Meet The Man Responsible For Making Amaze Look AMAZING


Name: Mike Perry

Title: Director of Product Design

Department: Product

Time at Amaze: 6 years

1. Provide a fun fact about yourself that not many people know.

I am a dual Australian/American citizen.

2. What’s something you’ve done or created that you’re proud of–either at work or during your free time?

This is going to sound cliché, but I don’t care. The two greatest accomplishments in my life are my two daughters. Together, my wife and I have raised two very incredible humans.

3. Describe a favorite memory.

I remember walking down the 18th fairway at Pebble Beach with my dad. It had been such a wonderful day. As it was coming to an end, I forced myself to make a mental note so I could always remember how incredible I felt.

4. What inspired you to join Amaze?

Once I saw the technology Amaze had created, I couldn’t stop imagining its possibilities and knew I had to join the team.

5. Explain your role and what you do.

I define and execute a vision for product design and UX within our portfolio of products.

6. How has your previous work experience helped you excel in your current position?

I’ve been designing for the user since day one of my career. From websites, online tools, and mobile applications, I’ve always focused on making the lives of the user easier.

7. How would you describe Amaze’s company culture?

We are a small team of doers and achievers. A team of passionate engineers, designers, and visionaries, creating an amazing tool. We are open, honest, and give everything to help build a tool that we hope will make lives easier. Our culture is inclusive, friendly, and empowering. And we ALL enjoy what we do very much. I know this is on our website, but I wrote it and stand behind it.

8. What are some of your observations regarding our leadership team?

Every member of our leadership team is extremely passionate about our mission and vision. This, combined with an extraordinarily high level of expertise and creativity, makes us unstoppable.

9. What’s been your favorite part about working for Amaze?

That’s easy, the people. You can see from what I said about the culture that I am a big fan of our people. Every single member of our team firmly believes in what we are trying to accomplish.

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