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Step-By-Step Guide To Coupon Link Building For Ecommerce

An ecommerce coupon with a star design.

Building links for an e-commerce website can be a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. Although it can significantly boost your website traffic, missteps can nullify your efforts.

Therefore, it is essential to follow a well-defined strategy to ensure that your link-building efforts are practical and yield the desired results.

But there is something you can incorporate to build a successful link-building campaign for your online store. The coupons. Yep, exactly. You might think they have nothing to do with search engine optimization. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet. 

Link coupon building isn’t the most widespread SEO technique. Yet, if you know how to leverage it, you can increase your online store’s Google ranking faster than expected. SEO aside, coupon sites can help you boost sales, as 38% of customers buy more than intended when they have a coupon. So, if you’re already using other linking tactics like guest posting, resource pages, or buying backlinks, but you’re craving more. Consider using coupons to send extra traffic to your site. Today, we’ll dive deeper into that. 

Coupon Link Building FAQ

Coupons are vouchers or unique codes that businesses use to offer incentives, such as discounts, to attract customers to their site and increase sales. But how do you use coupons to boost your search rank? Here are the answers to that and other commonly asked questions.

What is coupon link building?

Coupon link building is one of the less popular SEO tactics mainly used for e-commerce. The idea is that businesses create different types of offers, assign a specific code to them, and place them on coupon sites. Good deals motivate users to visit the brand’s page and buy their products. This way, your e-store can generate more links, boost visibility, and grow revenue. But this is a win-win deal for everyone. Coupon sites get content, consumers get discounts and can save money by using coupons instead of paying full price, and businesses increase traffic and sales. With coupon codes, you don’t pay full price – you can get great deals and discounts.

Are coupons effective for e-commerce link building?

The simple answer is yes. Millions of Americans use coupon codes to shop and spend hours actively searching for them. Besides, up to 80% more people sign up for emails if offered coupons. Consumers are redirected to your online store when they find your deals through coupon sites. As a result, you get an additional e-commerce link-building tactic to drive traffic.

How to find the best coupon sites?

There are many coupon sites out there. Finding the best ones can be tricky, as some are nothing more than spamming sources. Your best bet is to use trusted sites like Swagbucks, Groupon, Slickdeals, and RetailMeNot. When in doubt, do a quick Google search and determine what people say about the site and its coupons. In other words, check their reputation before you make a decision. If you’re unsure whether coupon sites would work for you, opt for the free options to start. This way, you’ll have nothing to lose. 

What does the process of coupon submission look like?

The process for coupon submission can look different depending on the site you are using. However, most have a form where you fill in relevant information such as your website, type of code, start date, and expiration date. Ensure you add all details correctly before hitting the submit button.

What results can you expect from coupon link building?

When done correctly, a link coupon can be a game-changer. You can expect to see some uptick in the traffic and engagement you get on your site. This could lead to more potential customers and increased revenue for your business. Besides, you can diversify your backlink profile to improve Google rankings.

5 steps to coupon link building for e-commerce

Finding the right ideas to start a business is one thing, but another ballgame to increase traffic. Integrating link coupon building can also be challenging for several reasons. But we’ve got you covered. Follow the steps below to avoid the most widespread issues.

Step 1. Decide on the coupon type you need

There are different types of coupons. The first step is to learn about each and choose the best option for your case. Alternatively, you can use a combination of all as needed.

  • Brand coupon codes. This type of voucher is excellent for creating brand awareness. You can also use these to get more eyes on your landing page. 

? Example: If you want to introduce a new label in your store, you can offer a discount or free delivery for one particular brand.

  • Product coupon codes. This one works for specific products rather than general brand awareness. Use this option to drive traffic to particular product pages like your bestselling item.

? Example: When you have a higher stock of some item, you can offer a special deal to make it more attractive for users.

  • Categorized coupon codes. You can use these codes to direct customers to a particular product category on your site rather than a single product. 

? Example: During holidays, you can create offers for a suitable product category, like a gift section for Christmas.

Step 2. Choose your promotion offer

Your next step is to settle on the promotional offer that serves you best. Here are different types to consider:

  • Free shipping offer. It’s a basic deal offering free delivery either storewide for a limited time or for orders above a specific value. 

? Example: “Free shipping for orders above $40.” 

  • Buy x amount to get freebies. This is a great option to increase sales of a particular product, especially in the low-cost range.

? Example: “Buy 3, get 1 free.” 

  • First-order discounts. Many users have doubts when ordering from a new site. You can incentivize them with some special deals. 

? Example: “$20 off for a first purchase.”

  • Fixed discounts. This is an old-good discount for a particular product or a selection of items. 

? Example: “Get 15% off on all stationery.” 

  • Holiday/seasonal offers. This is a valuable option to increase sales during some periods and events.

? Example: “Up to 50% for the BBQ season.”

  • Cashback. Another alternative that can make a product more attractive to buy is cashback. 

? Example: “Get $10 back from every purchase.”

  • App-only discounts. If you have an application, this is a great way to motivate people to download and discover it.

? Example: “25% off in-app.”

Step 3. Select your anchor text

Caption: Discount coupons via RetailMeNot

The anchor text for a link coupon differs slightly from what you usually do in SEO. Coupon links use a nofollow attribute because otherwise, they get spammy, and your site’s ranking might get hurt. As the link is nofollow, you can use exact-match anchors without worry. But often, you will go for the practical ones that explain your offer well (e.g., “50% off fashion accessories orders $122+”). And here, it would be logical to link to your accessories collection. Yet, as we’ve seen, you can use pretty much any anchor for the coupon sites.

Step 4. Pick the landing page

Picking the right landing page for each anchor and coupon is essential. Be sure to match the right code type to the appropriate pages. If your offer refers to a specific product, ensure your link leads right to that item. Don’t make your users search for it. 

On the other hand, a brand coupon should lead to that brand’s product selection or your landing page if it’s your label. Remember to configure the pages you link to on the coupon sites. You should adjust them based on your goals but also consider the following aspects: 

✅ Be sure to use high-quality images to sustain your customers’ interest

​​✅ Try to include only relevant details on the landing page. Excessive information could distract visitors

✅ Use SEO best practices like keywords in the title/description and meta tags

Step 5. Find the best coupons sites and contact them

All coupon sites are not created equal, and using low-quality ones can hurt your link-building efforts. Use well-known and trusted sites like RetailMeNot and Groupon to promote your codes and get traffic to your online store. Since these platforms are already popular among businesses and consumers, you are more likely to boost your SEO rankings by using them. Find their contact details or check their websites for an online form to fill out. If you’re using a submission form, ensure you add all details correctly and comply with the guidelines. And in case you’re contacting coupon sites via email, focus on creating a short but informative pitch.

What else can you do with coupons for e-commerce link building?

There are several tactics you can apply for your e-commerce link building. Every link-building guide offers its own suggestions. Yet, you won’t find many options when it comes to using coupon links. Even though this technique is often overlooked, it can help you drive more traffic when you get creative. Here are some additional ways to use coupon links for e-commerce.

Embed coupon widget to your site

Letting your customers know about all the relevant offers and discounts is, at the very least, logical. This can motivate your visitors to make a purchase, as 69% of shoppers report that having coupons influences their decisions. Multiple tools can help you embed coupon widgets to your site. If you’re using WordPress, you might want to try Elementor for that. It simplifies the whole process a lot. To better understand how it works, check the step-by-step tutorial below. 

Do influencer marketing

Many businesses that use coupons to build links often choose to work with influencers. You need to be careful, though. While there are many influencers, you will find that not all of them fit the bill. Choose the ones that already have the right audience relevant to your niche. Often, micro-influencers can bring better results than macro-bloggers. But before you start collaborating with influencers, take your time to learn more about how social media trends can impact your business and your store’s Google rankings. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Exchange coupons with your partners

This is a way to throw a wider net for a broader audience reach. You can exchange coupons with a relevant partner that has a similar target audience. They could post your coupons on their site and social media, and you could do the same in return.


Link coupon is a creative way for entrepreneurs and marketers to drum up more traffic to their e-commerce sites and increase sales. Apply the steps in this post to achieve your goals and reach your target. For the best results, combine these steps with your standard SEO tactics. This will increase your traffic, improve your SERPs and bring more revenue. 

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