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How To Find Success On YouTube

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YouTube is the most widely used video-sharing platform on the internet. Each year, billions of searches are made on YouTube, making it the second most popular search engine on the web (next to the website’s parent company, Google). YouTube is so popular among today’s internet users for two main reasons: anyone can find content related to their interests, and anyone can find success with their content on the platform. Channels can host standalone content or content that supplements another vein of income, such as a blog or eCommerce store. Finding success on YouTube is partially luck, but there are a number of variables you can control to increase your reach on the video-sharing platform.

As with all online marketing, YouTube success begins with your audience. Understanding your audience is the first step in creating a popular YouTube channel. Identify the demographic for which you are creating content, what your content will consist of, what you are trying to achieve with your content, and why you are trying to achieve it. If you’re using YouTube to supplement your online store, your end goal is to attract more customers to your store and to increase conversion rates by highlighting products and giving your business a personality others can relate to.

Creating content to synergize with your store or blog begins with branding. As with any other online platform, branding on YouTube is key to your success:

  • Create a catchy name for your YouTube channel. Your channel’s name should resonate well with your audience. If your content is being used to supplement an already established brand, use a name that your customers and audience will easily recognize.
  • Associate your YouTube channel with other social media platforms. Create a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn account that is affiliated with your YouTube channel. If you already have these accounts, be sure to post your YouTube content on them as you upload it to your channel.
  • Create eye-catching channel art that synergies well with your brand. A professional profile photo and an informative YouTube channel banner are critical to establishing your YouTube audience.

After you’ve created your YouTube channel and branded it appropriately, you’re ready to begin uploading content. High-quality content succeeds on YouTube, and it’s imperative that you upload only professional-grade content.

  • Use a professional camera to record your videos. Phone cameras don’t deliver the same quality as professional DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Invest in a quality camera to create content that will succeed. Choosing the right camera for your needs may involve extensive research, so take your time when making a decision.
  • Always record with a tripod to prevent any shaking of the camera.
  • Invest in studio lighting to give your videos a very professional and clean-cut look. Studio lights can be purchased for a moderate price online and can be made from household items on a budget.

The quality of your content is only partially dependent on the equipment used to record it. Beautifully recorded content will fall by the wayside if its intended audience doesn’t find it interesting. Much like blog content, there are a number of ways you can improve the reach of your YouTube content while making it relevant to your viewers:

  • Use keywords in your video tags and titles. As with blogs and other online content, YouTube uses keywords to rank search results. Climb to the top of the results page by using the right keywords in your titles and tags.
  • Create interesting titles. Your titles say everything about your content to your viewers. Give your videos’ titles that will instantly result in clicks and views.
  • Collaborate with others. Collaboration videos are wildly popular on YouTube. The viewers enjoy watching two of their favorite YouTube personalities interacting and creating content together, and the two channels collaborating get access to each other subscribers and viewers as a result. Find channels in your niche with a similar-sized following to your own, and ask for a collab.

Quality content speaks for itself on YouTube. Viewers flock to channels that provide consistent, relevant content, making it crucial that you follow this formula for success. Post content regularly – in fact, creating a weekly schedule for your uploads can be an efficient way to build an audience.

Your YouTube channel is an important extension of your brand. Success on YouTube is largely reliant on the quality of your content and the consistency of your channel, which gives you a clear target to aim for with your uploads. Whether you’re looking to become a professional YouTuber or you are looking to supplement your brand with video content, YouTube is an excellent branding and marketing tool that has many benefits to offer to content creators.

What are your tips for how to find success on YouTube? How has YouTube helped you grow your brand?

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