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Maximizing Downloads: The Impact Of A Well-Designed Mobile Game Logo On Your Business

A gaming room with neon lights and a video game console, perfect for e-commerce enthusiasts looking to showcase their Shopify products.

One of the main components of the corporate identity and brand is a logo, an individual graphic mark, a corporate font, or a combination of a graphic mark in an attractive visual design.

Therefore, the presence or absence of a high-quality game logo design is one of the first reasons for the success/failure of a project.

Logo design is a small part of creating a company's corporate identity, but it's essential to know that a logo is the centerpiece of a brand's identity. And we all know that this is the part of the corporate identity that the audience most often remembers.

Logo development is a laborious creative process, resulting in a graphic sign reflecting the game project's positioning, ideology, philosophy, and values. Therefore, we have collected the most valuable and up-to-date information based on the experience of top game dev studios, who showed the possibilities and prospects of a successful gaming logo design.

What is Logo: Elements of an Effective Mobile Game Logo Design

The logo is one of the main components of the company's image and, in this case, the mobile game. The presence of a game logo design on advertising integrations or just inside the game not only identifies the brand but also creates increased trust. The main elements of the logo are color + font or the game's full name. It seems simple but much more complicated than you might think.

Effective game logo designs create a positive impression of the project and provide an opportunity to evaluate the game without even playing it. It's not easy to achieve this with simple graphical solutions. The modern gaming market is quite challenging because studios and designers are required to do a lot of work to create a unique logo. 

She was briefly speaking about what the logo is: style, brand, visual acquaintance, and an effective tool for the development of a game project.

The Impact of Mobile Game Logos on Projects Success

The logo is not a direct tool for sales or the success of a mobile game but indirectly affects them. The logo is a metaphor and a recognizable sign among hundreds of other game projects. Therefore, it is a sign that connects the visual representation of the game and the personal character of the game studio, which in theory, can be part of the success of any business.

How Mobile Game Logo Colors Affect Branding

Probably, you have faced various best logo color combinations more than once. This is unsurprising since the modern game development business has long had standard colors for different projects. The perfect logo color is always associated with the genre of the game and immediately gives a clear idea of the game. Choosing the logo colors, designers or artists focus not only on its uniqueness but also on the psychological component:

  • Red – expresses strong emotions, for example, love, anger, passionate passion;
  • Orange – simultaneously reflects joy, disappointment, enthusiasm, and freshness;
  • Yellow – causes a feeling of happiness and is associated with cowardice;
  • Green – traditionally denotes nature, greed, and disease;
  • Blue is a masculine color, a symbol of calmness, seriousness, and coldness;
  • Purple – luxury, fantasy, and a sign of another world;
  • Black – often denotes evil, grief;
  • White – evokes the association of holiness, innocence, and goodness.

Subconsciously, bright objects attract our attention. But everything is individual, so you need to follow up the psychology of colors and the features of the game project to create a successful logo design.

Mobile Game Logos and User Experience

The logo should not contain unnecessary elements that significantly complicate its perception, ultimately affecting the UX. In addition, all details, fonts, color elements, etc., must be combined so that the gamer does not have dissonance. A banal example is the use of bright colors in gloomy game projects. Such games are rarely successful, even at the start of the release.

How Logo Effects Mobile Game Marketing Strategy

What makes a good logo successful? Colors and fonts are important, but above all, the logo is part of marketing. The logo should be memorable, unique, and not associated with other games' logos. Although some studios create a logo similar to successful competitors, this does not make their project so.

An example of using a logo in a mobile game advertising strategy is to make it possible to place it on advertising boards, merchandise, etc. In this case, the logo will source additional audience and traffic to the game project.

The Cost of a Gaming Logo Design

A reasonable and adequate gaming logo design costs from $50 to $2000 on average on the market. It all depends on the amount of work, requests, and the number of graphic elements. At the moment, there are a lot of different outsourcing studios and agencies. But if you still decide to order a logo design, you must consider the studio's portfolio. Some agencies have a profile type of work and design style, which sometimes may not match your expectations and requests.

Mobile Game Logo Design Guidelines – Best Tips

The task of the logo is to convey a lot without words, to express what the game is like. This is not so difficult to do, and following a few tips and logo design guidelines from professional studios is essential. 

Understanding Your Target Audience

Gaming logo design is a visual introduction to the target audience. Because in order not to scare or disappoint her, the logo should contain what the players want to see. Similarly, cultural influences affect every aspect of logo design, from text and images to color palettes. Therefore, it is worth considering this while analyzing the audience and logo design.

Kyle Golding, CEO and chief strategic ideologist of The Golding Group, argued that even the best and most professional logo would only focus on a specific part of consumers. Therefore, the logo will create a powerful connection with the target audience, which will be the central part of the community and bring profit to the studio. You must create a logo considering their feedback, ratings, features (age, gender, game genre, etc.), and preferences.

Creating a Unique Colorful Logo Icon

Logo colors evoke many psychological associations that were mentioned above. Still, more often, they are based on the game's setting. The colorful logo is cool, but the main thing is not to make it too much.

“When we look at something, we first recognize the shape, then the color, and if that's enough to hold our attention, our gaze will linger. Therefore, in any case, regardless of the company, a small but important element in the visual image of the brand is the logo” – David Airey.

Game logo design is a small part of creating a company's corporate identity, but knowing that a logo is the centerpiece of a brand's identity is essential. And all know that this is part of the corporate identity that the audience most often remembers.

Most modern gaming logos were created similarly, using the psychology of colors and various software to create a color palette. Currently, to meet the canonical green, red, and yellow colors are pretty tricky. As a result, designers now use improved versions of standard colors.

Testing and Refining Your Logo

As in developing a mobile game, testing and improvements are also necessary for logo design. The idea may seem reasonable and promising in the draft, but you can get negative feedback about the logo after the game's release. Therefore, it is essential to analyze the target audience to finalize and edit the logo as a part of the mobile game marketing strategy.


A successful game project or business should always have its business card, the logo. So that the players and the audience do not have a question – What does the logo mean? It is best to leave this task to a professional studio. The cost of creating a logo is not so high, given the profit a successful one can bring in the long run.


What makes a good logo for a mobile game?

A good logo design for mobile games has three main factors: uniqueness, memorability, and versatility. The modern gaming market sparks with various logos and memorable images, so it is essential to balance these three elements to compete.

How much time and money does it take to develop a logo design?

In financial terms, logo design can cost from minimum amounts up to $2500+. But all this is compensated by saving time and professionalism of outsourcers or design agencies. Depending on the complexity of the logo, the work can take from 1 day to 1 month.

How does game branding provide advantages or benefits?

Image and branding are the presence of a game studio in the market. Due to this, demand, audience, and profit are formed. The logo, in this case, is a business card to demonstrate the project and is used as part of the mobile game advertising strategy.

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