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Rewind Launches Newest Version of Copy for QuickBooks


Copy Tool in Quickbooks Online Store

Ottawa, Canada – November 12, 2020 – Rewind, a leader in data control solutions for web accounting tools, today launched the newest version Rewind Copy for QuickBooks Online. Part of the Rewind Backups app, it allows users to automatically transfer data between QuickBooks files with ease. . The only copy feature available to all QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Online Accountant plans, Rewind Copy gives customers multiple ways to move and leverage data, eliminating hours of manual importing and exporting client files.

“The process of replicating a QuickBooks Online file is game-changing,” said Kellie Waters of Calmwaters Cloud Accounting. “No more downloading lists, mapping, uploading, re-mapping and other time-consuming tasks; Bookkeepers and accountants will find a ton of reasons to love Rewind’s Copy for QuickBooks Online.”

Quickbooks Online customers can waste hours, even days manually moving company files. With Rewind Copy, bookkeepers and accountants can onboard new clients faster, test new apps risk-free or make cloud audits easier. Copy gives firms greater control over the data which powers their clients’ business.

“Our team has been tirelessly working to enhance Copy and add features that make a difference to our customers,” said Mike Potter, CEO of Rewind. “We are continually looking to help bookkeepers and accountants solve problems and bring more value to their clients’ businesses.”

Copy is a premium feature of the Rewind Backups app available for QuickBooks Online users. Launched in 2017, Rewind Backups is the only app available for QuickBooks Online which protects vital client data. QuickBooks Online protects it’s server and infrastructure from a data disaster but can’t restore individual client files. Clients need the ability to quickly recover from human error, cyber attacks and botched app integrations. Copy will be available at a price of $29 USD per copy.

About Rewind

Since 2015, Rewind has been on a mission to help small and medium businesses keep growing online. Today, over 30,000 total customers in more than 100 countries use Rewind’s top-reviewed apps and support to ensure their eCommerce, accounting and software-as-as-service applications run uninterrupted. Comprised of the Rewind platform offering Backups, Restores and Copy, Rewind gives companies the tools they need to ensure mistakes don’t stop them from growing. Rewind was named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2020. Rewind has over 1000 five star reviews across all platforms.

Special thanks to our friends at Rewind for their insights on this topic.

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