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Mailchimp for Shopify: Getting Through the Ecommerce Break-Up

A toy gorilla sits on a desk next to a computer with the Mailchimp for Shopify platform displayed.

You’ve likely heard about the statement released by Shopify. By May 12, 2019, Mailchimp will no longer have native integration with Shopify because of the poor merchant experience due to Mailchimp’s refusal to respect Shopify’s Partner Program Agreement.

If you’re a Shopify eCommerce marketer who uses Mailchimp, you’re probably thinking about what to do now. There are two options: look for an alternative, or use a third party to sync Shopify to Mailchimp. Let’s explore them both:

Looking for a Mailchimp Alternative

If you have been using Mailchimp to automate emails triggered by customers’ shopping behavior in your Shopify store, the good news is – there are alternatives. Regarding email automation, some Email Service Providers (ESP) are more potent than others, some are easier to set up than others, and some have better reporting. Here’s a helpful comparison of the leading alternatives.

If you’ve already gone through the process of setting all this up in Mailchimp, you’re probably dreading having to do it all over again. The good news is that everything is ready to go using an app like Marsello and defaulted with best-practice email flow settings, triggers, and pre-designed templates. All you have to do is add your business logo and turn each email flow on, or you can customize the designs and settings to suit your brand. You can do everything you could do with Mailchimp Automation (and more with easier-to-set-up product recommendations, Shopify discounts, and segmentation):

Could you encourage new customers to shop again? To make a great first impression and bring new customers back to your store again, say thanks with a First-Time Email.

Shopify Mailchimp welcome email from Marsello


Look after your best customers. Automate an email flow that encourages your best customers to keep shopping. If product recommendations in the first email don’t motivate a purchase, automatically follow them up with an exclusive discount just for them.


Shopify MailChimp Marsello Best email


Build loyal relationships on customers’ birthdays. A positive ‘Happy Birthday message or offer designed to delight your customers will get them shopping again and help move them to more desirable segments.


Shopify MailChimp Marsello Birthday email


Win back At Risk customers. Bring back at-risk customers with an automated email flow to win them back. If product recommendations in the first email don’t motivate a purchase, automatically follow up with a limited-time discount email.


Shopify Mailchimp Marsello Win back email


Recover abandoned carts. Automate great-looking abandoned cart emails when your customers don’t complete a purchase and leave items in their cart. Go the extra mile and pull through product images from their coach and a button to take them back to complete their order.


Shopify Mailchimp abandoned cart email Marsello


Send one-off email campaigns. Update your customers with on-brand, creative, and quickly built one-off email campaigns. Send and schedule newsletters, promotions, or new stock emails to your entire database or a particular customer segment with just a few clicks.




So how do you make the switch? All you need to do is install Marsello on the Shopify App store with a 14-day free trial (no payment details required). Marsello has been built for Shopify, so your customers will automatically sync. Still, have questions about migrating from Mailchimp? We’ve put together a helpful page of FAQs on making the switch.

Still can’t decide what to do? Ask our marketing experts for help.

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