”

G2 Reviews

— Emarsys Customer (Read the full review at G2.com)

“Our website had a bit of traffic for a while, but this never really resulted in people buying our products. This substantially changed after getting help from Emarsys.”

G2 Reviews

— Emarsys Customer (Read the full review at G2.com)

“The most helpful thing about Emarsys is their easy-to-use system as well as the support staff. I haven’t used Emarsys a lot before but found it really easy to navigate in the system.”

G2 Reviews

— Emarsys Customer (Read the full review at G2.com)

“When building our subscription model, [we had] to execute it in the best way for our customers. The core parts of our tech stack we needed to utilize [were] an e-commerce platform, a subscription platform, and then our customer data and communications platform as well. By utilizing Shopify Recharge in Emarsys, we were able to have these curated subscription boxes and then communicate that in the best way to our customers so we could see what lifecycle stage our customers were in through Emarsys, and working out whether they were a first-time customer, a loyal customer, or how high their average lifetime value was.”


Natalie Peat

COO, ECO Modern Essentials

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Our Most Important Core Value

We shared some of our core values earlier in this post: “We always innovate.” “We never settle.” “We embrace tomorrow.” But there’s another important value to mention, and it’s perhaps the one that guides us above all others:

“We love customers.”

Customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we aim each and every day to serve them to the fullest. One of the ways we do this is by providing a powerful omnichannel marketing solution to help solve their marketing and commerce needs. 

Our recognition as one the Best Marketing Products and Best Commerce Products in the G2 2023 Software Awards shows that we’re delivering on our promise to customers and our commitment to helping marketers deliver the relevant, personalized experiences customers expect, and the predictable, profitable growth their business demands.

See how Emarsys can help your business engage more customers on more channels to drive growth and revenue

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Special thanks to our friends at Emarsys for their insights on this topic.
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