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The Power Of Brochures In Your Marketing Mix

A true oldie but unshaken goodie, brochures are the unsung hero of any marketing mix. Suppose you want something to impress while visually giving the reader all the necessary information.

In that case, you shouldn't overlook adding this element to your marketing strategy. But there's a lot that folks don't know about brochures and their true promotional pizzazz.

Fortunately, we've got you covered. We'll go over exactly what makes a firm brochure, the benefits of using them in your marketing, and how to implement your new favorite marketing element seamlessly into your current plan.

The Elements of an Effective Brochure

We didn't already tell you that while brochures are an excellent marketing element, you've got to make one that does its job effectively. To ensure that your brochure flies off of shelves and into the minds of consumers, you should keep a few considerations in mind.

Headlines That Pop

Like social media, novels, and newspapers, that first line is the hook. Since it's the first thing that will draw a potential reader's eye, you must ensure that it's informative and attention-grabbing. It might seem calm since it's such a small element, but its impact is massive! Having a quality headline could make or break the success of your brochure, so take some extra time crafting an enticing first line.

A Lovely Layout

The design and layout of your brochure have got to be both visually appealing and easy to navigate. Your plan should align with the brand's identity and target audience so that the right people are the ones that pick it up.

A messy and cluttered brochure runs the risk of driving readers away, so take some time to focus on things like fonts, colors, and general graphic design principles. Even if your content falls flat, the fact is that people will still pick something up if it's pretty! If you don't think your design skills are up-to-par, consider hiring a service that does the heavy lifting for you, like these brochure design services in Mississippi.

Copy That Captures Attention

Once you have the visual elements taken care of, it's time to focus on the content. The average attention span is roughly twelve seconds, so that's the amount of time you have to get your brand's message across and ensure that message is something people want to continue hearing. The general rule of thumb when writing good copy is to be clear and concise while still being informative.

Clear Call To Action (CTA)

A CTA, or call to action, is perhaps the most vital aspect of any marketing piece, let alone brochures. This is the statement that encourages the reader to do whatever it is that you specifically want them to do. This varies and can be anything from checking out your website, calling your business, or simply purchasing the advertised product. The bottom line is that you need to give the reader direction on what they should do because this will lead your brochure to a much higher conversion rate.

The Benefits of Utilizing Brochures

Now that you know what makes a good brochure, you're still probably wondering why you should use this specific tool among all available options. While your marketing mix should be diverse and cover many possible elements, here'syou must also consider brochures.


Everyone falls for tangible marketing material. They like feeling it in their hands, stuffing it in their bags, and then finding it a week later, thinking about how they should probably head to the listed website.


The marketing game is not cheap these days, but do you know what it is? Printing brochures. These bad boys are cost-effective and can be spread to a broad audience in large quantities without breaking the bank.


An underrated benefit of using physical marketing material like a brochure is the many opportunities and settings during which it can be distributed. You can place them in local businesses, give them out at trade shows, or even send them out through a mailing list.

Brochures Compared To Other Marketing Tools

Though their general advantages are noteworthy, they also have specific benefits that can be compared to other marketing tools. Here are a few examples:

Digital Ads: Brochures have the advantage of physicality here. How many digital advertisements do you see daily, and how many paper items are distributed to you daily? The difference makes the edge clear. People pay more attention to things that stand out.

Billboards: Though billboards are also a tangible marketing tool, they have the disadvantage of being too broad. It is far less likely that your specific, targeted demographic will happen across a billboard than if you go to a location where they frequent and distribute brochures.

Social Media: Brochures are excellent for dealing with individuals who might not be as tech-savvy as younger generations. People who are older and less active on social media will greatly appreciate you catering to their marketing needs.

Consider Adding Brochures To Your Marketing Mix

You know your business best. If your company needs to establish branding, has an audience that appreciates physicality, and has a message that is best displayed through imagery, then a brochure is probably an excellent fit for you.

Besides, its cost-effective nature makes the addition of brochures very low-risk for your business. Even if you haven’t used brochures in the past, their reputation for effectiveness and lead conversion is nothing to scoff at. 

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