Selling On OfferUp: Make Money By Listing Your Products

Оfferup is a very popular app that puts the focus on in-person transactions. Knowing how to search for a seller on Offerup will give you a great chance to land a deal on a top product for a great price. 

Moreover, you will have a smaller chance of getting scammed on this B2B platform, which has seen not one or two cases where reports have been filed, and most of the time, it was because there was not enough research done on the reseller.

But how to find someone on Offerup is the question in our case. Well, we are about to answer this question in this article.

What is Offerup?

Before you search for profiles on Оfferup, you need to know what the platform is all about. Offerup is a website where people can buy and sell items. It is similar to Craigslist but with a few key differences. First, Offerup requires users to create an account before buying or selling anything. This helps to keep the site more organized and safe than Craigslist. Second, 

Offerup has a built-in messaging system so that buyers and sellers can communicate with each other directly. Lastly, Offerup offers a “meet up” feature, which allows buyers and sellers to arrange a time and place to meet in person to exchange goods. This is convenient for both parties and helps to ensure that transactions are completed safely. Overall, Offerup is a great option for those looking for an alternative to Craigslist.

How to find someone on Offerup?

Before you ask, ‘Why search for someone on Оfferup?', we need to mention that there aren't one or two occasions where people have been scammed on the B2B seller platform. So if you want to ensure you don't get deceived, it'll be a good idea to find people on Оfferup before you buy. Let's see how.

Check out the seller's username

If you're looking for someone on Offerup, checking out their seller username is the best place to start. This will give you an idea of what items they sell and how often they're active on the site. You can also use the search function to find specific keywords related to the person you're looking for. 

Once you've found a few potential matches, take some time to read through their feedback and ratings to get an idea of what others think of them. If everything looks good, it's time to start contacting them to see if they're interested in selling their items to you.

Social media profiles are a good hint

Most people who use Offerup are probably looking for a good deal on an item they need or want. But some people use the app to scam others. This is why checking the seller's social media profiles before you agree to purchase anything from them is essential.

When looking at a seller's profile, pay attention to how many followers they have and how long they've been active on the platform. If they don't have many followers and their profile is fairly new, that's not necessarily a red flag. But if they have no followers and their profile was created recently, that's something to be aware of.

It's also a good idea to see what kind of activity the seller has on their profile. Do they only have a few posts? Do those posts seem suspicious? Are they trying to sell multiple items that are the same? These are all things that could be indicative of someone who is trying to scam people on Offerup.

Google always comes to the rescue

It is essential to check Google to identify sellers' information on Offerup. This is because Offerup does not provide much information about the sellers themselves. 

However, by searching for the seller's name on Google, you may find their Facebook page or other online presence that can give you more information about them. 

Additionally, you can use Google to search for reviews of the seller or their product, and this can help determine whether or not the seller is reputable.

People search tools

A few valuable tools exist when you're looking for information on a seller on Offerup. First, try searching for the seller's name on the site. This will bring up any public information associated with that name, including their profile page and any ratings or reviews left by other users.

If you can't find what you're looking for this way, you can also try using people's search engines like Spokeo or Radaris. These sites search through billions of public records to find information on people and often have detailed listings for active online people. Just enter the seller's name and see what comes up

Search for clients

If you're looking for information on a particular seller on Offerup, one way to find out what others think of them is to look for product buyers and ask about their experience. This can give you some insight into how reliable the seller is and whether or not they're likely to be able to provide the product or service that you're interested in. Of course, it's always important to take reviews with a grain of salt since everyone's experience will be different.

But suppose you see a pattern of positive or negative feedback. In that case, it can be a helpful indicator in deciding whether to purchase from a particular seller.


Wе hope this guide on searching for a seller on Offerup was helpful! While it may seem like a terrible task at first, with patience and perseverance, you can be sure to find the person you're looking for. With Offerup being one of the largest marketplaces for B2B sellers, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to find what (or who) you're looking for. So don't give up, and keep searching until you do!

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