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Our CEO Shares What He’s Learned Watching Thousands Of Ecommerce Businesses Grow Over The Last 8 Years


In case you haven’t heard, we launched a podcast called The Ecommerce Marketing Show. Unsurprisingly, it’s dedicated to ecommerce marketing. And who better to shed light on the subject than Ben? In the last 8 years, he’s had a front row seat as more than 400,000 merchants have leveraged Privy to grow their businesses.

But don’t worry, this episode isn’t a sales pitch. It’s about what he’s learned along the way and the tactics you can be using right now.

So you’ve got your store set up. Now what? Where do you go from here? How can you use marketing as a differentiator for your business?

Well, for one thing, email’s still got it. People have been asking if email is dying every single year for the last decade. And guess what? It’s still the best way to build your audience, so don’t underestimate it.

Ben has seen so many people work to build their email list, but not actually send any emails. Don’t let that be you. Get on a regular cadence and keep your customers engaged.

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • Why most new ecommerce brands never make their first sale.
  • The playbook for converting your first sale, including the two plays every online store should be running.
  • The power of telling your story and why confirmation and shipping emails are the perfect place to do it.
  • Why text messaging could be the future of ecommerce marketing.

Oh, and if there are experts you’d love to hear on the show, send ‘em my way (lauren@privy.com). 

What to listen for:

  • [4:28] Why email is still the best channel for building a massive audience.
  • [7:50] DG’s Shopify experiment, Dave’s Hoodies.
  • [9:06] What’s stopping ecommerce brands from making their first sale?
  • [11:13] What makes some companies successful while others fall behind? 
  • [16:54] Why confirmation emails are the perfect place to tell your story.
  • [19:07] What are the two plays everyone should be running?
  • [21:14] What’s the abandoned cart playbook?
  • [26:20] What’s the cross-sell playbook?
  • [32:17] The right use case for drop shipping.
  • [36:07] Why is text the next move for Privy?

To point you in the right direction: 

This article was originally published by our friends at Privy.

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