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Review Your Klaviyo Metrics In Segments


By importing your Klaviyo lists, you’ll be able to see your email signups and metrics along side your Shopify metrics. Further, you can monitor the changes in your Klaviyo metrics with a time series.

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How to import Klaviyo lists

To import Klaviyo lists into Segments, navigate to the Integrations Page.

Once you add Klaviyo as a connection, you can click on Import Lists.

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You can choose up to five (5) Klaviyo lists you’d like to import into Segments.

Once you’ve made your selection, click Submit.

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👉Action: Import your favorite Klaviyo lists

To access these cards, click the [Add metric] button and selecting any card starting with Klaviyo. For example, if I wanted to understand the number of sign-ups, then I can select the metric “Klaviyo email signups”.

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Notice: metrics derived from Klaviyo data will have a Klaviyo Logo (add logo here) next to its title; metrics derived from Shopify data will have a Shopify Logo (add logo here); and any metric derived from both data will have both icons next to its title

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👉Action: Add your most valuable Klaviyo metrics to your store overview

Accessing your Klaviyo data through Executive Summary

If you’d like to see all the Klaviyo metrics in one place, you can access it through the Executive Summary Email tab.

On this tab, you can quickly review the performance of your Klaviyo metrics for the selected date range and compare against the previous year-over-year period.

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