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Not Your Average Link In Bio Templates


Are you ready to accelerate your journey of becoming a professional creator, grow your audience, and increase engagement and sales?

If you answered with a “Heck yeah!” then check out our brand-new link in bio templates below!

Our templates help you quickly create a better link in bio experience that encourages clicks and helps increase sales.

Once you find a template you like, just replace its existing images, logos, videos, text, etc. with your own content and add in your links.

It’s that easy!

It only takes a few minutes to customize one of our link in bio templates. Afterwards, you’ll be able to publish a free link in bio that is sure to amaze your followers.

Check them out below, or jump straight into the Amaze editor to get customizing!

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This fun link in bio template displays your clickable pages in a clean, organized way. Easily link your social media accounts and add additional buttons if needed. This template is easy to modify to your liking!

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Stand out with bright buttons and set​ the colors to match your branding. Although the image above doesn’t show it, the background is actually a video. Replace it with your own content to add movement to your link in bio or simply add an image or background color to keep it simple.

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Step away from the typical link in bio button look with clickable visual blocks of content. Add in images or videos to each of the squares to represent your URLs in a fun and engaging way.

tIYFzh6PrMMcds1553CdBC7z0tPBWmr6PrpZtffNCrtfCG1qWfnDDLK1WWlVVsf8uNG1RNpp7dOWjqJVPOo0hmQWMfkPM3tcK YvGNhyfmTqYRojtKpiZdDfoiJzH9ekdWmWb 2Phmkz10r9nQTqqsBQEX7Wlj6aLBTbK9ztP kJnK0RATjXOq0rjQ

Choose this moody template and make it your own within minutes. Keep the video of clouds drifting by in the background to keep a serene appearance, or change it up to give this link in bio template a whole new feel.

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