The Compounding Effect Of Ecommerce SEO: Building Relevancy And Authority With Josh George Of ClickSlice

In the latest episode of the eCommerceFastlane Podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Josh George, the founder of ClickSlice. We discussed how to get your Shopify store onto the first page of Google through ecommerce SEO. He shares a success story of a men's shaving products brand that saw a 73% increase in orders and over 60 keywords ranking on the first page after a bespoke SEO campaign.

The episode emphasizes the importance of organic traffic, especially as relying solely on paid ads becomes riskier. It also highlights the complexity of the Google algorithm and the necessity of long-term thinking for continued growth.

This episode is made possible by UPS Capital, creators of the InsureShield App for Shopify. You work hard for your company’s reputation, but shipping setbacks like porch piracy or in-transit damage are outside your control. The post-purchase experience, including shipping, is a critical part of the customer journey, and protecting against these risks is essential.

In this episode, you will learn:

1. What are some risks of relying solely on paid ads for traffic and sales?
2. How does organic traffic differ from paid traffic regarding trust and conversion rates?
3. What are some essential tools and strategies for effective keyword research?
4. Why is it important to focus on creating topically relevant content on your website, and how does this impact SEO?
6. How can ecommerce brands balance keyword optimization with helpful, engaging content on their website?
7. What are some benefits of investing in content production as part of an overall ecommerce SEO strategy?
8. How does the compounding effect of SEO work, and why is this important?
9. What are some of the key factors that Google uses to rank websites, and why are these important to consider when optimizing for SEO?
10. How can ecommerce brands work with SEO agencies like ClickSlice to ensure a successful, long-term SEO strategy for their website?

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