Referral Marketing Ideas: International Friendship Day


It’s like the Super Bowl for referral marketing. Celebrating your friends (and customers) is always a good idea. Encouraging customers to celebrate their friends while promoting your brand? An even better idea.

Every August, International Friendship Day rolls around and provides the perfect opportunity to encourage your customers to spread the love of your brand with their friends through special offers. Here are some referral marketing ideas from Friendbuy customers and how they made the most of International Friendship Day.

Below is an example of a dedicated email sent from the well-known hair and beauty brand, Olaplex. They creatively took the opportunity to promote their product kits as besties.


The best kinds of friends are dogs. That’s why Diggs, a direct to consumer dog crate brand, promoted their referral program on International Friendship Day, reminding their customers that they can refer a friend to get 15% off their first order, and get a $50 Diggs gift card in return.


Friendships are always blooming – and incentives make them better. Bloomscapes, a houseplant home delivery brand, promoted their referral program across channels on International Friendship Day. They sent a dedicated email and text message to their subscribers, letting them know they can share the love of plants and give their friends $30 off their order, and get $30 in return. As they put it, it’s a win-win.

                                BLOOMSCAPE EMAILBLOOMSCAPE SMS

We all have that friend that loves coffee. And if you don’t, then you probably are that friend. Coffee brand Fellow knows that coffee is better with friends. So this International Friendship Day, they got creative with their referral marketing ideas and offered both the Advocate and Friend a free mug in a dedicated email blast.


And speaking of beverages you may enjoy, Wine Access, a wine curator and subscription company that provides access to wines from around the world, promoted their referral program in their weekly newsletter.


You get $20 dollars, and you get $20 dollars, we all get $20 dollars! Okay, not really. But if you’re a Chic Soul customer who refers a friend, your friend gets 20% off and you get $20 towards your next purchase. They promoted their offer in a dedicated email blast for International Friendship Day.

chic soul

International Friendship Day is all about making your customers feel the love. Clothing brand Natural Life asked their customers to share the love and refer their friends with another give and get $20 dollar offer.

Natural Life

The above examples are just a sample of some of the creative referral marketing ideas that brands are using to promote International Friendship Day to their Email and SMS subscribers. There are always celebratory days on the horizon (international donut day, anyone?) that you can capitalize on and run these types of limited time campaigns  to help achieve and even surpass your revenue goals and engage your customers. If you’re interested in launching a referral program or brainstorming more referral marketing ideas, book a meeting with the Friendbuy team here.



This originally appeared on Friendbuy and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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