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The 13 Best E-Commerce Tools In The Shopify Plus Marketplace


One of our major success stories, Pura Vida, was featured on the Shopify Plus’ blog in a post that highlighted some of the best e-commerce tools around

Specifically, 39 apps they recommend for achieving multi-million-dollar results. We decided to focus our summary on the apps specifically used by Pura Vida to manage everything from real-time notifications to their referral program.

Email Aptitude: First on Pura Vida’s technology stack is Email Aptitude. They do full-service email strategy, management, and testing to help their clients out with the most effective overall messaging possible for all of their communications needs. Their focus on data allows them to test message types at any level in order to optimize content across a variety of platforms.

Bluecore: Bluecore is a marketing company that specializes in retail. They are able to send you emails with content tailored specifically for your interests and behaviors, which not only makes them more likely to be opened but also clicked through!

Bronto: Bronto is a leading email service provider (ESP) whose powerful features allow you to create email workflows, track performance, and much more. They are leaders in marketing automation and creating customized sequences for your business.

Justuno: That’s us! We’re an on-site conversion rate optimization suite. Our advanced visitor segmentation enables you to create personalized on-site promotions in order to increase your lead capture rate, sales conversions, and more.

Choose from our bank of designer pre-built templates or create your own from scratch, try spin-to-win promotions or geo-target specific areas — the options are endless!

Yotpo: Yotpo is a tool that makes it easy to collect and highlight customer reviews. They help amplify your customers’ trust in you with their Mail After Purchase (MAP) program, which leads to more sales and increased retention of returning clients. 

Yotpo eliminates the barriers most people experience when they’re asked for feedback by simplifying the process down from three steps into one-step submission, making Pura Vida’s reviews an invaluable resource for shoppers!

S Loyalty: S Loyalty is a company that helps businesses create programs to help build loyalty with their customers. They have found success by giving rewards to incentivize community building and connections amongst loyal patrons of your brand.

Loyalty gif

Refersion: Refersion is a powerful software that helps you create and maintain your affiliate program. Affiliate marketing has become an industry standard for success in the e-commerce world, so they’re here to help! Pura Vida’s been using Reflection as part of their strategy to reduce customer acquisition costs while simultaneously ranking well on Google with influencer campaigns – which means explosive growth.

ShopMessage: ShopMessage has found a way to help companies recover abandoned carts and give them more of an edge in customer relationships through Facebook Messenger. They have had results that show their performance rate is better than the traditional email method for recovering abandoned carts!

Foursixty: Pura Vida uses Foursixty to turn their Instagram content into shoppable galleries throughout the site. This tool helps reduce cart abandonment by specifically showing photos of what you have in your cart, showcasing how others styled it with products from lifestyle and other photo sets. By reducing add-to-cart barriers, they are able to capitalize on purchase intent and boost online sales as a result!

Social Post Gif

Nosto: Pura Vida credits much of their success to Nosto’s ability to personalize their brand experience. As they’ve grown, Pura Vida has become the go-to for scalable personalization in order to meet each customer where they are and provide personalized recommendations that will help them connect with products from brands like theirs.

InstantSearch+: The Pura Vida search function is powered by InstantSearch+, a company which helps retailers make real-time recommendations to consumers. They analyze shopper behavior and then their algorithm analyzes what the shoppers are looking for in order to provide relevant suggestions or autocomplete searches with products that customers want and stores want to sell. The result? A win-win!

Bold Subscriptions: In order to launch the subscription side of their business, Pura Vida turned to Bold Subscriptions to help them make that happen. They automate everything from billing, orders, and more. The great thing about subscription services is that they are a source of recurring revenue, which is something every business likes to see coming in. Bold Subscriptions has allowed Pura Vida to scale their subscription club and most importantly, keep it reliably easy to manage.

Fomo: Fomo is a new and innovative marketing tool that provides social proof of other customers’ behavior on the Pura Vida site in real-time. This display of when someone makes a purchase or leaves a 5-star review creates an urgency to entice shoppers into converting, ultimately helping them make smarter decisions about their purchases. It’s cool how they’re using this “social cues” aspect to help influence buyer behaviors – it really seems like it works!

FOMO gif

Pura Vida is a stellar example of what can happen when all of your marketing efforts work together toward a clear company vision and goal.

They are a brand, who through the power of social marketing efforts and personalization, has not only captured shoppers’ attention but turned it into a loyal and enthusiastic customer base.

Other companies should take note, Pura Vida’s success isn’t just the result of using great e-commerce apps, but their passion for what they do and dedication to truly engaging with and providing value for their customers.

Read more about how Pura Vida uses Justuno to increase both their email capture rate and conversion rate!

Kathryn Browning

Kathryn Browning

Kathryn is Justuno’s resident content marketer who writes about all things marketing and e-commerce related. When she’s not at her desk on the weekends, she’s probably eating tacos or on the hunt for the best happy hour in town.

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This originally appeared on JustUno and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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