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The 7 Most Creative Rewards Program Names


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published July 11, 2017 and was updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness on March 30, 2022.

It seems that humans are obsessed with names. When couples find out they’re expecting, they’ll spend months debating baby names. Our brains light up when we hear our own name, and when we’re getting close with someone, we say we’re on a first name basis with them.

While it can be hard to buy into the naming hype, rewards programs are a special exception.  Your program’s name sets the tone for new and returning customers, and has the power to encourage their participation or turn them away completely.  We’ve written before that the best ways to get your customers excited about your program are to establish a strong emotional connection through your program name or your rewards currency.  By doing so, you can present a unique, branded vision for your program that can light up a customer’s brain as if they’re hearing their own name.

Although this might sound extremely easy, it doesn’t happen overnight.  Building brand awareness and promoting your loyalty program can take time, but the end results are always worth it!  Since 7 is the luckiest number, we’ve gathered together the 7 most unique rewards program names to help get your creative juices flowing.  Each of the brands on this list have found success with their program through a variety of naming tactics, and we’re sure that by the end of this list you’ll be that much closer to perfecting a name for your own successful rewards program.

Land of Daughter’s Indoorsy Club

Who: Land of Daughters

Program Name: The Indoorsy Club

Industry: Candles

For many people, the term “homebody” is associated with the idea of cozying up at home with a nice fuzzy blanket and some warm candles. Land of Daughters, self-identified homebodies to the core, took this idea and ran with it. Their rewards program, The Indoorsy Club, flips the idea of the outdoorsy lifestyle on its head.

Through the use of the word club in their rewards program name, Land of Daughters inspires the notion of community. This creative rewards program name inspires the notion that just because you prefer the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of a like-minded community.

“Community is extremely important to us and one of the best parts of this business is when customers turn into friends.” Land of Daughters

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot of Land of Daughter’s products. There are 5 candles labeled: Homebody, Hometown, Let’s Stay Home, Bungalow, and Just Breathe.
Land of Daughter’s candles. 

As a brand that believes that “the little things are the big things”, The Indoorsy Club is the perfect rewards program name to reflect this. Coupled with product names that reflect homebody ideals, Land of Daughters celebrates making memories at home and finding joy in the simple things in life.

Takeaway: The best rewards program names challenge the status quo and make a lasting impression.

Domino Pizza's Piece of the Pie Rewards

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot from Domino Pizza’s Piece of the Pie Rewards program explainer page. Text reads, “1 order = 10 points” and “60 points = Free Pizza”.
Domino Pizza’s Piece of the Pie Rewards explainer page.

Who: Domino's Pizza

Program Name: Piece of the Pie Rewards

Industry: Food & Beverage

For many people, puns and “dad jokes” are a polarizing issue.  While they might make you cringe, they’re also hard to forget, making them the perfect tool for coming up with a truly memorable and impactful rewards program name.

No matter how you slice it, Domino’s definitely takes the cake (or the pie, we should say) with this naming method for a couple of reasons.  For starters, the phrase “piece of the pie” sounds very similar to “pizza pie”, reminding customers of why they love Domino’s in the first place and what they stand to gain by joining the program.  Secondly, “piece of the pie” is often used to describe sharing something valuable or worthwhile.  By offering customers a piece of the pie, Domino’s is promising to share value with their customers, presenting them as a generous, worthwhile brand to engage with.

These literal and figurative translations of a simple, well known-phrase make Piece of the Pie Rewards a tasty, extra-large opportunity for customers who enjoy good pizza, extra cheesy puns, and valuable rewards.

Takeaway: the most creative rewards program names use humor to humanize the program and brand.

The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Circle

Who: The Beauty Chef

Program Name: Inner Beauty Circle

Industry: Skincare

The beauty industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest-evolving markets in the world of commerce. As trends and styles continue to change, brands are forced to adapt their business models and customer experiences to meet new industry standards. If they don’t, they end up falling behind. The thing is, it’s not just beauty and style trends that change over the years –  the language we use to describe these things is changing, too.

In recent years, there’s been a shift in the beauty industry to focus on “inner beauty”. Skincare and beauty brands are all about instilling confidence in their customers and designing products that enhance their already beautiful features. The Beauty Chef jumped on this trend with their rewards program, Inner Beauty Circle. As a skincare and gut health brand, their rewards program name drives home the idea that beauty starts from within.

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot of a chart explaining The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Circle VIP tiers. The tiers are: Seed (0-1249 points), Harvest (1250 - 2999 points), and Glow (3000+ points).
The Beauty Chef’s Inner Beauty Circle VIP tiers. 

The Beauty Chef extends their naming skills to their VIP tiers with smartly named tiers that reflect their products and brand values. As customers grow in their journey from seed to glow, they feel more connected to the brand at every stage.

The use of the phrase “inner circle” also reflects how deeply The Beauty Chef values their customers. As a phrase that means a group of people who you’re closest to, this creative rewards program name makes customers feel like they’re part of something exclusive and special.

Takeaway: the most creative rewards program names make customer relationships personal.

PenGem's Signature Rewards

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot from PenGem’s Signature Rewards program explainer page. There are three icons: a present, two hearts, and a network icon representing earning gems, referrals, and social sharing, respectively.
PenGem’s Signature Rewards program explainer page.

Who: PenGems

Program Name: Signature Rewards

Industry: Stationery Fashion & Accessories

PenGem’s program is built around the unique products they sell. While Signature Rewards might sound a bit generic at first, it’s actually a clever play on words that refers to what they sell—pens! When you make that connection, the relationship between their products and program is extremely clear, and powerful to boot. It’s a subtle play on words that matches the overall aesthetic of the PenGems brand.

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot of PenGem’s Signanture Rewards program VIP tiers. The three tiers are: Member (spend $0 to $249 per year), VIP (spend $250 to $499 per year), and VIP Black (spend $500 or more per year).
PenGem’s Signature Rewards program VIP tiers. 

By rewarding customers with Gems and offering an easy to understand explainer page with stylish gem shaped icons, the whole program is a fun call-out to their crystal-adorned stationery.

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot of a chart explaining the details of each VIP tier in PenGem’s Signature Rewards program.
PenGem’s Signature Rewards VIP tier details. 

Signature Rewards also emphasizes the key reason customers should join the program: rewards. Customers are motivated to join rewards programs because they are looking for value over and above the products they buy.  By blatantly addressing this motivator in their program name, PenGems is able to communicate the value that customers can get from their rewards program and set up realistic expectations. This puts both the customer and the value they stand to earn front and center, keeping the focus on the positive outcomes of joining Signature Rewards.

Takeaway: the most creative rewards program names make customer value a clear priority.

Left Field Brewery’s Fan Club

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot of Left Field Brewery’s Fan Club rewards program explainer page and their rewards program launcher on the side. The page title is “Join the Club. Get Rewarded!”
Left Field Brewery’s Fan Club rewards program explainer page.

Who: Left Field Brewery

Program Name: Fan Club

Industry: Alcoholic Beverages

When you think of perfect pairs a few things come to mind: peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, and baseball and beer. Left Field Brewery ran with the last one and created a full product line of baseball-inspired brews.

They’ve got a full roster of on-themed drink names from Squeeze Play to 7th Inning Seltzer, but where they really knock it out of the park is their rewards program name: Left Field Brewery Fan Club. The idea of a “fan club” is something that’s integral in the world of sports. If there’s any industry where brand loyalty truly thrives, it’s sports. By making this association between their brand’s commitment to baseball and their commitment to their customers, Left Field Brewery shows how they really are their customers’ biggest fan.

Left Field Brewery hits another home run with their rewards program explainer page copy that is full of clever baseball puns. From calling their welcome points a “Signing Bonus” to celebrating birthdays with a simple”HBD MVP” message, their branding is instilled in every part of their rewards program naming process.

Takeaway: the best rewards program names relate the products to the program.

inkbox's inkfam

Who: inkbox

Program Name: inkfam

Industry: Fashion & Accessories

Rewards program aside, inkbox is a brand unlike any other.  Offering temporary tattoos that last for only two weeks, the Toronto-based accessories brand has quickly grown to become an online sensation.

The concept for inkbox’s temporary tattoos was inspired by the indigenous tribes in Panama.  These close-knit communities have been tattooing their skin for thousands of years, forging deep connections between each other and their environment through the social and artistic bonds of tattoos.

This intense community is what inspired inkbox’s founders to name their rewards program inkfam.  For many, the word “fam”, which is short for family, conjures ideas of togetherness, trust, and support, and these images present the inkbox community as one that customers can feel safe joining.  As part of the inkfam, customers can rest assured that they’ll be treated as a valued member of the community – one that supports its members and is open to everyone.

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot from inkbox’s homepage showing their “Shop Insta” section. There are featured images of their customers showing how they styling their inkbox tattoos.
inkbox’s Instagram feed on their homepage. 

This heightened accessibility and focus on inclusion reconnects inkbox’s desire to be a brand that caters to everyone’s needs, connecting the core of their brand to their customer experience in a tangible, personal way.

One Love Organics' The Love Club

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot from One Love Organics’ Love Club rewards program explainer page.
One Love Organics’ Love Club rewards program explainer page.

Who: One Love Organics

Program Name: the love club

Industry: Hair & Beauty

As a brand that promises to deliver “beauty from the heart”, One Love Organics is built on ideas of love, beauty, and acceptance and their rewards program is no different! With beautiful pink colors and heart icons, the love club’s explainer page is consistently branded and acts as a cohesive part of the overall brand experience.  As customers navigate from product pages to their rewards account, it’s clear that they were made, work, and belong together, delivering a consistent brand message that keeps customers firmly engaged in the shopping experience.

Creative rewards program names–A screenshot from One Love Organics' Love Club rewards program explainer page showing the different ways customers can earn points. They include: place an order (2 points per $1 spent), refer a friend (500 points + your friend gets a $5 coupon), follow us (100 points each showing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter icons), and product review (50 points each).
One Love Organics' Love Club points earning actions. 

In addition, One Love Organics’ reward program is easy to remember.  With a short, sweet, and simple name, the love club is able to stay top of mind, prompting customers to engage as they interact with other aspects of the brand.

While these naming conventions might seem trivial, they make a huge impact on the overall effectiveness of a brand’s retention strategy, taking them from a mediocre to an exceptional customer rewards experience.

Takeaway: the most creative rewards program names are natural extensions of the whole brand.

Designing the best rewards program names

Each of these examples make it clear that at the end of the day, the best rewards program names deliver something unexpected.  Whether it’s by connecting abstract ideas, using humor to create interest, or building on pre-existing brand experiences, the best rewards program names all move beyond the words used to promise something that shoppers can’t wait to experience for themselves.

But don’t just take our word for it – what do you think is the best rewards program name?  Tweet us at @smilerewards and tell us which program name inspires you and join the conversation!

This originally appeared on Smile.io and is made available here to cast a wider net of discovery.
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