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New Mobile Commerce Templates That Help You Boost Sales And Engagement Online


Amaze has hundreds of professionally designed templates that make it easy for you to get your products or services online and in front of customers.

We offer templates for selling pages, link in bio profiles, ad/jump pages, presentations, and more.

Simply find and select a template that fits your needs and replace its existing images, logos, videos, text, etc. with your own content. Our drag-and-drop editor makes editing easy and helps you quickly customize a template to reflect your brand.

All our templates come with pre-designed page structures, transitions, and animations that bring your content to life and engage your audience.

Check out the four selling page templates we’re featuring this week below. You can also click here to jump straight into the Amaze editor to start creating your own masterpiece.

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This clean, modern, mobile commerce template will help you sell and promote your products or services online in a simple, yet powerful way. The white-pink gradient background adds a luxurious feel to the page, but is easy to replace if it’s not your style.

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Display your products in a straightforward template that makes it easy for customers to skim through and quickly understand what you’re selling. The lighter color scheme of this selling page template puts the spotlight on your products and imagery and helps customers stay focused on what you’re selling.

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Want to promote an ongoing sale? This template will help you do that. Marked down prices make your products even more irresistible and make customers believe they’re getting a good deal. Everything in this template is easy to change, so don’t worry if you’re selling products that are in a completely different industry. Just replace existing content with your own for a whole new selling experience.  

This single-product, selling page template allows you to showcase an item rather than grouping it together with other products. Single product promotions typically result in higher conversion rates as your audience isn’t distracted by multiple products and won’t get overwhelmed by too many choices.

Sign in to Amaze to use these mobile-first, selling page templates and start promoting your own products or services online! If you don’t have an Amaze account, don’t worry. You can sign up for a free 15-day trial here.

You don’t need to enter any credit card information to sign up, so it’s completely risk-free.

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