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Generating sales and revenue growth in today’s hyper competitive retail landscape means any edge Shopify Plus retailers can gain is vital and our approach of making complex data more accessible and ready to use to drive the maximum return from email, digital ads, loyalty, SMS channels is why Plus brands like Meshki, True Botanicals, and ILIA Beauty trust Segments to power their analytics growth.

Read more about the Shopify Plus stores making the switch from Glew to Segments for greater support, increased platform stability and faster innovation to solve complex data problems.

Segments is built from the ground up to help Shopify Plus stores scale leveraging their first party customer data from Shopify and the apps that power core functions like loyalty, reviews, subscriptions, digitals ads, email, SMS and more.

Feature – Custom dashboards

As a Shopify Plus store you’d have complex data requirements bringing in marketing channels (Google, Facebook TikTok, SnapChat, etc), Shopify app data (subscription, reviews, email, SMS, etc) along with shipping information, payment gateways. In summary there’s a lot of work to pipe all these channels into one usable, actionable dashboard.

We specialize in creating bespoke solutions for Shopify Plus customers, for example, Segments created bespoke dashboards for multiple brands helping them get (a)

  • Single view of sales and marketing data
  • Analyses of customer cohorts to better understand your best customers
  • Detailed product journey views

You’ll join Shopify Plus stores like True Botanicals that have been leveraging Segments to power their internal business intelligence solutions. Our team has built scalable data pipelines to major ad channels and can build custom dashboards, setup data warehouses to your exact needs.

Feature – Customer Support

As a Shopify Plus store on our Unlimited and Segments X plans you’ll enjoy industry leading support from data scientists with 30+ years of experience. Our team including our founders, John Chao, have worked at Fortune 500 companies and tech giants like LinkedIn building complex data models to help scale growth.

We feel privileged that our customers have helped us achieve a 5* star rating on Shopify and a large volume of feedback from Shopify Plus merchants like True Botanicals, White River, Meshki speaks to the over and above support Meshki provides our customers. 

With a deep understanding of the nuances of e-commerce data, advanced analytics technology, and a unique approach to segmentation, Segments has the expertise and perspective to help your brand successfully build a modern culture of data.

This originally appeared on Segments and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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