How Remote Access Software Enhances Customer and IT Support

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects embedded with sensors and software. The IoT comprises technologies that connect and exchange data with others online. The devices can vary from your everyday household objects to sophisticated industrial tools.

Hence, IoT has become a part of our daily lives and different industries worldwide.

In terms of customer service, IoT has greatly impacted it in recent years due to several factors. Having increased connectivity and digital devices leads to higher expectations from customers. This also means there’s an increasing demand for companies to provide proper support for said technology. You must meet the challenges to ensure the customer’s positive and smooth journey.

Hence, remote support software and access software are there to provide continuous improvements. Providing solutions remotely is a big advantage to any customer service company. We will discuss what those are along with understanding what remote access software is.

What Are Remote Access and Remote Support Software?

Remote access lets you connect to a device, while remote support provides technical assistance. Both of those are done from afar and are managed using RMM tools to ensure that the job is properly accomplished. Technical support is provided after the remote access connection has been established. This may include troubleshooting and solving technical issues for device users. Support is given to almost any type of device, like PCs and Macs, mobile devices, and tablets.

However, help desks and call centers provided customer support before remote support software. It was done over the phone, through email, or chat depending on the device and service. The users would describe the problem while technicians attempted to figure out any possible remedies. The customer then follows the technician’s instructions to address and fix the technical difficulty. The problem is that it can be a very frustrating and time-consuming encounter between users and technicians.

The industry’s landscape changed with the eve of remote support software and remote access. Customers allow technicians to set up remote access connections to their devices and fix the problem themselves. Technicians can view, control, and run diagnostics on the device remotely. The users don’t need to do anything and their problem is fixed just like that. This dramatically accelerated the process and reduced the frustration both parties experienced.

What Are the Two Types of Remote Support?

There are two types of remote support processes which are attended and unattended remote support. The difference is simple but we’ll discuss them in depth as they cover common scenarios within the industry.

Attended Remote Support

This means a user is present during the support session for several reasons. When a user experiences a technical issue, they can contact customer support to start an ad-hoc session. This can help them solve issues related to a connected device like a desktop, laptop, or tablet. The agent can remotely access and take control of the device using remote support software.

However, there are cases when the agent can’t take over the device because the problem isn’t digital per se. It can be an issue concerning physical equipment so they’ll need to access the user’s camera. That way, they can still provide remote assistance without relying on the user’s issue description.

Unattended Remote Support

As the name suggests, it means the end user isn’t present while the support session is ongoing. The benefit of this is that agents can provide support after hours or during the end user’s rest. The agents can also automate routine maintenance on their devices or deploy software updates.

This method eliminates disruptions in your day because it was accomplished while you were absent. This helps ensure you go through your day without worrying about sudden device maintenance. We’ve all heard the story of sudden and forced system updates when you’re in a rush at work. At least, this will be excluded from your worries about the day.

How Does Remote Access Software Enhance Customer and IT Support?

Remote access and support are commonly interchangeable terms so we’ll use them like that here. The benefits that remote access and/or support provided are similar. Hence, we will discuss them as such and enumerate the different benefits.

Hands-On Support Is Instantaneous

Several companies from various industries know the value of 24/7 customer support. Some of them provide chatbots, AI, or live chat to ensure high responsiveness. Being able to respond to customers is integral to any customer service strategy. In this world where everything is expected to progress smoothly at the press of a button, it’s a big deal.

However, despite the instantaneous availability of technicians, it can still be stressful. Talking to the customer through system diagnosis over the phone or chat is slow and tedious. This is especially true when some end users don’t understand the simplest instruction. 

By using remote support software, agents can provide hands-on assistance from afar. They can take control of the customer’s computer and sort your technical issues quickly. This can save your company time and money because technicians don’t need to make personal trips. You also don’t need to spend a lot on telecommunications because of fast resolutions. Most of all, you can avoid frustrated customers and employees because of how smooth the experience is.

There Is Almost 100% Availability

Usually, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, and transport disruptions affect work life. It bars technicians and employees from reporting to work and getting their tasks done. However, remote access technology solves that by allowing workers to access files from home. It’s almost like they’re able to work in the office and it's business as usual for the day.

If a teammate is on sick leave and you need critical information on a project, they can log in remotely. Once they’ve passed on the information, your colleagues can keep working despite the absence of one. The effect of their absence from the office will be kept at a minimum. Clients are able to get their requests on time despite absences because of remote access. Just like that, remote support software enhances customer and IT support.

Improved Security

You won’t be the first to wonder if remote access is safe because it looks like borderline hacking. However, the developers have that all thought out so security for these services is enhanced. There are businesses that create sensitive and confidential documents for clients. Those businesses aren’t immune to asking for help regarding technical issues. Hence, tight security is a must or it will affect the company providing the services as well.

Remote access also allows clients to review critical documents from their offices. They can view it with their firm’s employees as well. The document remains safe behind the organization’s firewall while everyone goes about their tasks. 

By having enhanced security, you can provide better customer assurance and satisfaction. With the right remote support software, data is encrypted throughout the session. Your clients will have nothing to worry about and will be more than happy to spread the word. After all, trust matters a lot in any business, and remote support is one of them.

The IT Staff Are Less Strained

Travel can be a hassle for those in the service industry, especially if the commute system is underdeveloped. Your support team experiences more stress and strain accumulates over the week. However, remote access technology eliminates the need to travel from door to door.

Your team is given more time to resolve customer issues because they don’t need to travel. They can provide more effective service by sitting in the office and focusing on resolving the issues. You’re all in relative comfort instead of finding the best route to get your clients back and forth on this site.

This also makes your clients happier because of the fast service you can provide. Your efficiency enhances customer experience which is great for the company. In turn, it’s an investment that will bring forth better benefits for you and your team.


Everything related to connectivity, like devices, computers, and more, are now part of our daily lives. Everyone has phones and devices they use to contact and connect with loved ones or for work. All devices experience technical difficulties sooner or later so users contact IT support. This is where remote support software comes in handy so they can resolve your issues remotely. They can immediately answer your queries and troubleshoot without making the trip personally.

They can provide either attended or unattended remote support depending on the necessity and your schedule. Remote support software made the process more flexible for both the user and the IT support. Because it’s done online, your staff is also available most of the time and reachable during emergencies. The best part is it can all be done without compromising the security of both parties. You can address their issues or assist them in viewing documents from your office.

As technology advances, so does our way of life and several industries worldwide. Not just customer and IT support, but everyone is moving forward hoping for a more enhanced life.

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