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The 10 Best Content Marketing Tools In 2023

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The right content marketing is one of the best ways to establish your EAT, i.e., Expertise, Authority, and Trust as per Google’s quality guidelines, and rank higher in search results while building relationships with your target audience. Moreover, top-notch content marketing tools can help your SMB achieve your digital marketing goals affordably and conveniently.  

Why does a Business need Content Marketing Tools?

Google has been focusing on rewarding content designed for humans rather than machines. In other words, the new Google Helpful Content Update could work in your favor and help you rank higher in search engines if you create content for people that adds value to their lives. So, in the backdrop of Google redefined algorithms, regulations, and rankings, the importance of content marketing has increased manifold. But, the change also requires businesses to create premium quality, fresh, engaging, and valuable content to help them stand out among competitors.

Today, the concept of disruptive marketing is creating innovative methods to market and promote their products, services, and the brand itself in front of a global audience. Disruptive content helps engage the target audience deeper and enhances the brand value, leading to long-term growth for an SMB, especially B2B. Generally, B2B businesses focus on a niche and address a small but valuable audience that mainly comprises industry professionals and experts. So, it becomes even more important to communicate your expertise through helpful content rather than ads that can be skipped or blocked with software. 

Content marketing has great potential to generate quality leads with lesser investment, so resonating with your target audience is essential. The right content marketing tool helps you hit the bull’s eye with the necessary data, analysis, and methods for influencing your prospective and existing clients. Further, cloud technology has made access to content marketing software simple and affordable for SMBs. In other words, using the right content marketing tools for your small or medium-sized B2B business could help your business enhance visibility, establish authority, win loyal clients, and have a competitive edge with a high ROI.

The Best Content Marketing Tools for 2023

The most suitable content marketing tools for your B2B business can lead your brand to success. Here are the best top-notch content marketing tools for SMBs in 2023

Google’s Content Marketing Tools: Free Google Tools for Content Marketing 

Google offers a range of free tools for content marketers, which can help them create the right content at the right time for their target audience on the most suitable platform. For example, Google Analytics is a top-notch web analytics service that tracks your content performance through different metrics. It helps you shape the best content strategy by informing you which pages receive the most and the least traffic while focusing on content that significantly impacts your audience. 

Additionally, some other best Google free content marketing tools helpful for businesses consist of

  •       Google Adwords helps choose the right keywords. 
  •       Google Trends indicates what is trending online for your specific niche 
  •       Google Sheets to record, track, and organize data 
  •       Google Alerts for the latest news and content relevant to your business 

HubSpot: Integrated CRM and CMS

HubSpot is a multi-functional CRM platform that offers all the necessary tools to create, optimize and present your content to the right audience. It also serves as a powerful marketing automation platform with all-in-one CRM, marketing, and sales services for your SMB. HubSpot also boasts a top-notch CMS that helps centralize and integrate your content efforts with your site. HubSpot is excellent for collaborating, integrating, and managing different types of content in other formats on various platforms with an easy-to-use interface, numerous free content tools, and features like social media management, email tracking, and automation. 

SEMRush: SEO and Insights

With complete marketing tools and a detailed reporting system, SEMRush can be a comprehensive digital marketing toolkit that helps businesses shape their content marketing strategies. The SEO tool provides detailed market research insights and aids in numerous SEO aspects like keyword research, on-page SEO, social media management, competitor analysis, etc. Among other remarkable content marketing features, the software also helps businesses get a competitive edge by helping them understand the keywords their competitors use, searching backlinking opportunities, conduct SEO audits of the company blog. 

WordPress: CMS

WordPress is among the most popular Content Management Systems due to its versatility, affordability, and power-packed tools. In other words, it is easy to create and publish on the open-source, free platform simplifies the process of website creation and blog creation. In addition, the platform boasts the best drag-and-drop page builders, a vast number of themes, free and premium plugins, and easy integration with numerous other apps. In other words, WordPress offers you the needed scalability, flexibility, affordability, and useful plugins that make your business’s digital journey a smooth one. 

Trello: Project Management

Trello is an excellent project management tool that makes collaboration efficient and fun. Simply put, it is software that helps organize tasks on boards in different styles, simplifying working together as a team on a project. The customizable boards enable breaking down the project into tasks, organizing it, assigning it to the team, and tracking progress on live workspace boards. Trello is appealing due to its easy integration with other tools, automated workflows, easy-to-use interface, and fun features like colored card covers, dancing checkboxes, etc.   

ClickFunnels: Sales Funnel

ClickFunnels helps create the correct sales funnel for your B2B business and prevent expensive marketing mistakes your business could make throughout the customer journey. Templates and easy drag-and-drop options that help create a sales funnel in a few minutes make it a multi-purpose content marketing tool in sales funnel building and web building. In addition, ClickFunnels’s features enable easy integration with various platforms and highly-targeted messaging with combined content formats.   

GetResponse: Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

GetResponse is a complete email marketing tool that helps generate emails and creates conversion funnels, landing pages, and webinar marketing. One of the platform’s best features is automatically triggering events or emails based on recipients’ actions or a set time frame. What makes the marketing automation platform appealing is its user-friendliness and affordability.  

Hootsuite: Social Media Management

Hootsuite is a single tool that helps you manage your social media accounts organizationally and efficiently. The social media management platform allows you to schedule and publish content on different channels at the desired time. The tool also functions as a shared planner for your team while connecting with multiple social media platforms simultaneously. On the one hand, the software helps track, analyze, and locate social media trends while comparing competitors’ profiles to provide deep insights for social media planning. 

Rapidely: AI-Generated Content Ideas

For entrepreneurs, community managers, and companies looking for captivating social posts tailored to their needs – Rapide.ly is here! This AI-powered tool makes creating content a breeze, offering suggestions based on your input or even the ability to have them write it for you. For those needing ideas, ask away, as this platform will brainstorm with you too!

Podcastle: Audio/Video Content Creation

Regarding highly engaging content, audio and video are undoubtedly on the rise. Whether you decide to record a full-on podcast show or shorter snippets for promoting your business, this all-in-one content creation platform is excellent for tapping into the market without investing in expensive gear or professional content creators. Despite its simplicity, the software offers all you may need to record high-quality audio/video, allowing you to quickly edit your audio with various AI-powered tools and features. 

Grammarly: Text Content Creation

Premium quality content forms the core of the entire digital content marketing process. The comprehensive content writing tool Grammarly can be termed a content creator’s best friend due to its ability to scan and correct texts in a few seconds. The AI editing tool dramatically improves the quality of content by pointing out grammatical mistakes and inaccuracies and checking for plagiarism. Additionally, it helps adjust content according to your target audience with the help of goal-specific suggestions and easily integrates with various platforms. The software pays attention to all aspects of writing, like readability, tonality, clarity of expressions, and vocabulary, while providing suggestions, scores, ratings, and comments. 

Canva: Visual Content Creation

Eye-catching visuals play an essential role in making people click on your content. Canva is a simple-to-use graphic designing tool that enables beginner and experienced designers to create social media posts, blog images, infographics, and other attractive visual content for their target audience. In addition, the tool allows you to create your own content marketing visual materials with the help of its massive library of customizable templates and tools to build your design. The ease of use, cloud-based storage, and integration with different content formats make visual content creation with Canva easy, fast, and fun. 

Appy Pie Design: AI Visual Content Creation

Appy Pie Design emerges as a game-changer with its AI image generator in the digital era, where visual content reigns supreme, setting a new standard for effortless and impactful visual content creation. This innovative platform is swiftly becoming the go-to solution for businesses, marketers, and creators looking to elevate their visual storytelling without the complexities of traditional design tools. It leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transform basic ideas into stunning visual pieces in moments, making high-quality design accessible to all.

The AI-driven engine behind Appy Pie Design intuitively crafts images tailored to your requirements, ensuring that each creation is visually appealing and well-aligned with your brand’s message and audience’s expectations. From social media graphics and promotional banners to professional presentations, its versatility and ease of use make it an indispensable tool in any creator’s arsenal.

How to Choose the Right Content Marketing Tools for your Business?

Content marketing for B2B businesses has reached a new level where companies compete to increase brand awareness, add value, and establish authority in front of a knowledgeable audience. 

As an SMB, choosing the right mix of content marketing tools for a B2B business within a limited budget could be tricky. Firstly, the best digital marketing strategy is relatively inexpensive. To figure out the right content marketing tools, zero down on your content marketing goals first and then decide what needs to be done to achieve your goal. 

Taking advantage of the free trial options provided by the tools is a great idea to find out how it works and whether you can achieve your objective affordably and efficiently.  

The secret to successful content marketing is planning a dynamic content strategy, using the most efficient marketing tools, and posting the best content on the right platform at the right time to reach your target audience. However, even with the best content marketing tools, an inaccurate content strategy could make all your digital marketing efforts futile. Therefore, your SMB needs a well-informed and efficient partner for your digital marketing journey to success. A competitive team of a B2B digital marketing agency helps your B2B business grow and reap the benefits of a well-planned content strategy tailor-made for your target audience and industry.  

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