Send AI-Generated Personalized Videos At Scale To Delight Customers And Boost LTV With Maverick

In today’s Shopify Ecommerce Podcast, my guest is Eitan Winer, the Founder, and CEO of Maverick.

This episode is made possible by Tapcart, Shopify's number-one mobile app builder for direct-to-consumer brands. Turn your Shopify store into a mobile app that your consumers will absolutely love.

This is Maverick’s story…

Maverick is a software company that helps Shopify eCommerce brands boost their LTV and delight customers through AI-generated personalized videos at scale. Maverick was built by entrepreneurs Eitan and Debarshi, who met while working together at a mobile gaming company. They realized that in the age of eCommerce, customers lose the personal touch they would have during in-person interactions with stores. They set out to find a way to get that back and discovered that some merchants were sending personalized videos to their customers. But once they reached any scale, this became incredibly hard to do. Maverick enables brands to record one base video and one script video and then set up a notification to let Maverick know whenever a trigger action—such as a purchase or an abandonment.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Making personalized video content for each customer at scale.
  • The use of AI to generate lip-synced and face-synced video frames.
  • How Maverick can be used in any customer interaction where personalization is desired

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