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Podcast Episode #36 – Tapping Therapy For Anxiety And Healing | Amy Vincze – Soar With Tapping

Podcast Episode #36 – Tapping Therapy For Anxiety And Healing | Amy Vincze – Soar With Tapping

We’re thrilled to present the latest addition to Afluencer’s content lineup – our podcast series featuring insightful conversations with influential brand owners. In this inaugural article, we have the privilege of introducing Amy Vincze, the visionary founder of Soar With Tapping, as our esteemed guest.

Meet Amy Vincze: The Mind Behind Soar With Tapping

Amy Vincze, the innovative mind driving Soar With Tapping, takes center stage in the Afluencer podcast series. With a wealth of experience in the world of influencer marketing, Amy shares captivating insights, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped her brand’s journey.

Podcast Premiere: Delving into the Soar With Tapping Universe

Join us in exploring the enchanting world of Soar With Tapping through the eyes of Amy Vincze herself. We’ve embedded the riveting YouTube podcast video below, offering an exclusive glimpse into the transformative power of influencer marketing.

Also, listen to the Afluencer Podcast on:

Key Takeaways

00:29 ? Amy Vincze shares her journey of starting Soar With Tapping after a cancer diagnosis, leading her to explore healing and wellness.

01:49 ? Tapping, known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), combines acupuncture and talk therapy to reduce stress by releasing energy blockages.

05:17 ? Soar With Tapping app provides easy access to tapping routines for various categories like sleep, goal support, and emotional intelligence, catering to individual needs.

10:42 ? Over 300 studies support tapping’s effectiveness in reducing anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms, pain, and cravings.

13:14 ? Soar With Tapping app offers both free content and subscription options, ensuring accessibility for users regardless of financial constraints.

14:37 ? Soar With Tapping explores collaborations with influencers in the health and wellness field to expand its reach and promote mental wellness awareness.

Transcription Insight: A Peek into the Conversation

Gain an insider’s perspective as we burrow into the transcription of our engaging conversation with Amy Vincze. Discover the strategies, anecdotes, and wisdom that have fueled Soar With Tapping, all captured in this in-depth transcription.

In Conversation with Amy Vincze, Founder of Soar With Tapping:


Welcome to our Influencers podcast, where we connect brands with microwaves, sponsors and small business owners, e-commerce, all that good stuff. We’ve got Amy Benza with us today is the founder of Saw with Tapping. Amy, we’re going to get into your app, which I know is very highly rated in a moment. And in terms of the details and your work with influencers to help promote it.

But first, can we start with you? Tell us a little bit about yourself, your journey before you started this, saw what’s happening. Yeah.


Yeah, sure, I’d love to. My name is Amy Vincent. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Been here most of my life, married, have a ten year old daughter, and I had a cancer diagnosis when I was a little over 30 years old. That started me on the path of healing and health and wellness and everything having to do with that, I suppose.

I had a question, Why me? And it wasn’t like, Why me? You know, I’m yelling at the universe. It was like, No, really, why is it that I got this cancer when other people my age are not? I really wanted to solve that problem and I got a lot of different answers and a lot of informed opinions about how that came to be.

And it really kind of shaped who I am as a person now in a really wonderful way. And it got me started with Tony Robbins, which is where I met somebody that introduced me to Tapping. So I’ve been a tapping coach now for over 15 years and I absolutely love it.


Well, that’s interesting. So let’s get into that, Amy, and you’re going to have to educate me because I know Tony Robbins. I’ve read at least a couple of his books, right and done audiobooks. I am not familiar with Tapping or FTE, so you’re going to have to educate me here.


Okay, no problem. So it’s been around for almost 30 years now and it really is a great combination between acupuncture and traditional talk therapy. You know, acupuncture uses needles on the energy meridians of your body to help facilitate healing. And the idea behind it is that when you have a pain or a fear or a limiting belief of any kind, there is a blockage in your energy and it’s not flowing properly.

When you are in a flowing state of energy, your body is healing itself and or you are healed. So either the percussion of tapping or the needles of acupuncture will help facilitate that flow. And I think the thing that makes it really interesting and more powerful than acupuncture is that you are actively talking about what it is you want to release while you are doing the tapping.

So and your body starts to associate an element of peace and calm with it because it sends a calming signal to the amygdala in your brain as a fight or flight center where you experience all of your stress. And it sends a calming signal there specifically, and it starts lowering cortisol in your system almost immediately and leading you to feel like even though nothing has changed, leading you, you feel way more peaceful and way more calm in the moment.


Got it. Okay. So from an acupuncture and my experience, they’re limited. Although I get at some last figure, my dentist is big on the acupuncture so she puts it in the hand and teaches me keep the meridians open across my legs in the chair like I like I like to. Right. So keep them ready and keep the energy flowing.

So on the on the tapping this interesting in terms of being audible with it. So you’re just voicing that emotion to get the right energy flowing, like you said, to get that emotional mental block to get through that. Where physically then am I doing the the attack? I assume certain areas of the of the body or face?


Yeah, they are on traditional pressure points and there are many of them all over your body. There are some that are widely agreed upon, but from one tapping codes to another and they might differ slightly, but for the most part there’s the carotid chop point right here. So you tap on your credit shot point, eyebrows, side of the eye, under the eye and the nose, mouth, collarbone under your arms, ribs, wrists and top of your head.

Yeah. So there’s there’s many all over your body. We try to make it as easy as possible to remember all these things. Some people just tap on one side of the body versus the other. I like to tap on both sides of my body. I figure while we’re here, we might as well get the most bang for our buck.

And so I try. I cover all 14 energy meridians and I tap on both sides of my body.


Got it. Cool. So let’s talk about the apps or what’s happening app. So now how does it work? I’ve got my android I’m one of the few the pro right Android or iPhone download the app right so we’re tapping how how does it work has walked right like newbie like me right well how does walking through that.


Well first things first there is the video that says let’s start tapping and it’ll show you some of the features of the app, but also that also just introduce you to how to tap events if you’ve never tapped before. The tap is points that I use. Like I said, could be different from another coaches or even some other apps that are out there.

So it’s just an introduction to the sort with Tapping app and it’s pretty easy to use. I tried to make it as simple as possible. You go to a main dashboard, you can pick a category, and in the category there’s like 12 different categories from sleep to goal support to physical health or emotional intelligence and support everything under the sun that you can imagine, including financial abundance.

And so you just pick something and then press play and it will give you verbal and visual clues about where you should be tapping in the moment and you’re just going to repeat after me. So what I say and do what I do, and then I’ll take you through a tapping round and and there you go.


Gotcha. Is do you have a protocol for this and is it a daily or. I do this a few times a day or a few minutes. Better to do it less in terms of duration, but more often. Right. What’s what’s a good protocol for tapping?


I would say it depends on what you’re working on. I mean, if there’s something that’s really insidious in your life and you feel like it needs to change immediately, I would hammer it hard. And if you can devote an hour a day to something like that, you will see it go away in a couple of days. I mean, if you can really devote yourself to that, if you just want to wake up and feel like, you know, I want to feel more productive today, there’s a quick boost or productivity.

So you do 10 minutes a day and just get yourself in the right frame of mind. But the more you create a ritual around it, the more the more progress you’re going to see of my work with my individual clients. If they if I only see them once a week or once every other week, we don’t make a ton of progress.

If they work with the recording from our session every single day, their issues y fly through and they they don’t have any problems moving forward. Like it’s really a fast, fast thing. I’ve had really big physical issues that I focused in on for 3 hours, maybe, and they’re they’re gone. I haven’t dealt with them since then. It’s been over five years.

So it just depends on what it what it is you want to work on and how important it is for you.


Got it. Interesting, going back to the origins of this and from the it was Tony Robbins. I assume he didn’t create a did he? Or was he just the person who popularized the method of tapping?


No, it wasn’t Tony Robbins specifically. He’s more interested in it at the moment. But yeah, it was a psychologist that was working with a client that had a severe phobia of water, and he was playing around with having her tapping on certain energy meridians while they were doing their sessions. And she mentioned that she had like her ups, her tummy was upset when they were talking about something.

And so he started having her tap on the tummy meridian and within a few minutes she was like, It’s gone. My phobia is gone. And she ran over to the pool and started splashing water on her face. And so one minute miracle and which isn’t totally common, but the he developed it from that point. Moving forward, he got more of the energy meridians involved, and it turned into something called thought therapy.

And then another person, Gary Craig, kind of engineered it to the point where it’s now called EFT or Emotional freedom Technique, where you tap on all of the energy meridians with note, whatever it is you’re talking about, because the other method was a little bit too complicated, like, where’s my where’s my stomach meridian, Where’s my back meridian? You know, all of the you had to know those specific things instead of just tapping on all of them and freeing your system from it completely.



Yeah, I see. Yeah. Thanks for the background. Was interesting. Was he assuming he’s American or Western guy? Did he have Eastern influences and kind of a West meets east practice? The meridians on his mind.


Yeah. Yeah, right. He was just doing research at the time I think, and married the two with tremendous results.


Yeah, got it. Yeah. Really interesting. I know from the massage. We’re all right from there. There’s different approaches and there’s sort of that classic Western approach where it’s very mechanical, where you press this to get this. And then there’s the eastern approach to more of the acupuncture, like you were saying, with the meridians. And there’s not necessarily any scientific studies backing the meridians other than just two or 3000 years worth of literature.

Right. So, yeah, it’s always interesting to see the Western people who incorporate it, even though there’s not that the Holy Grail, right, of the scientific study. Are there scientific studies on tapping or is that something in the works or is it still like a just hasn’t there hasn’t been a study done on what was that in terms of research?


So far there are over 300 studies. It reviewed papers being written and they all kind of document the success of tapping. I have a little information on some studies here where there was a study done at a a I think it was a training for tapping. And so they kind of had every all the participants rate themselves across a lot of different categories depression, anxiety, happiness, all of those things.

And then they went through the tapping training. Within a couple of days they had anxiety decreased by 40%, decreased depression decreased by 35, PTSD symptoms decreased by 43, pain decreased by 57, cravings decreased by 74%, and happiness increased by 31%. So that was just one study and there’s over 300 that have been done at this point.


Got it. Yeah, Those are pretty significant numbers. Are you seeing an increase in inbound searches then for tapping, tapping, coaching? You’re tapping out then as a result of these studies, I assume they’re getting more and more out. There’s people like me get educated.


Yeah. Yeah. It’s not quite mainstream yet. It’s getting more and more popularity as people get exposed to it and have a willingness to try it. It feels a little bit silly at first when you’re tapping on your body, especially if you’re staring at somebody else doing the same thing. It can feel a little self-conscious. But when you start experiencing the results, it’s like, Well, I don’t care how I look, this feels great.

So more and more people are willing for sure.


Yeah, it works. It works, right? And yeah, that’s a nice thing. I can download the app, go to my couch over here and and not be judged after the podcast. Right. So me noticing you got a 4.9 out of five star rating on the app, which is, I mean, that’s higher than you ever see. What’s the secret then to having an app that is just so highly rated and sought out?

And regarding.


You know, I feel like I just really tried to put myself in the position of the user and try to make it as easy as possible and as beneficial as possible to them. There is no point in making something that’s only beneficial to me, it’s just to the users. So that was really the main guide with designing and implementing everything with the app, and it still is.

We’re continuing to refine and make it easier for people in whatever way is possible and interesting.


Is it free? And then I assume there’s a generous free component to have the high rating, which is kind of like a requirement for people when they get to the apps. Do you do you make money off of it? Also, is there a premium component as well?


There is a monthly and or annual subscription. There’s also free content on there for sure. Yeah. So everybody has access to something. I don’t feel like people need to have to pay if they’re suffering. You know, they’re suffering with massive anxiety. They shouldn’t have to forgo help because they can’t support it. You know, that type of thing should be made available to everybody.


Every use influencers yet to promote the app.


We are just now dipping our toes into that realm and I’m really excited about it actually. We’ve tried some other avenues with mixed results, but I really feel like if we are matched up with the right people that it could be really beneficial for both of us.


Yeah, sounds like it. So let’s I’m interested in hearing your take on what types of influencers in are you thinking in terms of promoting? Sorry, what’s happening is that you know broad or it could be people who are, you know, helping out with, I don’t know, general mental health awareness and wellness, general health fitness or are you looking specific in terms of people who are already educated?

Marijuana, it’s about tapping. What are your thoughts there in terms of potential influencers to work with?


Honestly, I feel like it could be anybody in the health and wellness field. I feel like, you know, we’ve had a lot of success in physical wellness. Everybody’s on on that train already, and same with spiritual. There’s a lot of people that are well versed in meditation and, you know, everything that goes along that I feel like mental wellness is just at the start of its journey.

And so anybody that wants to have comprehensive wellness across all three areas of your life, even if they’re, you know, focused on physical wellness, this is part of wellness. And and if they branched over into that area, not only could it benefit them, I think it could benefit us, too.


Yeah, makes sense. And it’s kind of the best type of partner to have someone who believes in it and is using the app at a minimum. Right. Using saw what’s happening. Yeah. Because then they can go through and share with their followers, Hey, this is how I’m using it. This time. I’m using tapping this right? Yeah. Yeah. Great.

So I’ll let you go on this one. And how can influencers creators reach you if they’re interested in learning more about tapping or absorbing tapping or potentially collaborate with it?


Well, you can reach me on affluence, so you can email me, Amy, at sort of what’s happening dot com. I’m always happy to respond to people that reach out and have any questions. I’m happy to just discuss things that they might have more questions about what it would look like to promote sort of tapping or, or get access to the app and anything that goes along with it.


I’m just open. Great. Thank you, Amy. We’ll make sure to get a link to the our influencer collab. Then below the show notes here we’ll get a link to the app. Also see if we can get to that. And then your website, your contact info there and, and I appreciate you educating me, a newbie type of stuff, so appreciate that.

And we will get this out to our community and I’m sure more people like me who needed to learn about tapping. Appreciate you coming out today.


No, I’m happy to be here. Thank you very much.


All right, great. Thanks again. Amy Benza with Sara Tapping.


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Reflecting on a Journey of Innovation and Influence

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